Chapter 6 - I Inherited Billions

I turned to look at my other classmates after I was done. I tried encouraging them. “Guys, a hundred and fifty thousand split amongst everyone is no small amount. Shouldn’t you guys try to convince Howard?”

Just as I thought, many of them were convinced by my words.

Moreover, a rich second-generation heir like Howard was always throwing his weight around in class just because he had some money. Many had started becoming unhappy with him early on, but they did not have the opportunity to stand up for themselves because of Howard and his lackeys’ overbearing ways. They could only tolerate their behavior.

Now that the opportunity to hit back at Howard had arrived, classmates who had always disliked him began to speak with dripping sarcasm.

“Howard, it’s not that I really want the money, but I do think that since Freddie has kept to his side of the deal, you shouldn’t back out, right?”

“I think so too. Money isn’t the issue. You can’t lose out to Freddie on this, Howard.”

“That’s right, Howard. A hundred and fifty thousand is just a few days’ allowance for you, right? You should be able to fork it out easily, am I right?”

Howard was being pushed by everyone. There was no room for escape anywhere he looked.

He stammered for quite a while before replying with a red face, “That's just a small amount of money to me… but I’m just not some nouveau riche like Freddie. I don't bring large amounts of cash with me everywhere I go.”

“There’s an ATM in the restaurant,” I reminded him.

“I know that, obviously, but I left my wallet at home. Give me a minute, everyone. I’ll get the driver to bring some cash over for me.”

With that, Howard took out his phone and went outside to make a call.

Howard left for quite a long time.

It had been more than ten minutes when someone exclaimed from the private suite, “Look at that, everyone! Isn’t that Howard downstairs? Why is he giving his car key to someone else?”

“Gosh, he’s actually selling his Land Rover. Could it be that he doesn’t even have a hundred and fifty thousand?”

“Let’s not expose him after him. He’s still giving out cash gifts to everyone, after all.”

Howard returned to the private suite after a few minutes.

He pretended to be carefree about giving out the cash gifts.

However, I knew very well that the clown tonight had been Howard Lincoln, not me.

After this new turn of events at the get-together, everyone left one after the other. As for me, I headed back to my rented home outside of school.

I had had to take on quite a few part-time jobs before this, which was why I had seldom returned to my hostel. In the end, I decided to rent a house outside of school.

Even though there was no need for me to work now, I figured everyone was making wild guesses right now. They would all attempt to get into my good graces if I returned to the hostel.

I was not eager to explain myself to so many people, which was why I preferred to return to my rented home for some peace and quiet.

Once I was done cleaning up at night, I prepared to go to sleep. However, right at that moment, Vincent called me on the phone.

“Young Master, where are you now?”

“I’m at my rented home outside school. What’s wrong?”

“It’s like this... I prepared a surprise for you. Would it be convenient for you to pick you up now?”

“Yup, I’m free now. Come on over.”

A little more than ten minutes later, Vincent appeared downstairs where I lived.

He eagerly opened the door of the Maybach for me.

“Young Master, please step in.”


I looked around the interior once I got into the Maybach, before I turned to Vincent. “Uncle Quinn, it’s so late now. What’s so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow?”

“Young Master, there are certain things more enjoyable at night!” Vincent said mysteriously.

“What exactly is it?”

“You’ll find out once we’re there.”

He drove the car for a little more than ten minutes before parking it in a residential area made up of luxury villas in the city center.

This was a place I had heard of before. Only the richest people in the city were able to live in this neighborhood.

One thing I did not understand, however, was why Vincent had brought me here.

I looked at my surroundings and turned to Vincent curiously. “Uncle Quinn, you aren’t thinking about gifting me a villa, are you?”

“Young Master, these villas all belong to you. All I did was help you choose one. I was concerned for you when I found out you were renting a house out there, which was why I chose a villa tonight.” He passed a set of keys to me as he said this.

However, I did not take them. “It’s okay. You can forgo the villa. I’m doing quite well in my rented home. Is this the surprise you’re giving me?”

“This is one of them. If you don’t like this, then there are other surprises. Please follow me, Young Master.” With that, he led me to the second floor of the villa.

After that, he passed a golden mask to me. “Put this on, Young Master.”

“Uncle Quinn, what exactly is going on?” I was pretty puzzled.

“Open this and you’ll find out.” He passed me a remote control for the curtains.

I pressed the remote control, and the curtains slowly opened.

Just then, I managed to glimpse what was going on behind the curtains!

I was stunned!

Beautiful women! Naked, beautiful women filled up the space behind the curtains.

Dozens of nude beauties had been hidden behind them.

They were standing with their chests thrust forward in the first floor’s living room. One could see an entire sea of fair skin with one sweep of a glance. It was a forest of naked bodies.

I swallowed drily as I turned to Vincent with a puzzled look. “Uncle Quinn, what is the meaning of this?”

“Don’t look at me, look at them,” Vincent said with a happy smile.

“This is the surprise I prepared for you, Young Master. How do you like it?”


I had no idea what to say. The scene was too shocking for me.

I could clearly see each of their faces as I stood on the second floor.

Every one of them was gorgeous. They had fair skin and their bodies were shaped just like models'.

I could clearly see the pink nipples of the girls who were standing in the front row, as well as the pubic hair of their naked bodies.

“Your Master, these girls are all yours tonight. You may find pleasure with them however you want.”

With that, Vincent bowed and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute,” I called out to him.

“Where did you get them from? Also, what exactly do you mean by all this?”

I could not shake the feeling that something strange was going on tonight.

I had to find out the reason behind this.

“Young Master, it’s not that I’m unwilling to explain, it's that I’m not allowed to. But there's no need to worry. They come from clean families, and their bodies have been checked by medical professionals. All of them are healthy.”

“That won't do. You have to explain yourself.”

“Young Master, I’m really not allowed to say anything. Please take your pick. I promise to tell you everything after tomorrow.”

“There’s no need to pick anybody. I don’t want any of them.”

“Not even one?” Vincent was a little surprised.

“Young Master, these are thirty of the prettiest women in the city. These women come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have their own unique features. Are you really not planning to pick anyone?”

“I’m not picking anyone. Sleeping with a woman while not having any feelings for her is no different from sleeping with a sex doll.”

“Of course there's a difference. These women have warmth, and they are willing to accommodate you in any way you desire.”

“That’s enough. Just tell me whatever you need to.”

“I’ll go ahead then, but please don’t blame me for any of this. All this was arranged by Old Mr. Logan before he passed. He wanted to test your character.”

“So, what’s the result of the test?” I smiled at Vincent.

“Just as Old Mr. Logan guessed, your character isn’t the character of someone who would lead a luxurious yet immoral life after scamming the rich, which is why we can allow you to join the board of directors without worry. Moreover, there are two more sets of his last will and testament. I can inform you of this now.”

“Old Mr. Logan has more than one last will and testament?”

“Yes. His first will and testament is that he hopes you'll still be yourself after accepting the inheritance, and you won't lead a life of immoral luxury. You should also complete your studies.

“Also, Old Mr. Logan instructed us to not reveal your identity to protect you and keep you safe.”

“I see. I’ll make sure to stay true to Old Mr. Logan’s will and testament. What’s the second one?”

“The second is about having children. Old Mr. Logan never produced an heir in his entire life, which is why he hopes you will be able to continue your own bloodline. The board of directors has held multiple meetings over this. All of us are of the opinion that having children is of great importance, as it involves the future of the group’s foundation, something we have all contributed to. For the sake of the group’s future, you have to quickly produce a second generation. The more the better! We will pick an outstanding candidate to nurture and grow.”

“Wait a minute! I don’t even have a wife yet, and you’re already asking me to have children? Isn’t that a little too fast?” I was in a daze.

“Don’t worry about that, Young Master. We're already matchmaking you with some potential candidates. We can guarantee that they will be the most beautiful and the kindest women in the entire world. This is the only way we’ll be able to ensure a quality second generation.”

“So, I’m nothing but a fertility machine to all of you?”

“Young Master, this is all for the sake of the group’s future. Moreover, we are only in charge of making arrangements. You will still be the one in charge of ensuring a successful outcome.”

“Damn it. Are you playing me? You aren’t allowing me to reveal my identity, yet you’re asking me to win the heart of the most beautiful woman in the world? Do you really think I’ll succeed?”

I was speechless. This would be utterly impossible.

“Young Master, we believe in your capabilities,” Vincent said with a laugh.

“By the way, if you’re not planning on taking any of the women downstairs to bed, I’ll order them to disperse.”

“Disperse them…”

I wanted to tell him to disperse them all right now, but before I could finish speaking, I suddenly spotted two familiar faces from among the crowd.

F*ck. What were they doing here?