Chapter 4 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

The Most Awesome Person

“Look! Look! Who is the woman behind Mr. Gibson? She is so beautiful and elegant!”

“Wow! Do you see how long and slender her legs are? She looks like a goddess. I like her!”

“Is this Mr. Gibson’s fiancée?”

“How is that possible? No way!”

Everyone guessed Melissa’s identity and thought that she was just a business partner. When Melissa left Murray and went to register at the Secretary Department, the whole company knew who Melissa was.

They knew that the beautiful and graceful woman with Murray was Murray’s fiancée.

People were shocked and wondered, Are all the people from the countryside so pretty?

Melissa went to the Personnel Department to handle the procedures. Meanwhile, the four people in the Secretary Department were discussing.

“Melissa is so beautiful! She is even prettier than Adela.”

Susie Hodgson, the head of the Secretary Department, said with disdain, “Her pretty face is nothing. She is just a bumpkin and doesn’t deserve Mr. Gibson.”

Melissa happened to hear that when she came back. Melissa mocked in a clear voice, “I don’t deserve him. Do you?”

Susie froze. She turned around but didn’t dare to refute Melissa. After all, Melissa was Murray’s fiancée.

Susie said, “Mr. Gibson said that since you are here, you are a part of the Secretary Department now. I will be impartial to all the people here. This is an advertisement that our company is going to shoot today. You are in charge of it.”

Sneering, Melissa took the document and left.

The other people came to surround Susie again.

“Susie, is it the commercial that Harley is in? Will Melissa screw it up?”

A light flashed in Susie’s eyes. Harley Timothy was a popular star. He was young but had a hot temper. He was picky, and no one could stand it. Susie hoped that Melissa would screw up the commercial shooting on her first day of work.

Melissa glanced at the commercial shooting process. Seeing Harley’s name, Melissa raised an eyebrow slightly and found the name a little familiar.

At the same time, in Murray’s office, the assistant said, “Mr. Gibson, Ms. Hodgson let Ms. Eugen be responsible for Harley’s work today. Shall I let someone else replace her?”

Harley’s brother and Murray had been good friends since they were young. Everyone knew about Harley’s temper. Harley was bad-tempered, and Melissa was probably going to be tortured by him.

Murray paused and thought about what Melissa had said that morning. Then, Murray said, “No.”

Murray would like to see Melissa being tortured.

The commercial shooting took place at the Gibson Corporation. Melissa and some of the people in charge went downstairs to pick Harley up.

A black Bentley arrived at the company. Harley came down with a pair of sunglasses. Though only nineteen years old, he had tens of millions of fans. Harley looked very arrogant and unruly.

Melissa walked forward and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Timothy. I’m Melissa Eugen, the person in charge of the shoot this time.”

Harley didn’t really hear what Melissa was saying at all and just complained, “The weather is so hot. Why aren’t you holding an umbrella for me? Is the set ready? By the way, buy me a cup of coffee first. Buy it from the coffee house downtown…”

Before he could finish his words, Harley was shocked after casually glancing at Melissa’s face.

“Oh my god! Meli! Am I in a dream?”

Harley took off his sunglasses in disbelief.He hugged Melissa excitedly.

Harley asked, “Meli, what are you doing here? Are you the manager? Shouldn’t you be traveling around the world or lying on your five-meter-long bed?”

Melissa touched Harley’s head and said with a smile, “Harry, long time no see. What do you want to drink?”

“No! I didn’t say anything. What do you want, Melia? I’ll buy it for you.”

Everyone was shocked by what they saw.

Harley hugged Melissa. Melissa touched Harley’s head. And Harley was going to buy drinks for Melissa.

People thought, Is that the hot-tempered Mr. Timothy?

Is it because Melissa is Mr. Gibson’s fiancée? But Mr. Timothy hasn’t even been so gentle to Mr. Gibson.

Melissa had known Harley for two years already.

Back then, Harley was only seventeen years old and was filming in the countryside, near Melissa’s home.

Harley was kidnapped, and Melissa accidentally saved him.

Melissa beat up the kidnappers without saying anything, though she was just a little girl. Harley was impressed by her.

Melissa brought Harley home. Harley was even more shocked when he saw the manor that was even bigger than a palace.

In general, Harley thought Melissa was the most awesome person he knew.

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