Chapter 5 - Love Is as Deep as Sea

“Melissa, I am sorry to keep you waiting! I’ve said I would not come here, but Marvin wants me to accompany with him.” Sally apologized.

Marvin didn’t cast a glance at Melissa. He pulled out the chair, and thoughtfully helped Sally to sit down.

“Never mind.” Melissa sat down and looked at Marvin face to face.

Not seen him for nearly a month, he seemed to have lost some weight.

Finding the profound eyes of him becoming more deep-set and his angular face becoming emaciated, Melissa couldn’t help feeling heartache for him.

Sally looked rubicund even she was pregnant, how could he torture himself and how could he be so haggard?

“Why do you ask me out?” Marvin gave a glance at her and said to her impatiently.

“Eat first! Let’s talk after eating!” Melissa asked the waiter to serve.

What if he lost his appetite after we talked? Melissa thought.

He was so haggard that he should eat more nutritional food.

The meal was tasteless. Melissa looked at Marvin and Sally. They were feeding each other. They loved each other as husband and wife.... Melissa wanted to put a veil over her head.

Just like the bright light bulb, Sally got all the attention.

Melissa felt that the food tasted like chewing wax and she couldn’t swallow any food.

She had severe morning sickness, which made her feel sick at the sight of these dishes.

But in order not to lose face in front of Marvin, she asked colleagues in the department of otolaryngology in advance. She took the medicine that the pregnant women could use and the medicine could make the pregnant women temporarily lose their sense of smell for two or three hours.

In this way, she couldn’t smell the meat, so it wouldn’t make her feel sick.

Melissa felt regretful when she saw Marvin and Sally feed each other.

She wanted to spit out in front of their faces!

“Excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom.” Melissa got up and rushed into the bathroom.

Marvin saw the thin back of Melissa out the corner of his eye, and his profound eyes were full of coldness.

Melissa, are you jealous? He thought.

Melissa washed her face and came out the toilet. She saw Sally. Facing the mirror, Sally was fixing her makeup.

“You should not make up when you are pregnant. It is not good for the baby.” Melissa said and she was

turning on the tap to wash her hands.

“Melissa, don’t look like the whole world owe you. I don’t owe you.” Sally said sarcastically with the smile on her face.

“Keep it to yourself!” Melissa was too lazy to bicker with her. Melissa turned off the tap and turned away.

“Melissa!” Sally suddenly raised her arm and put her hand on Melissa’s shoulder.

“I have nothing to talk with you.” Melissa moved the shoulder and shook off Sally’s hand.

Melissa could only listen to the suddenly “splash” from behind, and Sally’s sharp voice spread immediately, “oh...”

Melissa frowned suspiciously, and turned back.

Sally sat down on the ground, and clutching her stomach, she sobbed. However, Melissa found that Sally’s eyes were full of provocation, although the face of Sally looked so pitiful. Sally said, “Melissa, I know you hate me, but you can’t push me down. I am pregnant. Marvin is the father of my baby... "

Melissa could only start to find that Sally was bleeding.

Melissa said, “I...”

When Melissa was about to say, she saw a person run from her side to Sally quickly, squatting down and picking Sally up immediately.

Passing by Melissa, Marvin said angrily, “Melissa, you are really malicious!” He was very pissed off.

The hospital

Melissa changed her clothes and wanted to go into the emergency room to see Sally, but Marvin stopped her.

“Melissa, do you want to go in and kill Sally’s child yourself?” Marvin ruthlessly stared at her with scarlet eyes, and he voice quenched like poison, making people shudder after listening to his voice.

Every cell in his body seemed to hate her.

“Oh.” Melissa smiled lightly and shook off him, “even if I am malicious, but you can’t forget that I am a dedicated doctor!”

“Melissa, you dare to hurt Sally, I will make your life be worse than death.” Marvin said slowly and clearly.

His voice was not loud, but the hatred it bore was plain.

Melissa smiled in self-deprecation, and her smile was so despondent. “You know, with my professional skill, you can’t find out that whether I hurt Sally or not.”

“Melissa!” Marvin clenched his fist, and his profound eyes were full of resentment, “if Sally’ child is lost, I must make you pay with your life!”

Melissa exhaled a breath, and turned round, “Marvin, if it was I lie in the emergency room today, could you so care about me and be so nervous, and could you so hate the person who pushed me down?”

Marvin said scornfully, “in you dreams.”

“If I had your baby, you wouldn’t care?” Asked Melissa, choking up at the overflow of grief.