Chapter 7 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Will She Be Blown?

Sarah’s sarcastic words made Melissa regret attending this banquet out of boredom.

Melissa might as well leave now.

But before Melissa could say anything, Adela and her friends came over. Adela looked at Melissa as if nothing had happened in the bathroom before. Adela smiled and said, “Mrs. Gibson, this must be Murray’s fiancée Melissa! Ms. Eugen, hello, I am Adela.”

At that moment, Adela was like a rich lady, gentle and generous, and Melissa seemed impolite because Melissa didn’t reply to Adela.

Sarah glared at Melissa and smiled at Adela. “Adela, ignore her. She comes from the countryside and doesn’t know any manners.”

“Mrs. Gibson, it’s OK. By the way, I heard that Ms. Eugen is talented. There is a piano on the stage. Why don’t we compete?”

Seeing this, Melissa glanced at Adela. People said Melissa was a bumpkin from the countryside. Where did Adela hear that she was talented?

Clearly, Adela wanted to humiliate Melissa.

Adela did not wait for Melissa to speak and directly walked to the piano rack on the side of the stage.

Because Adela was the daughter of the Yale family and Murray’s childhood sweetheart, everyone couldn’t help but look at her.

Adela was playing a piano piece that she was good at. After the piece ended, everyone applauded.

After walking down, Adela smiled and said, “It’s not that good. Ms. Eugen, it’s your turn.”

The frenemies next to Adela began.

“Adela, how can you call this not good?”

“Ms. Eugen, why don’t you dare to go up? Don’t tell me you don’t know how to play the piano! I’m afraid it will be a joke if Mr. Gibson’s fiancée doesn’t know how to play the piano!”

There were many people around, and everyone looked at Melissa as if she was a joke.

Sarah only felt extremely embarrassed and looked at Melissa with disgust.

Melissa smiled. “I just feel that playing the piano at this banquet is like selling art. Since you insist, I will play.”

After saying that, Melissa put down her wine glass and walked gracefully to the piano rack.

She picked the same piece Adela played. Adela wanted to humiliate Melissa, but Adela did not know that Melissa had already passed all piano grading tests when she was ten.

No one could see Melissa make a fool of herself!

The melodious music slowly flowed out, and the people on the dance floor danced to Melissa’s music. The scene was beautiful and harmonious.

The people present were all people who knew about piano playing. At this time, everyone could tell that Melissa was better than Adela. In fact, Melissa was a lot better.

Murray, who was entertaining guests, was also stunned. He looked at the woman on the piano rack.

She was wearing a light blue evening dress. Her wavy hair was casually scattered behind her neck. She had her eyes closed and her hands were touching the piano keys. She was so beautiful that it was suffocating

Murray wasn’t the only one. Many guests were stunned.

Adela felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her face was burning with pain.

Melissa actually knew how to play the piano and was better than her? How was that possible?

After the piece ended, Melissa walked down.

“Ms. Eugen is really talented. I am ashamed of my inferiority,” Adela said, but she was extremely angry inside.

She, Adela, couldn’t even compare to someone from the countryside?

“Ms. Yale is also very good at playing,” Melissa said in a perfunctory manner.

At this time, a middle-aged man in a black suit walked toward them.

Melissa was immediately stunned. Wasn’t this the Eugen family’s housekeeper Brian? Why was he here?

She wasn’t going to be blown, right?

Brian walked straight toward them. He glanced at Melissa but did not speak. Instead, he spoke to Murray and Sarah, “Mr. Gibson, Mrs. Gibson, hello, I am the housekeeper of the Eugen family, Brian Avery. I am really sorry, but Mr. Eugen is not feeling well, so I attend the banquet on his behalf.”

Sarah quickly stepped forward and said, “Mr. Avery, don’t mention it. Is Mr. Eugen alright?”

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