Chapter 6 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

“I will never let you have my child!” Marvin cruelly smiled, “it is impossible!”

His voice was always low, and he never raised his voice even when he was very angry.

But it just this kind of voice without any emotion, full of anger and resolution, sentenced her to death directly.

Melissa’s eyes was as clear as the precious stone and the light seemed to extinguish in bunches in the eyes of her. Her heart was also broken, like the fallen petals.

Looking at the eyes of Marvin, his eyes full of hatreds, suddenly, Melissa couldn’t feel heartache anymore.

Maybe it was too hurtful to feel!

When one’s heart was hurt completely, how could it still be hurt?

“Well, what if Sally’s baby wasn’t your baby? Were you also going to defend her like that?” Melissa raising an eyebrow, asked him with a smile.

The pale smile on the face of Melissa made Marvin feel harsh particularly.

After all these years, he finally saw the despair in her face.

He should have expected for that... But somehow, he felt that he was not happy and he seemed to lose his heart.

He felt nothing.

He hated this kind of feeling.

“Melissa, you will never know the saying that love me and love my dog! As long as the baby’s mother is Sally, I will be the baby’s father. It is because I love Sally.!”

Because I love her...

These words seemed to pierce Melissa's heart one by one, like the poisoned arrows.

She suddenly realized that she was so stupid that she looked just like a joke all along.

She was abandoned. How could she dream of being with Marvin by having his baby, as he hated her so much?

What a crazy dream!

“Very well, Marvin! I’m glad that you’re not in love with me, or I’d be in trouble!” Melissa exhausted her strength to tell Marvin with a smile on her face. She turned back and walked into the emergency room.

As soon as the door closed, she fell down against the wall like a deflated balloon.

Marvin was indeed impressive. A look and several words of him made her desperate.

Sally was bleeding but she didn’t lose her baby. Melissa signed a huge sigh of relief, when she heard the news.

My old sister couldn’t lose her baby and the baby must be born safely.

In this way, she could find out that whether Marvin would consider other people’s baby as his own, since he had a strong personality and was always dominant!

A few days later, Melissa went to the pharmacy and on the way of coming back, she came across Sally in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology. Sally showed up for her antenatal appointment.

“Melissa, I’ve finished all the pills, and please write me a prescription.” Sally came up to Melissa elegantly and stood still in front of Melissa.

“I wasn’t your attending doctor.” Melissa said directly and she turned to leave.

Sally raised her arm to stop her, “don’t speak like that, or I’ll think you’re jealous because I’m having Marvin’s baby.”

“Oh.” Melissa smiled and cast a glance at Sally’s beautiful face made of hyaluronic acid, “so you’re not afraid of me prescribing you some poison, and making you and your baby lose lives?”

“If you dare, I will destroy your hospital!”

A cold and cruel voice came from behind after Melissa’ words.