Chapter 4 - Mary's Bad & Great Husband

It’s been two years since Kris Chen entered this family, he has realized how calculative his mother-in- law is, so he's really afraid of this woman.

"Kris, pack up your things now. You must go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get divorced with Mary tomorrow. Then get out of our house." Jane Tang said in a commanding tone.


"I'm not your mom, don't call me mom!" Jane scolded him.

"Ah... Aunt." Kris took a deep breath, lowered his head and said, "I really love Mary deeply, and we have been married for two years..."


Jane patted the tea table and stood up, her face almost went green. "During the two years since you married, you eat our food and use our basic goods for next to nothing. My daughter is so excellent. What are you qualified to say you love her? What can you give her?"

Facing Jane’s series of questions, Kris wanted to defend for himself, but Jane didn't give him a chance to speak: "I have put up with you for two years. You are an adult man, except for cooking and doing housework, what else can you do? Do you see how poor you are? Do you deserve to be the husband of my daughter? Do you have idea how popular my daughter is? Mingdong Wei just gave me a call, he said as long as Mary’s willing to marry him, he will immediately give us ten million dollars as dowry.”

Is ten million dollars a large sum of money?

Mingdong Wei is just a supplier of Chen’s business. Besides, if it were not his mother who was close to Family Chen, how could he become the material supplier of Family Chen?

More importantly, Kris’s uncle, also the master of Family Chen, has already promised him, Mingdong will go bankrupt tonight, until then he even can’t take out two hundred dollars, where could he get ten million dollars?

"Aunt, I can divorce your daughter, but it must be Mary Su who asks me to do that, otherwise I won't leave here." Kris turned and left.

"How dare you talk to me like that! Come back now, or you’ll regret it." This is the first time Kris disobeyed her, Jane hasn’t realized what happened yet, when she finally reacted, Kris has gone too far to chase.

Looking at the sunset, Mary breathed a sigh of relief. She has shut herself in the office all day.

The video of Kris has been spread all over the company, and even on social media. He has become a joke ridiculed by everyone, even his wife-Mary has been part of the joke.

Rubbing her temples, Mary walked slowly out of the office.

At this time, the reception staff at the front desk came over with a box: "Miss.Su, here is your delivery."

A colleague let out a cry: "Wow, what a fancy box. This box was made of crystal, wasn’t it? That's crazy."

"Oh my god, what kind of gift would fit in this box?"

"This is the first time I've seen a delivery box made of crystal."

"I want to see what's inside."

"That’s right, Miss.Su, please open it and let us see." "Begged the staff from the company.

Although Mary’s usually serious at work, but after work she’s very kind and humble, so the company's employees all kept a good relationship with her.

Looking at the pairs of curious eyes, Mary was also wondered where the delivery box is from, she hasn’t bought anything recently.

In the end, she relented in front of those pleading eyes.

She thought for a while and slowly opened the box.

Everyone's eyes widened as the box was opened.

There was a necklace with sky-blue gemstones in the box, the pure color has attracted everyone’s eyes.

It was glittering under the light.

Everyone was dumbstruck. The girls glanced at each other, all was speechless. They were so quiet for a while, but the next moment, they were completely stirred up by a few words.

"It... It looks like the Heavenly City!"

"Oh my god, did you just say the necklace is the Heavenly City which was the final work of the famous French jewel designer Allen?"

"I heard there are only 18 pieces of necklace in that series of collection, and I remember it showed up in an auction house in New York this year at the expensive price of $20 million!"

"It's so beautiful, if someone gives me such a necklace, I’m willing to be his lover for my whole life... Miss.Su, I’m so jealous of you!"

In the sound of surprise and admiration, Mary didn’t even know what to say.

The "Heavenly City" necklace is famous jewelry designer Allen's masterpiece, this series of necklace is her favorite, so she only needed a glance to be sure that the necklace is absolutely real!

The gift... The gift is too expensive.

Mary’s heart was stirred up, it’s like a dream.

Did Mingdong put all his assets out to buy a necklace for her?

Mary had mixed feelings now, it’s hard to say she’s not moved.

If she wears this necklace to attend the annual meeting tonight, she will definitely get all the attention.

Right now, in the most famous KTV of Westriver City.

People who came here for entertainment are the most wealthy and respectable person among the city. There were lots of luxury cars parking at the entrance. Ordinary people couldn’t afford to come here.

And this is the place for the school reunion.

Kris was riding his new electric motorcycle, it didn’t take him too long to get here. When he came, he parked his motorcycle at the door and locked it in case of being stolen.

He wanted to buy a car, but the time was too tight, in order to arrive here on time, he just bought an Emma electric motorcycle and came.

No sooner had the motorcycle been locked than he heard a piercing honk that stung his eardrums.

"You, and your damn motorcycle, get out of my way!"

The owner of the Porsche car poked his head out of the window and shouted.

Kris looked up and froze, so did the man in the car.

"Hey, Hai!” Kris ran over. The man in the car is Hai Wang, Kris's classmate in high school.

"Monitor?” Hai got off the car with a purse in his hand. His hair was polished with grease. He stared at Kris and sneered, "Kris, how did you get into such a mess?"

Kris touched his nose, very embarrassed, before he began to speak, Hai had already turned around and strode into the KTV.

Is he being looked down upon? Kris smiled awkwardly and followed him in.

At this time, almost all of the classmates have arrived, the two entered the box, the door opened, people in the box all turned to see them.

"Wow, you’re Hai, right? You look more handsome than before, no wonder you’re a successful man now."

Hai's arrival let the atmosphere suddenly rise up, everyone was proposing a toast, Hai instantly became the focus of the scene. Who would have expected that the worst student in the class would be rich now?

He's wearing a designer clothes, and he's holding the keys to his Porsche in his hand. It’s easy to tell he’s a successful person now.

As for Kris, their monitor, was wearing the cheapest clothes with the key to electric motorcycle in his hand. If it’s not for his handsome face, which is highly recognizable, everyone would just regard him as a takeaway boy who strayed into the place.

No matter how handsome he was, he looked so shabby that no one even wanted to talk to him.

Embarrassed as he was, Kris didn't care. His eyes was glancing at the crowd until he caught sight of one person.

Her name is Rui Liu, it’s been so many years since they met each other last time, but the woman looked even more mature and elegant.

Rui was viewed as the goddess in their school. She was wearing a white dress, sitting on the sofa, talking to other women. When they talked something funny, she couldn’t help but smiling, her two shallow dimples made her look so sweet.

As soon as Hai came in, he noticed Rui. He won’t pay attention to others any more. Instead, he sat down next to Rui and asked, " Rui, I haven't seen you for several years. You looked prettier, how are you?”

Before Rui opened her mouth, a girl next to Rui hurried to say: "You have no idea how impressive Rui is now, if you want to see her after today, I'm afraid you can only watch her on TV."

'What do you mean?” Hai froze, he didn’t understand.

"Rui has been discovered by a talent scout of Huanyu Company, she will become an actress of Huanyu Company in a few days."


This was the moment that began a chain reaction,people were all surprised, they immediately cast their eyes on Rui.