Chapter 8 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

Melissa thought that Sally was just as bleed as last time, because her fetus had been a little unstable.

To her surprise, Sally directly aborted... The reason was that she had taken abortion drugs at home by mistake.

Not only that, her uterus could not be preserved because of the excessive use of drugs and the untimely delivery of medical services.

"Quickly, let the patient's family sign on it, excise the uterus, and if it delays further, her life cannot be saved!" The director sweated and ordered the nurse next to him.

The nurse grabbed the pen and the operation consent and ran out.

Looking at the pale-faced Sally lying in bed, Melissa only felt buzzing in her brain.

How could this happen? How could Sally abort?

The baby, has gone?

Melissa wore a mask, only a pair of eyes were visible, and they were full filled with tears.

For the first time, she left the operating table halfway.

Seeing her depressed mood, the colleagues thought that she was just sympathizing with her sister, they comforted her and let her take a rest.

Looking at the knives and instruments on the operating table flashing cold light from time to time,

Melissa raised her hand and gently touched on her belly.

The knife seemed to cut into her heart and hurt her to suffocate.

Although she no longer had the luxury of getting love from Marvin, now her last hope is shattered...

What’s more, her title of "Mrs. Hansom " will cease to exist.

Not only that, but the man outside must want to kill her now.

She didn't know how long it took until she came back to mind.

Sally's hysterectomy was successful and had been sent to a sterile ward.

In the empty emergency operating room, only two nurses were left to tidy up the equipment.

"Don't be sad, Dr. Noel. Your sister's condition is too dangerous. It's good to save her life!" Nurse Lisa comforted her.

"Yeah, I don't know how she did it. She took so many abortion drugs in one breath! It's terrible!" Nurse Rosemary echoed.

Melissa stood up and her voice was as soft as a mosquito's hum. "It's all right. Thank you so much." She always thought that the most ruthless of their three was Marvin.

Maybe she's been wrong.

Her sister, is probably more ruthless than Marvin.

Just after Melissa returning to the office, the door of the office was pushed open with a loud voice.

Marvin came in with a grim face, and that handsome face was grim and terrible.

Her eyes caught a glimpse of the figure that she was so familiar with. She did not see him and closed her eyes deeply.

No matter in the past ten years of life, or in the dreams of these ten years, only his figure occupies her whole heart, the whole dream domineeringly.

From a child to a youth, from an ordinary student to the head of Hansom, the leading enterprise in Jiangcheng, from a academic hegemony to a president... As long as he appeared around her, whether in the opposite, behind her, or far upstairs, even in the bustling crowd, she would catch him accurately.

In her heart, in her eyes, Marvin is the sun that shining brightly all the time.

But now, even with her eyes closed, she could feel that the sun was only devastating.

Marvin came up and pinched Melissa’s neck. His bloodshot eyes were scarcely turned red. "Melissa! I’ve told you that if the kid had any accident, you should take full responsibility!"