Chapter 4 - Love in full bloom

When he walked downstairs, Pang Xiaofan immediately greeted him,” Yichen!”

Qin Yichen lifted his thin lips lightly and smiled,” Xiaofan,why didn’t you call me before coming?”

“Do I need an appointment to meet you?” Pang Xiaofan raised her hands and crossed his arms, as if showing how good they were in front of Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yichen moved his arm and wanted to pull it out. However, he stopped when he saw Mo Qinyu, then he sat down on the sofa with Pang Xiaofan.

Pang Xiaofan was very complacent now with eyebrows raising highly, as if showing off her victory in front of her rival in love.

Seeing this, Mo Qinyu was very calm without any reaction.

That was not the scene Pang Xiaofan wanted, she was sure that Qin Yichen waa pretending to be calm.

Such a low creature like her , who came from the slums, had no place in Qin family. She could only pretended to be magnanimous to avoid being divorced.

“ Yichen, how about going riding tomorrow to the club? Alice has grown up, she was still a pony when you gave it to me!”

“I am busy these days, you should tell me earlier.” Qin Yichen stroked her head, just like coaxing a child.

“ you must be free at night. How about going to the opera at night?” Pang Xiaofan acted coquettishly.

“ You have to ask my secretary that when i can be free.” Qin Yichen shrugged his shoulders.

Mo Qinyu peered at them curiously.

She didn’t know whether he was refusing or teasing Pang Xiaofan.

Such a kind of indifferent people like him couldn’t be enthusiastic.

Qin Yichen moved his eyes to her, the moment he looked into her eyes, she turned away quickly.

When he looked at Pang Xiaofan, he was gentle and kind, but when he turned to her, he became cold as ice, just like a knife to cut her into pieces.

Did he feel that she disturbed their lover’s world by sitting here? Didn’t he not only a gay, but also a bisexual. Did he also interest to women?

Thinking of that, she couldn’t help shivering.

She would rather he was only a gay, it would be horrible if he was bisexual!

“ I...I go upstairs now, you two enjoy your time.”

In any cases, she should be sensible and never be a third wheel to offend him.

She slipped away quickly. Qin Yichen flashed anger in his eyes.

“ Yichen...” Pang Xiaofan wanted to say something else, but she was stopped by Qin Yichen later,” If there is nothing, you should go back now.”

“No, I want to have dinner with you.” Pang Xiaofan twisted her waist and her whole body was about to lean on him.

Qin Yichen shook her off and stood up,” Aunt Mei, see her off.” then he went upstairs without waiting her reply.

Now, what he want to do is giving the careless paramecium upstairs a lesson.

Pang Xiaofan was in a daze now on the sofa. She didn’t return to herself for a while. He changed so fast that she couldn’t adapt him.

In the room.

Mo Qinyu was listening to the music lying on the lounge chair. She was unconscious when the door was pushed open.

Qin Yichen pulled her earphone down violently and threw it on the ground.

She was frightened and got up from the chair subconsciously,” why do you go upstairs so quickly? Where is Miss Pang?”

Qin Yichen stretched his hands and pinched her chin,” What do I want you fool for?”

There was sinister ferocity on his face and the anger flame in his eyes were nearly overwhelmed her.

She was panic and alarmed, she didn’t know why he was in such a bad temper.

She opened her mouth to speak, but there was no sound. He pinched so tightly, it hurt too much. After a while, she finally spoke out several words,” What did I do wrong?”

“Do you know what should you do ?” his tone was full of sarcasm, as if he was facing a stupid worm.

Her biggest fault was she did nothing just now.

Mo Qinyu pushed him away trying her best.

“If you think that I didn’t leave in time, I’m sorry to disturb you and Miss Pang.”

Qin Yichen hummed, her words didn’t calm down his anger, but made him become more angry.

Even a dog had a value of guarding a house, but this woman was useless for him , what she could do is polluting the air.

“Do you remember your identity here?”

“Yes, I’m your...wife.” her voice was low and she paused when she said wife, because she felt funny about the word.

No one would regard her as a member here. In Mrs Qin’s eyes, she was only a beggar asking for money here. In his eyes, she was only a dirty encumber.

The sneer on Qin Yichen’s face deepened, he lifted his thin lips ,” It’s Qin family married you, not me, you are just a puppet in name.”

“ I know that.” she raised her head and looked up to him.

Her tone was servile and obedient, but the stubborn in her eyes showed gradually, as if she was provoking him in silence.

Her look stirred up his desire of conquer in his bottom heart. He wanted to subdue her mercilessly.

Her weakness and her submissiveness were superficial, she was full of wild nature from her bottom heart, she hided thorns on her body.

He would pull out her thorns one by one.

“You don’t know that. I will tell you about it slowly.”

He grabbed her arms and twirled violently, then he pressed her on the crystal table.

The table was as cold as ice, through the thin cloth, she felt a chill down her spine, making her limbs cold.

“What are you doing?” she was terrified. Was he going to kill her?

“Let you know your obligation.” he tore her clothes roughly until there was nothing left on her.

“No!” she tried to free herself desperately, however, the humiliating position of lying on her stomach made her lose all her strength.

Maybe he hated her too much, so he chose to occupy her from behind.

“ You don’t have right to refuse.” His big hands covered her breast, teasing her as if she was an inflatable doll.

She didn’t understand. He was disgusted that she was not a virgin, he said she was dirty, why did he still touch her?

“No, I have the right to refuse you, why can’t I refuse you!”Unable to move her upper body, she raised her feet to kick his leg.

This action was useless for him, it couldn’t prevent him from invading her.

He indeed disgusted with her. He had neat freak. However, the strong desires of conquering eroded him and he just wanted to invade her.

This was the first time he wanted to conquer a woman.

“ Serving me is your first obligation!”

His body leaned on her back, the strong muscles as hot as fire contrasted to the crystal table beneath her.

Fire and ice!