Chapter 6 - Love in full bloom

Qin Yichen stirred up an unpredictable mood in his heart, like anger or something else.

“ Sharp teeth! I will see how long you can insist on!”

He pushed the door open violently.

She suddenly fell down on the floor like a deflated ball.

The one should marry him was not her.

He should be her brother-in-law.

If Mo Mengshan married him, she would be better. She was brought up according to the standard of a rich wife . she went to noble schools,accepted all kinds of training and her dressings were all name brands.

And she was just a free-range tomboy!

Where was Mo Mengshan?

She hoped that she came back and helped her out of the hell. But she was also afraid that she came back, Xiaowu’s lifesaving money would be gone if she came back.

She was too contradict to see any hope.

At this moment, her father called her.

He worried his daughter very much, he was afraid that she would be wronged.

“ Dad, don’t worry, I’m very good here. His father hasn’t come back from abroad, his mother is very kind and Yichen was also gentle. They are all kind to me. I intended to visit the Old Qin, but she is accepting a new treatment, it’s not allowed to visit her, so I am ready to visit her several days later.”

Mo Qinyu tried to replied with relaxed tone, however, hearing her father’s voice, the tears couldn’t help flowing out.

“That’s great, we can rest easy now.” her father said.

“Did my uncle ask for the bride-price again?” she choked up with sobs.

“ They changed the words. They asked half of the money. I gave it to them after discussing with your mother. Aftering paying off the debt, there is three million left, it should be enough to cure Xiaowu.” he signed. Mo Qinyu tightened her heart.

Three million yuan, it was not enough to send Xiaowu abroad to have treatment.

They always said that the love between brothers is deep, however, once involved in money and benefits, it became bullshit!

Uncle’s family was always taken care by Qin family, they were rich. When Xiaowu had that accident, her father went to borrow money, they refused her father , even a penny. Finally , her father was almost to borrow usury.

But now, they became so shameless to ask for the money.

When she was silent, her father said again,” You give me a card number, I will send you some money to buy clothes. Rich people pay attention to their face, you should notice that.”

“No, Dad. I have many allowance here even can’t use them up. I will send them to you every month. You and my mom have to take care of yourselves. Xiaowu need you two.” She wiped the tears on her face,”what’s more, my cousin gave me many clothes before, I put them in a box, dad, send it to me.”

Mo Mengshan’s clothes were piled up as a small mountain. The clothes that she was tired of or she didn’t want would give her.

She never wore them because Mo Mengshan was half a head shorter than her, there were rare clothes fit her.

But now they were available.

After the call from her dad, she took out a card from her bag.

Aunt Mei gave it to her yesterday. According to the old lady’s instructions, she had 150 thousand allowance every month.

She didn’t to spend the money before, however, she had to bow in a difficult condition.

She needed money now, she wanted to save enough money to send Xiaowu abroad.

The box arrived at the third day.

People needed to pay attention to appearance go out for work , especially working in a big company.

It was too wasteful to buying new clothes. Mo Mengshan’s clothes were all famous brands, even they were out of style, they were still better than her cheap clothes.

Moreover, she would throw the clothes away almost a month, so most of them looked new.

She picked up some clothes that she can wear and altered some small size clothes according to her thoughts.

On Monday, she went to the JVLear design department to report officially.

She wore nude makeup and a Chanel suit. She believed that she can rebirth from here, out of her expectation, she met a familiar here.

Pang Xiaofan didn’t expect that she would come here for work, and Mo Qinyu didn’t know she would be here,too.

Bad luck!

“What a coincidence! Miss Pang!” she said hello to her politely, she felt a cloud passed over the clear sky.

Pang Xiaofan was a formal designer but she was an assistant designer, so Pang Xiaofan was her boss.

“Are you lonely because that Yichen doesn’t come back home often ? then you come here?” She said derisively.

“ No one knows my identity, so I think you don’t want others know,too.” Mo Qinyu shrugged her shoulders.

That was the thoughts of Pang Xiaofan.

She was flaunting her relationship with Qin Yichen, so many people regarded her as the future president’s wife, and treated her politely. If they knew Qin Yichen had been married, she would be a joke in her department.

She was thinking about how to close Mo Qinyu’s mouth and hide her identity, but she mentioned it first.

“It’s better that you have such a realization. JVLear is a place people rely on strength, they hate someone who has relationships.”

“Miss Pang, hope we can get along well in the future.” Mo Qinyu smiles lightly.

Pang Xiaofan looked at her.

Even if she always persuaded herself that she was more beautiful and fashion than Mo Qinyu, her beauty couldn’t be hided and covered up. It was a transcendent beauty, beautiful but not coquettish, pure but not flamboyant, it needn’t any makeup to modify.

Her only flaw was the clothes.

“ Miss Mo, the dress you wear now is the Chanel’s product the year before last. A designer who dresses an out style dress, how can she design good work.”

“Miss Pang, it is out style in your eyes, but retro in my eyes. Fashion is a cycle, as a designer, we shouldn’t go with the flow, but lead the trend. You can look at my dress carefully ,it’s not the product of Chanel, its product doesn’t insert any blue turquoise.”

She put on a cool pose to Pang Xiaofan. Since someone asked her to clean up his bad peach blossom, there was no need to pretend to her rival.

“Wow, those blue turquoise are very beautiful!” a voice came from behind.

She turned back, only finding a elegant lady came to her with gold hair and blue eyes. She was the director of the designer department, Cherly.

She was a native France and one of the most famous jewelry designers in the world.

“Hello, Cherly!” Mo Qinyu greeted to her smilingly. Her last interviewer was Cherly.

“Elaine, you are really have a high gift, work hard!” Cherly smiled gently and then entered in her office.

Pang Xiaofan twitched her mouth, a bumpkin who might even haven’t seen diamonds, what kind of good work can she design?

She began to isolate Mo Qinyu the first day with other people in Design department.

There would never lack of sycophants and followers in the office.

Nobody talked to Mo Qinyu the whole day. She said hello to them, they even didn’t response, as if she was a plague god.

The new intern Zhangyan was the presentation. In order to become a regular, she pleased Pang Xiaofan with all means and was willing to be her follower.

She decided to punish Mo Qinyu in order to please Pang Xiaofan.