Chapter 7 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

Who else could it be rather than Marvin?

What a coincidence?

Melissa was frozen for a second then she realized.

He must be here to do the physical examination for the person he loved.

Sally went to hold Marvin's wrist immediately and showed a pretty smile," Melissa is joking. She won't poison me at all! Our child gonna call Melissa little aunty in the future. Isn't it, Melissa?"

Melissa did not turn her head. She did not want to observe their happiness show then she turned to walk into the office.

Sally held Marvin's arm and came to the door of her office. The man squinted when he saw the little woman sitting there printing the medical list," I have talked with your dean. You are going to take care of the kid in Sally until she done the parturition successfully. If anything goes wrong to Melissa or the baby, your hospital will be razed to the ground."

His voice was constant and icy as usual. It was very cruel without any warmth.

Melissa curved her lips a little imperceptibly but she ignored his words and continue printing the list.

She passed the list to Sally and did no looked at Marvin at all," Take the medicine on time and do the examination on time."

Her formal tone was just as cold as the tone he used.

After she said that, she put her hands in the pockets of the white gown and turned away.

This man was really tough!

Marvin sent Sally home but he did not get off the car. He just enjoined warily," Have a good rest."

Sally did not dare to show any complains. She nodded sweetly," I know, don't worry! Our baby gonna be fine looking after by Melissa."

It was fine when the name of the woman was not mentioned. When the name was heard by the man, he gloomy face became heavier and he pressed his lips but did not say anything.

Sally got off the car delicately," Don't forget to have meals."

"Ok." The man responded lightly.

The black car rushed away. Sally raised her hand and looked at the medicines. A venomous light flashed in her enchanting eyes.

"Melissa! You bitch-born little bitch!"

"I gave Marvin to you for three years but you did not capture his heart at all."

"Now, I'm not only going to take him back, but also destroy you forever!"


Melissa finished checking the wards. Doctor Lee in the same department office rushed to call her when she was changing her coat to get off work," Emergency! Doctor Noel! Your sister was sent to the operating room. She was not going well.“

Melissa was frozen for a second and asked," Sally?"

" Yes! Hurry up! The director asked of our office to come!"

Melissa got no time to think. She ran to the emergency operating room.

In front of the door of the operating room, she met Marvin again inevitably.

He was in a suit and he stood there with his hands were held behind him. He raised his head and stared at the sigh of " operating" constantly.

Melissa felt his worry and tension even though she did not observe him too much.

Melissa fixed her sight and tried to push the door of the operating room. Suddenly, Marvin captured her wrist when she was passing him and he pulled her with strength.


Melissa was pulled to his face. Her slim body nearly fell down. She didn't because he locked her wrist by his hand.

"Sir, what are you doing?" Melissa was mad. She threw his hand away with strength.

Marvin's face was extremely gloomy. His bloody eyes could even gush out flames," Melissa! You got guts! How could you dare to feed Sally aborticide without any scruple? Are you tired of living?"

Melissa was frozen for a second and frowned," What are you talking about? Sally ate aborticide?"

"Are you trying to play dumb? You prescribed all the pills for Sally, didn't you?" Marvin gritted his teeth and he was holding his anger. The furious sight seemed trying to kill her right now.

Melissa realized.

Sally harmed her baby by herself again and Marvin thought that the pills she give to Sally must be wrong.

Melissa did not want to fight with him, she said with an icy voice," Mr. Hansom, you can take the wrong pills but you can't make bullshit! You have to speak with evidence even though here is not a court."

She went right into the operating room after she said that.

The man saw the door opened and closed. He closed his eyes hard.

When his eyes were opened again. The heavy hates in his eyes were vanishing.

At last, they all changed to a inexplicable sad and pain.

Melissa, you must keep her alive! You must!