Chapter 7 - I Inherited Billions

I was shocked when I saw them. I quickly called out to Vincent, “Wait a minute, where did you get these people from?”

“They’re all locals. Some of them are white-collar workers. There are also students and teachers from the school. They’re attending this Escort Club because they’re in urgent need of money. What’s wrong, Young Master? Do you know anyone here?”

“I do know two of them.” I nodded as I searched for their faces to confirm their identities.

I was right. I did know those two women.

Number 3 was Lacey Yates.

She was the gold digger who had laughed the loudest at me tonight in Sicily’s private suite.

I had always thought she was a rich second-generation heir just like Young Master Logan and Young Master Zane.

Who would have thought she would be here attending my Escort Club just later that same night?

Moreover, she had all her clothes off and had been laid out here for my picking just like livestock.

Life was indeed filled with surprises!

I was even more shocked by Number 31.

She was my class teacher, Cherry Quentin.

I could not understand why the school’s most famous ice queen had signed up for an Escort Club.

Had it been for money?

At the thought of this, I said to Vincent, “Uncle Quinn, do you have information on Number 3 and Number 31?”

“Yes, I do. Give me a minute, Young Master.”

Vincent left to get their information after saying this.

It was not long before he returned with the files.

I flipped through them to have a look. The information was quite detailed.

Not only did it contain their measurements and weight, but it also recorded the reason for their urgent need for money.

Number 3, Lacey Yates, was not actually a rich second-generation heir. She was from a very ordinary family.

However, since becoming friends with rich second-generation heir, Lina Holden, she had learned to spend money more generously.

In order to maintain her level of spending, she began borrowing from loan sharks outside of school.

Time passed, and her debts began building up.

She was left with nowhere to turn. She had signed up for the Escort Club to pay back her high-interest loans.

As for Number 31, my beautiful class teacher, Cherry Quentin, her situation was rather unique.

She needed money because her mother was seriously ill. She needed 300 thousand for her mother’s surgery.

What shocked me even more was the column regarding her health condition. The words ‘Sex Addict’ had been printed there.

My beautiful ice queen teacher was actually a sex addict?

Who would f*cking believe this if word got out?

“Young Master, if you’re interested in them, you can go ahead and pick them out. They will be able to collect an additional five hundred thousand for the extra service,” Vincent said from the side.

“Forget about it,” I shook my head.

“I’ve said before that I have no interest in women I can easily get. If there was anyone I wanted for myself, I’d prefer to get them through my own merits.”

“I understand,” Vincent nodded respectfully.

“Young Master, it’s getting late. Why not spend the night here?”

“It’s fine. I’d rather return home. If I’m supposed to hide my identity, I have to make sure nothing is revealed. What if someone spotted me living here?”

“You’re entirely right, Young Master. I’ll have your ride prepared immediately.”

“There’s no need for that. I’ll return on my own.”

I was in a good mood after leaving the villa.

I had no idea that the board of directors would go on to help me find a wife after I had been given billions in inheritance.

They were even searching for the world’s most beautiful woman for me.

I wondered which family’s heiress it would be.

Maybe it would be a top actress from the entertainment industry?

I could not help chuckling as I thought about this.

Just as I was enjoying my reverie, I suddenly heard the sound of punches coming from a dark corner ahead of me.

I was initially reluctant to get involved.

However, when I got closer, I realized it was a girl being punched. Additionally, her voice was somewhat familiar.

“Lorne, I beg of you. Give me a few more days to get that two hundred thousand. I promise I’ll return the money to you then.”

Lacey Yates?

I stopped in surprise.

Their conversation could once again be heard from the dark corner.

“You b*tch! Stop f*cking lying to me. Didn’t you say you would be able to pay up today?”

“Lorne, I’m really not lying to you. I was supposed to be able to return the money to you, but somehow…”

“Stop f*cking giving me bullsh*t. Just whore yourself out if you don’t have the money. You don’t need to worry about money with looks like yours.”

“Lorne, please, I beg you, just give me one more day. Just one day, please?” Lacey said in the dark, her voice choked up with tears.

“Just one day? Sure, but let me warn you. If you still can’t pay up by this time tomorrow, don’t blame me for what I’ll do.”

The man named Lorne left after threatening her.

I shook my head with a sigh and quickly approached Lacey, who was leaning against a wall. I turned on my phone’s flashlight.

I saw the look on Lacey’s face with the help of the bright flashlight.

Lacey was curled up at the corner of the wall. She was trembling and her face was covered in dirt. Her beautiful skirt was all torn up, and her air of arrogance and aloofness had completely vanished.

“Who is it? Turn that light off!” Lacey covered her face with her hands, unwilling for anyone to see her in such an embarrassing situation.

I ignored her and crouched on the ground, continuing to shine the light on her.

“Tsk, I was wondering who this was. I see it’s our famous campus belle, Lacey Yates! What wrong? Stuck in such a pathetic situation because of a mere two hundred thousand? Aren’t you close to Young Master Logan and Young Master Zane? Why aren’t they helping you out?”

“Go away! Whatever happens to me is none of your business!!!” Lacey was especially angered about me finding her like this.

“Oho, it is definitely my business that you’re about to become a prostitute. I would be so ashamed to be in the same school as you. How about this? I’ll help you for the sake of our school’s reputation. Beg me, and I’ll lend you the two hundred thousand. How does that sound?”

With that, I patted the backpack on my shoulder to make it extra convincing.

“Beg you?” Lacey sneered.

“Stop dreaming. No matter how pathetic of a situation I’m in, I’d never ever beg a good-for-nothing like you for anything.”

“Good on you. You do have a backbone, but we’ll see about that,” I laughed softly and slung the backpack back over my back, leaving with ease.

It was two in the morning by the time I arrived at my rental home outside of school.

So many things had happened in the past 24 hours.

I laid on my bed and flopped around, unable to sleep.

Right then, I suddenly remembered something quite serious.

Lacey had not been able to repay her debts because she had been unable to earn that five hundred thousand. She had ended up being beaten up by the loan shark.

Would Cherry end up being in the same bad situation?

That would not do. I had to help her.

I got off of bed at the thought of this and turned on my computer.

I was truly fond of this beautiful class teacher of mine.

Even though she was usually cold and expressionless when facing people, there was a kind heart hidden underneath her chilly exterior.

She treated all her students the same, even me, the poorest student in class.

She would also help me out with the payment whenever I was unable to afford my school fees.

That was why I had complicated feelings for her.

There was my respect and gratitude for her as a teacher, and I also had romantic feelings for her.

However, it did not matter what feelings I had for her. I could not stand by and do nothing now that I knew she was in trouble.

I clicked on an instant messaging app after turning on my computer and registered my username as ‘king’. I sent a friend request to her after I signed up for the app.

However, she rejected me a few seconds after I sent out the request.

I was quite happy to be rejected, though. That meant she was still online.

“Don’t you remember me, Number 31?”

I changed the remark in my request and made the friend request once more.

The dialogue box popped up with continuous messages from her.



“Who are you? How did you figure out my identity?”

She sounded quite shocked.

As for me, I replied with ease, “How are you? We met before at the site of the Escort Club. I was the one on the second floor.”

“You’re… The man in the golden mask?!”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“What do you want from me? Do you want to pick me this time?”

“I guess so. I’m quite interested in you.”

“Why didn’t you choose me then?”

“I didn’t not choose you. I didn’t choose anybody. You may not believe this, but even though I’m very rich, I’m not interested in sex parties like those. That Escort Club was arranged by someone else. By the way, give me your account number. I’ll transfer the money to you.”

“Are you being serious?” Cherry was obviously suspicious, but she still sent her bank account number to me.

I guessed she had to be in really deep trouble.

“The name is Cherry Quentin, my account number is 7563…”

I screenshotted the picture after receiving the message and I sent it to Vincent.

I was worried Vincent was asleep, so I gave him a call.

“Uncle Quinn, help me transfer some money. Five hundred thousand will do. I’ve already sent you the account number.”

“Noted, Young Master.” Vincent was not angry about his rest being disturbed. He sounded as respectful as always.

“I’ve made the transfer, Young Master. The other party will receive it within one minute at most.”

“Got it.”

I prepared to inform Cherry about this after I hung up.

However, she messaged me first instead.

“Oh my God. The money is in my account. This is pretty fast! Do you own the bank?”

I smiled when I saw the message.

I did own the bank.

However, I was not about to tell her this.

“As long as you’ve received it, it’s all good.” I smiled as I replied to her.

“Where are you? I’ll go and see you.” She sent me another message.

They were simple words.

However, I felt a little anxious after I understood the meaning behind those words.

She was actually serious…

She was really about to come over to make love to me.