Chapter 4 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

Then came the constant nausea, Melissa found herself pregnant.

Looking at the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, she seemed to see the long-awaited happiness waving to her.

She was so excited, she took out her cell phone and made a phone call that she had not been called for a long time.

To her surprise, Marvin quickly answered the phone.

"Have you signed?" The voice of the man's came to her.

Her exciting heart instantly restored calm, but she still forced to laugh, "Marvin, I have something important to tell you, I asked your secretary, you are free at night, we will meet in the Xingmanlou restaurant!"

"There's nothing important between you and me." The man's voice was as cold as it had just come out of the ice cave.

"It's about divorce! I'm going with the divorce agreement! See you later! If you don't come, I'll ruin the agreement!" she hung up in a hurry.

Her heart beat quickly, as if it was about to jump out of her throat.

It was the first time she threatened him.

At night, in the Xingmanlou restaurant.

Melissa came here after work. All the dishes ordered are Marvin's favorite food. She told the waiter to serve the food as Marvin comes.

This is a panoramic revolving restaurant and the highest restaurant built in Jiangcheng.

It was here that she first met him.

Thirteen years ago, she was just ten years old.

A family of four came here for dinner. She finished eating early and went to play in the children's castle in the corner.

Some little boys came and pushed her to the ground so that she could not climb up the castle again.

A big brother in school uniform appeared and stretched out his hand to her. "Get up, I play with you."

Those hands are the most beautiful hands she had ever seen.

They are slender, white as onion... Only when she grew up did she realize that a man's hands could be described as "sexy".

His gentle eyes are the brightest stars she had ever seen.

Later, she learned that his name is Marvin, a classmate of her sister Melissa.

From then on, a young girl’s heart poured her first love into him.

However, he and his sister developed from classmates to close friends, from close friends to lovers...

As she recalled bitterly, Melissa came in hold Marvin with her arms.

The man is tall and cold, the woman's figure is beautiful, dignified and beautiful... Whoever looks at them will think that they are the best couple.

Melissa’s heart was hurt like shooting by arrows, but she still stood up generously. “Marvin, sister."