Chapter 3 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

After work, Melissa hurried back to Bishuiyuan.

Seeing the divorce agreement she threw down on the coffee table was still there, she suddenly felt happy, she hung up the agreement and took it to the study, and stuffed it into the shredder.

Hearing the buzzing sound of shredded paper. Melissa bit her lip and twisted her eyebrow gently.

Her cell phone accidentally recorded the words that Sally said in her office. Now she seriously suspects that the kid in Sally's belly are not Marvin’s at all.

Marvin, you are such a fool!

Sorry, I hate to let you be a father, so... I don’t want divorce!

Marvin returned to Bishuiyuan until half a month later.

Melissa was reading in the study. As Marvin came in, she got up quickly. " Marvin, you come back."

Marvin's deep eyes staring at her with a cold face, "Divorce agreement, did you sign on it?"

Melissa stopped at two meters from Marvin. " Marvin, I will promote soon. The president asked me to work hard recently, don't make any bad news, so..."

She did not finish, Marvin impatiently interrupted her, "The money that I give you is enough to spend the rest of your life, you can quit your job without worrying about food and clothing,."

Melissa blinked her eyes and whispered softly, " Marvin, you know, I love my work very much. Being a

gynecologist and obstetrician is my greatest pride in my life..."

Once, she had two great things to be proud of.

One is to become a gynecologist and obstetrician, the other is to marry Marvin.

"I will give you five more million, you leave Jiangcheng, and go to a better city, to work in a better hospital." Marvin said patiently.

Melissa shook her head and pretended to cry. "Even if I have to leave, I would have to leave after I get promoted! To work in other hospitals, I need this result!”

Fearing that her reasons did not suffice to arouse his suspicion, she paused and said, "Marvin, I will definitely stop this marriage!" I'm stupid, but I'm not naughty. Since you don't love me, I'm not going to stick around you. But I don't think you will care about waiting for a few more months. When I get promoted and settle down, I'll sign it right away! "

Marvin looked at her with a slight squint. When he saw the sincere prayers in her eyes, he was moved in his heart, which had been appeared for a long time.

Melissa, how could you be coquettish?

"You'd better not play any tricks!" He walked two steps to her, pinched her chin with two fingers, stared at her with disdain and warning. "Now I just not like you. If you do any tricks again, don't blame me for hating you!"

After speaking, he suddenly put down his hand, turned back and leave quickly.

"Don't worry, I've never loved you anyway!" Melissa shouted at his back unwillingly.

The man paused in a straight posture, his hand hung on his side clenched tightly into his fist, and strode downstairs with a dark face.

Melissa sat paralyzed on the sofa just like have exhausted all her strength, and gasped heavily.

She had thought about taking the record to Marvin, but she couldn't beat the grass and startle the snake.

Not to mention that Marvin will misunderstand her, if Sally is anxious, she might have an abortion.

If there were no kid, there would be no evidence...

So she had to wait until Sally gave birth to her baby.

If the kid is Marvin’s, she had nothing to say and signed off.

If the kid is not Marvin’s... She still had the chance to stay with him and love him.

Marvin, thank you for giving me the last chance to love you.

I want to leave you with the humiliation you have given me... But I hate to see you deceived by anyone.

Even if you don't love me, the blood flowing in the child's body is the blood of our blood.

Even if you don't love me, the kid who call you dad will also call me mom.

Marvin left Bishuiyuan, he never returned for half a month.

One day Melissa was working in the office, when she stood up to pick up water from the water dispenser, she suddenly felt dizzy and the water in her cup spilled out…