Chapter 5 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

We Are Engaged

Harley and Melissa walked into the Gibson Corporation. The filming went very smoothly.

Harley disliked the ugly clothes, but he stopped complaining when Melissa said that he looked good.

Harley was picky, but he would stop when Melissa took a look at him.

Harley was timid and was afraid that Melissa would teach him a lesson.

The filming, which was expected to take five hours, ended in two hours because of Harley’s cooperation

After the shoot, Harley pulled Melissa and said, “Meli, let’s go. I’ll treat you to a meal!”

“I’m not eating. I haven’t got off work yet!” Melissa rejected Harley coldly.

There were some employees from the company on the side. At the same time, people were discussing crazily in the company’s group chat.

“OMG! Mr. Timothy invited Melissa for a meal but he was rejected!”

“Wow. Who is Melissa? Isn’t she from the countryside? How could she reject Mr. Timothy?”

“Harry, I’d like to have lunch with you! I’ll abandon my work for you!”

Harley, who had been rejected, was sad. “Meli, isn’t it nice for you to live in the manor and travel around the world? Why are you working here? Are you broke? I have money!”

Melissa rolled her eyes at Harley. “You are too young to understand me!”

Then, Melissa returned to the Secretary Department and continued to work.

Everyone thought that Harley would be angry and leave. But an even more incredible thing happened. Harley, who was always impatient, stayed in the lounge and waited for Melissa to get off work.

When it was time to get off work, Murray walked out of his office and spoke to Melissa who was sitting in her seat, “Grandpa has reserved seats in a restaurant. Let’s go to have lunch together.”

Murray didn’t want to go. But Marc had a heart attack the other day and went to the hospital. In the video call, Marc threatened Murray, “If you don’t go to have lunch with Melissa, I’ll leave the hospital.”

Murray had to agree.

Then, Harley walked in.

“Meli, are you off work? Can we go to lunch now?”

After entering the Secretary Department, Harley saw Murray.


Hearing how Harley called Melissa, Murray looked at Melissa and Harley in shock.

Melissa paused and asked, “Why don’t we go together?”

Then, the three of them arrived at the restaurant that Marc arranged.

Along the way, Harley kept talking, and Melissa replied occasionally.

After arriving at the restaurant, Harley became even more attentive, pulling the chair for Melissa, serving her dishes, and so on.

Murray felt like an outsider.

“By the way, Meli, why are you working at the Gibson Corporation? What’s the relationship between you and Murray?”

Harley had a feeling that the relationship between Melissa and Murray was complicated.

Melissa glanced at Murray and said, “Grandpa asked me to work here. Me and him? We are engaged.”

Harley directly sprayed out the water that he had just had.

“What?” After a pause, Harley continued, “So, you’re Murray’s fiancée from the countryside!”

Melissa nodded casually.

Harley thought, I’ve heard a lot of rumors. Melissa is indeed from the countryside. But she has a manor worth millions of dollars, dozens of villas, and…

“The two of you…” Harley looked at Melissa and Murray in shock.

“We are not in love. The engagement will be annulled in three months,” Melissa said indifferently.

Harley nodded, much relieved. He was frank. Harley directly said, “That’s good. Murray doesn’t deserve you! He is cold and boring. I am even better than Murray.”

Murray, who was eating quietly, heard that and thought, What?Don’t I deserve Melissa?

“Harley, do you remember the car that you like? Your brother asked me to buy it for you. But now…”

“Sorry, Murray. I didn’t mean what I said.”

Harley smiled awkwardly.

The meal wasn’t bad. Melissa and Murray said goodbye to Harley at the restaurant entrance.

“Goodbye, Meli! I’ll visit you when I have time.”

Melissa stroked Harley’s head lovingly. “Goodbye, Harry. Be careful on the way!”

Melissa felt like she was touching the Alaskan malamute at home.

But Murray didn’t know that. He narrowed his eyes slightly when seeing Melissa stroke Harley’s head. Soon after getting in the car, Murray said, “So, you are certain that you will not like me because you have already been in love.”

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