Chapter 8 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Edison was happy that Gary left him all the tools. He was going to catch as many pheasants as possible.

Gary was a person who liked to have petty advantages out of every situation. He only needed three pheasants, but on hearing that Edison was willing to help, he wanted more than three to take back to the office. He was exactly the kind of person that people would call greedy.

Pheasants were found all over the mountains in his village. Edison was quite good at using a slingshot so he could catch one without too much effort. If he sold it at a price of $100, he could pay half of Sabrina’s tuition. The thought gave Edison an energetic feeling about tonight.

“No problem. You go back to Connie. I’ll take care of it,” Edison muttered as Gary ran off. He thought he could see Gary’s cock popping out from his pants. Seems that he would play with Connie all night and make her not able to walk tomorrow.

Thinking of Connie’s sexy ass being grabbed by Gary’s rough hand, Edison could only see an image of a beauty and a beast.

Gary set off at a trot, whistling. Catching pheasants was all Edison’s job. He scrabbled in the big bag that was left by Gary and took out a slingshot and a pebble. In the moonlight, Edison walked towards the pheasant-infested field.

Gary had prepared all the tools he needed to take down a pheasant. Maybe he was planning on leaving me alone since the very beginning. Never mind, I’ll catch as many pheasants as I can.

Edison did not want to be noticed by the animals. So he lowered down his body, carefully checking the bushes and grass around him to find the whereabouts of the pheasants. Then he set up a trap nearby and searched for another spot perfect for a trap.

Pheasants were timid and they would fly away immediately as soon as they heard even a tiny noise. They ran fast, which meant Edison would lose them in sight if they heard him. So he had to be very careful along the way.

After walking forward for one or two miles, Edison saw a pheasant with rather long feathers. He quickly and expertly shot at it with the slingshot the minute it came closer.

BAM! It was knocked down.

Edison ran towards his prey and lifted it up by its neck. A rather heavy one.

You can find any kind of animal in the mountain in the village. Pheasants are one of them. This one is fat and its hair was gorgeous.

Edison had always held nature in awe and vernation when he benefited from it.

Thank God for giving me a chance to make money.

In less than an hour, Edison had caught more than three pheasants. Three would be Gary’s and the others would be his.

I have to catch a few more, and sell them for a good price tomorrow morning! Edison knew that the people living in the city loved game. He was confident he would sell all of them for a good price even if Gary would not introduce a buyer to him.

Edison could see things more clearly in the moonlight. Actually his sight was way better than ordinary people’s. Suddenly, a pheasant flew down from a tree and spread its wings a few times, showing it’s majestic body.

"This one must be delicious!" Edison aimed at it using the slingshot and was going to shoot it. But the next second, the pheasant moved back and forth before flying into the woods. The trees were taller than him, blocking Edison’s sight.

“Ouch, where the fuck did this come from? Who’s there? I will kill you if I find you!” A man's angry voice came out of the trees, accompanied by a woman's scream.

Edison immediately laid low on his stomach on the ground and peeped through the tall grass. When he laid his eyes on the black shadows, he realized that there were a man and a woman. The man’s upper body was naked and the woman lying on the ground was totally naked. She covered her big boobs with her hands in a hurry, eyes full of panic.

Shit, isn’t that Fanny? Edison recognized the woman as soon as he saw her. He felt thirsty and swallowed when seeing Fanny’s naked body.

She was sitting on the ground, her peach ass so big that Edison could see that they were milky white even hiding in the bushes. When she turned around, Edison saw a few scratches on her back. The married woman Fanny got lonely and wants a cock. That’s interesting.

But when Edison took a closer look, he recognized the man. His name was Chucker, a rouge in the village. Edison had no good impression of him. Chucker did nothing except tease girls or idling about the streets.

How is it possible that Fanny laid with him? Edison was confused and he wanted to figure this out.

Chucker was taken aback by the pheasants. Lucky for Edison, he walked lightly and the two did not know that he was here.

Chucker was annoyed, “Fuck, my cock is getting limp thanks to the bird. Bitch, lie down there. Spread your legs. Make me happy and I will keep my promise. Otherwise, you know what I’m capable of. Hurry up!”

Hearing this, Fanny had no choice but to lie down on the ground. Chucker kicked her right foot, urging her to spread her legs wider to show her unprotected pussy.

Edison was turned on when he saw the charming pussy, shining in the moonlight.

It is an undoubted fact that women in the village had a sexual partner since their husbands were out of the town. But for Fanny, she had no reason to do it. Her husband was the village head.

Speaking of Fanny, she was Edison’s adolescent enlightenment. When he was a little boy, he went home with Gina every night only to catch sight of Fanny. In his memory, Fanny was the most beautiful woman in the village. It was a pity that such a young beauty coming from a rich family in the town had married the old village head. She gave birth to her daughter Gina when she was only fifteen.

Looking at her body, Edison found that she was more plump and charming. Nothing had changed over the years, only that she became more feminine and curvy.

“Chucker, you can’t do this to me. You know who my husband is and...” Fanny was sobbing because of Chucker being aggressive with her.

Chucker took off his pants quickly, smirking, “No wonder the old man married you. You’re gorgeous. Fanny, your husband can’t satisfy you, huh? Let me be your knight tonight. Look at my dick. Isn’t it big and thick? I bet it’s the best you’ve ever seen. You won’t regret this. Baby, come on, I can’t wait anymore.”

Chucker stood with his hands on his hips, showing proudly Fanny his long dick.

"Damn it, this bastard doesn’t deserve her,” Edison aimed at Chucker’s cock with the slingshot, straightened the rubber band fiercely, and loosened his finger.

“Please, Chucker, let me go. Do you want money? I can give you a lot of money.” Fanny was still begging Chucker to let her go. She did not know that Chucker’s obsession was with her body and he would not stop until he put his cock in her. He urged viciously, “No way. I want you now. Open your legs bitch. I want to put my cock inside you.”


"OW..." Chucker screamed out before he could put his lips on Fanny’s neck. He covered his cock with his hands, almost crying while jumping on the ground.

Fanny was also shocked. What happened to him?


Edison shot at Chucker’s butt. He picked up a bigger pebble and was going to pull the slingshot again. But it was too late, Chucker picked up his clothes and hobbled away, howling in pain.

“Fanny, get up. Was that bastard trying to force you?” Edison dropped the slingshot and pheasants and quickly ran towards Fanny. Holding naked Fanny in his hands, he felt her slippery skin as if she just put some oil on her body. Her shaking boobs nearly took Edison’s soul off him.

Fanny’s boobs were not like Connie’s or Sabrina’s, they were whiter and bigger, with large nipples.

Noticing that Edison’s eyes were affixed on her boobs, she covered her chest with her hands quickly. But Edison could still see them because they were too big to be covered by her bare hands.

"It's you, Edison. Thank god. Please do not tell anyone else about this. It was all a setup. Thanks for helping me!” Fanny replied gratefully and started to put on clothes, shivering. Edison did not answer her immediately. He found it hard to move his eyes away from her chest.

He swallowed. The sound was louder in the quiet night and he was sure Fanny could hear it.

“Fanny, if you want to thank me, show me your boobs, is that okay for you?” Edison’s voice trembled a little as he asked the question.