Chapter 6 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Murray Is Upset

Melissa looked at Murray, confused.

“But you and I are still engaged. Harley is a celebrity. You’d better not have any scandals, or it will be bad for my family’s reputation.”

Hearing what Murray said, Melissa realized that Murray thought that she liked Harley.

Melissa thought, Is he crazy?

“I think you should know that it is very difficult to marry into the Timothy family. After all, you are two years older than Harley.”


Melissa didn’t want to hear it anymore.

“It’s none of your business. Stop judging me.”

Murray suddenly became sulky. Then, they didn’t talk all the way.

In Murray’s opinion, Melissa admitted her relationship with Harley because she didn’t deny it. Murray thought what he said made Melissa shy and angry.

That night, as usual, Murray couldn’t fall asleep.

Ever since he was kidnapped at the age of thirteen and was locked up in a dark room, Murray had gotten used to insomnia.

But something was different that night. Murray couldn’t stop thinking about Melissa.

For some reason, he recalled the scenes from last night and wanted to hug Melissa again while sleeping

Then, Murray became even more upset.

Murray thought, Why does she like such a childish man? What a bad taste!

Murray lit a cigarette in frustration.

In the next few days, Melissa worked peacefully in the Gibson Corporation. But every day at work, Melissa missed her life in the past. It was much more comfortable to travel around the world and stay in the manor.

Soon, the Gibson Corporation’s anniversary celebration arrived. In the evening, the Gibson family’s staff took Melissa to do her hair and let her change into a dress. Then, Melissa attended the banquet with Murray.

The banquet was very grand. Many famous people from business circles came.

As the president of the Gibson Corporation, Murray was busy greeting the guests. Melissa went to the bathroom

Just as Melissa finished her makeup and was about to come out, a woman stopped her.

“Are you Melissa Eugen?”

Melissa turned around. The woman was about the same age as Melissa, wearing branded haute couture. She seemed like a noble lady.

“Yeah. What’s the matter?”

“I am Adela Yale,” the woman stepped forward and spoke.

Having been in the Gibson family for so long, Melissa had also heard of Adela’s name in the gossip.

Adela was a member of the Yale family, growing up with Murray since childhood. Adela was the only woman by Murray’s side in so many years.

Adela and Murray were a perfect match in the eyes of outsiders. It had always been rumored that the two of them would definitely get married. But unexpectedly, Melissa suddenly appeared.

“How can I help you?”

Adela took out a card from her purse and said lightly, “There are 2 million dollars. I want you to cancel your engagement with Murray at the banquet tonight.”

Hearing that, Melissa laughed.

Melissa thought, Why do people keep giving me money after I came here? Murray’s mother only gave me 800 dollars. Compared with her, this Adela is much more generous.

Adela looked at the smile on Melissa’s face and frowned. “The money is enough for you to live without worry for the rest of your life. You should know that Murray won’t marry you. You are allowed to stay with him because of Mr. Marc’s illness. After Mr. Marc recovers, you will be kicked out and get nothing.”

Melissa snorted, “Living without worry for the rest of my life? Ms. Yale, these 2 million dollars are not even enough for my living expenses for a month.”

Then, Melissa left in high heels.

Behind her, Adela could not believe it and wondered, Is she crazy? She is from the countryside. How could 2 million dollars be not enough for her?

Thinking of that, Adela was sullen and thought to herself, Melissa, since you are so ungrateful, I don’t mind giving you a lecture.

At the same time, Murray had already finished his speech and was talking to someone.

After Melissa came out, Sarah walked to her and warned, “Melissa, don’t run around. Sit quiety over there and don’t embarrass the Gibson family!”

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