Chapter 7 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

“Hurry up. Your mom was asleep when I came over. Let’s keep our voices down so she does not wake up.” Sabrina urged softly.

Edison was on top of Sabrina, covering her whole tiny body which was as soft as a marshmallow. He rubbed her cock on her pussy opening, coating it with his pre-cum and her wetness. He could hear her moaning and withering underneath him.

His cum was leaking from his cock, “Sabrina, I love you. You’re mine tonight. I am going to fuck you tonight,” Edison growled in her ear in lust.

Sabrina moaned and jerked underneath him at his passionate words. Edison pinched Sabrina’s waist, making her face turn redder. He could see her rose-like face in the moonlight. Sabrina’s tender arms were around Edison’s neck, waiting for a kiss.

At that moment, Edison heard footsteps approaching in the yard from the open window.

Could it be my dad? Has he come back already? If Albert found out what we are doing, he would break my leg.

Edison quickly got up. Sabrina covered her chest with the blouse. They were like two children that made a large mistake. That man in the yard asked, “Edison, are you in there?” The voice was familiar, but Edison had no idea who it was; it was not his father.

“Who is it?” Edison kept his voice low and asked. He put on his coat and walked out to the yard.

“Ga...Gary!” He thought of Connie when he saw her husband Gary standing in front of him.

Wasn’t he working in the town? Why is he here at this time? Shit, did he know what happened today? Did he know he was about to fuck Connie?

“What’s wrong, man? Do I look like a stranger to you? I heard that you’re back and practicing as a gynecologist now so I decided to visit!”

“Yeah, buddy! I...I’m fine. Heard you were working in the town though. I’m just surprised seeing you standing right here. Why did you come back in the middle of the night?”

“I came straight to your house after I got off the train. You’re my bro!”

Bro? That’s interesting. Do you have to come at night? Why not during the day? What kind of person calling his bro when his bro’s in the middle of fucking a girl?

“How about tomorrow? We can go out for a beer.”

“I can’t. I have to go back to the office tomorrow morning. I’ve got time only tonight.”

Edison frowned. There was no way that Gary only came here to meet him in the middle of the night. “What is it? Why did you really come here tonight?”

Gary laughed, “Well actually, my boss asked me to buy some pheasants, which I asked around, costs $50 each. It came to my mind that I’ve seen pheasants on the farm. That’s why I came back at night. I came to see you first instead of my wife. Bro, come with me to find some pheasants. How does that sound?”

Fuck, he’s not asking for help. He wants me to catch pheasants for him. Son of a bitch!

When they were kids, Gary loved to catch pheasants with Edison. He was a good partner but not a good fighter when he was alone. Gary married Connie when they grew up and because Gary knew that Connie had a crush on Edison, he stopped hanging out with him. Edison guessed he did not want his wife to see her ex. He chose a woman over a good friend, which made Edison feel disappointed and betrayed.

Edison was pissed off and he was going to refuse Gary. But on second thought, it came to him that if Gary can sell pheasants for money, why can’t I?

Edison was good at catching pheasants. If I can sell them for money, then Sabrina could use the money to pay the tuition? She could go to school!

“Gary, my bro, thanks. Let’s go and find some pheasants. Do you have the tools?”

“Sure, I prepared all these.” He showed Edison the bag that was full of slingshots and baits.

Seeing the slingshots, Edison was starting to understand. Son of a bitch. He wants me to catch pheasants. He doesn’t know how to use a slingshot.

“Okay, let’s go. How many pheasants do you want?”

“Three, three are enough!”

“If I could catch more than three, they will be mine. If you’re okay with that, I’ll help you.”

Pheasants are cowards. They fly away as long as they hear a noise. If I do it myself, maybe I can only catch one or two. But with Edison’s help, sure I can get three peasants, maybe even more. Gary thought for a second and said, “No problem. Let’s go and catch them now. I have to go back to the office tomorrow morning.” They walked towards the open land on the other end of the village.

While walking, Gary asked, “Bro, so why did you become a gynecologist? You didn’t major in that at college. If I knew that you turned out like this, I wouldn’t keep Connie from seeing you...”

Gary immediately stopped talking. Shit. I must have lost my mind. How could I say that right in front of him?

Edison did not show his anger but he hated Gary at that moment.

“Are you mocking me?”

“No, no, no. How can I mock you, bro? I mean it’s a good job. If I went to college, I would want to be a gynecologist too!” Gary tried to make up.

“What on earth are you trying to say?” Edison did not understand what Gary meant.

“I mean you can see pussies. For that, I envy you, bro. Don’t they take off their pants when they see you? You must have seen more pussies than anyone in this village.”

“What is it like? The pussy. Do these women have big white butts? Are their boobs big? Have you put your hands on them?”

Gary had never touched another woman except for his wife. He was jealous of Edison’s job because he probably saw countless pussies every day.

Edison snorted. “Well yes, some have big butts, some women’s butts are rather small that I could grab them with my hands. All of them are white and soft. It definitely turns you on if you knead it. Hot ass, silky skin, and their moans, just imagine that.”

What Edison said turned Gary on. He wanted to dig his cock into Connie’s hole right now.

“Have you touched them?”

“Of course. I have to touch all of them. After all, I have to examine their body with my bare hands.” Edison answered. Your wife is one of them.

“It’s a fucking good job. They pay you to check their pussies. What will their husbands say when they know that the gynecologist is a handsome guy?” Gary thought to himself that the only woman’s pussy he touched in his life was Connie’s. He wanted to stick his dick in other women too.

“Man, you know that I haven’t been home for some time. I have to go home and see my wife. Can you do me a favor? I owe you for this one,” Gary sputtered out breathlessly and bounded off from Edison who shook his head in exasperation.

Son of a bitch.