Chapter 4 - I Inherited Billions

We entered the private suite amidst everyone’s jeering at me.

It was not long before the pretty ladies from the music major arrived.

There were seven of them. They all had long slender legs and were very pretty. They were also quite charming.

I was disappointed that Lina Holden was not among them.

However, it was not all bad. Lina’s roommate, Lacey Yates, was here. She had been there on the day I ‘professed my love’ to Lina. She was also the one who had laughed out the loudest at me.

Even though I was unable to exact my revenge on Lina, it was not all bad. I could start getting back at her by targeting Lacey first.

Lacey spotted me from the group after she took her seat, and she laughed in delight. “Howard, I see you’ve really gotten Freddie Lang to come.”

“Of course. How could I dare to not fulfill my dream girl’s request?” Howard replied eagerly.

It was obvious he was attempting to woo Lacey.

“By the way, why were you so adamant about me inviting Freddie over? What’s so special about the guy?” Howard asked in a puzzle.

“Don’t you know? He professed his love for Lina yesterday and made Young Master Zane lose three million,” Lacey told the story of what had happened the day before as if it was a joke.

Everyone was stunned upon hearing the story.

The next second, all of them burst out laughing.

“A worthless man trying to profess his love to Lina? He’s lusting after someone he can’t have.”

“That’s too funny. She’s out of his league.”

“This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in the last few months!”

Everyone was roaring with laughter, and they all had tears in their eyes.

Even my buddy, Chris, was anxious with embarrassment for me. He lowered his head, not saying a word.

I was the only one who maintained a relaxed expression as I sat in my seat. I played with my phone calmly and remained unaffected by them.

Everyone laughed for a really long time before Howard gave a wave of his hand. “Stop laughing, everyone. What if this fellow runs off in anger? He’s the one buying us dinner today.”

“What? He’s buying dinner?!” Lacey was stunned.

“He won’t just buy each of us a packet of ramen, will he?”

“Who knows? Anyway, he’s the one buying tonight, and if he can’t pay up, he’s promised to perform a striptease for everyone’s entertainment.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s just get him to perform right away! I’ve never seen a man perform a striptease before,” Lacey laughed.

I ignored Lacey’s jeering and gestured for the waiter next to me to come over.

“How can I help you, sir?” The waiter bowed and asked.

“I’d like to order,” I said loudly.

Everyone turned quiet when they heard I was about to order. They held their breath as they looked at me.

“What are your cheapest dishes?” I asked.

“The cheapest dishes are…”

The waiter listed five dishes.

Everyone was not happy at this point. “Freddie, if you can’t afford to buy us dinner, there’s no need for you to do so. There are so many of us here. Do you plan to make us share so few dishes?”

“That’s right. You might as well just get us each a packet of ramen.”

Everyone did not stop being sarcastic to me.

I was not affected by them and instead continued, “Have you written down those dishes?”

“Yes, I have. Are these the only dishes you want?” The waiter asked.

“Nope. I’d like to order everything besides those dishes!”


The waiter was stunned. He thought he had heard me wrong. He had never seen anyone order this way in all the years he had worked at this restaurant.

“Sir, our restaurant has hundreds of dishes,” the waiter kindly reminded.

“You heard me right. Everything. I want to order everything!”

“Understood. Please wait a moment while I inform the kitchen.” The waiter left hurriedly with the order in hand.

As for the people who had been humiliating me, they went quiet.

It took quite a while before Howard said with a frown, “Freddie, do you have enough money to pay the bill for so many orders?”

“It’s my problem to figure out how to pay the bill. You, on the other hand… Do you have enough money for everyone’s cash gift? If you don’t, why not perform your striptease now to entertain everyone?”

“Stop being so damn condescending!” Howard’s face turned red.

He stepped outside with his phone after saying this. I guessed he was trying to borrow money.

Even though he was rich, there was still a difference between him and people like Young Master Logan and Young Master Zane.

Sicily proved itself as a renowned high-end restaurant. Even though there was some trouble with coordinating all the orders, they were overall still quite efficient.

All sorts of dishes came after one another to our private suite after a little more than twenty minutes.

Cheese-baked lobster, French pan-fried foie gras, Russian black caviar, Wellington beef, and many other salads and specialty soups I had no idea the name of…

Most of the well-known dishes appearing in front of my eyes were dishes I had only seen on television before. I was feeling great, but at the same time, a question began to form in my mind.

Some of these dishes were not on my order list.

Howard seemed to notice this as well. He pointed to a bowl of beef bourguignon on the table and gave the waiter a puzzled look. “Did you guys serve us the wrong dish? I haven’t seen this dish on the menu before.”

The waiter checked our orders when he heard this and replied respectfully, “It’s correct. These dishes are our chef’s reserved dishes served only to our VIPs. That’s why it’s not found on the menu.”

“Served only to VIPs?” Howard questioned.

“Are you sure you didn’t serve the wrong table?”

“May I ask which one of your surnames begins with an ‘L’?”

“Mine does,” Howard nodded.

“That seems right. Our owner had especially prepared this for you. Our owner mentioned she would stop by personally to toast you.”

“Toast me?”

“That’s right. Our owner said that it’s the restaurant’s greatest honor for you to be willing to have your meal here, and we must therefore provide you our best service.”

“Got it,” Howard replied.

“If you have anything you need, sir, please feel free to let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.”

With that, the waiter bowed respectfully and left.

The private suite broke out in commotion once the waiter left.

Everyone looked at Howard in great surprise. “Howard, it’s pretty impressive that you know the owner of this restaurant.”

“He doesn’t just know the owner. Did you hear what the waiter said? The owner will come around later to toast him. She must really respect Howard.”

“Howard, I didn’t realize there was so much more to you,” Lacey said coquettishly.

However, Howard replied honestly, “Actually, I don’t know the owner here at all.”

“You should stop joking around, Howard,” Lacey did not believe him at all.

“There are only two people in this room with an ‘L’ surname. If it’s not you, do you think it’s Freddie?”

Everyone in the private suite turned to look at me the moment Lacey said this.

The next second, everyone burst out laughing.

“Stop joking around. It can’t be Freddie.”

“That’s right. Just look at how terrible he looks. He’s not even worthy of holding someone’s shoe!”

“Howard, I think the owner must have recognized you even though you’ve forgotten who she is. After all, rich people like you are always busy.”

I almost laughed out loud at their analysis.

However, Howard took them seriously as he laughed happily and took all the praise in. “Actually, I was really just kidding with you guys. My father has always taught me to keep a low profile. I wasn’t hiding it from you guys on purpose.”

“Howard, you’re so naughty,” Lacey sounded coquettish as she kept trying to flirt with Howard.

I was quite entertained watching their lousy performance.

Even though I had no idea when I had been discovered, I knew very well that the person with the ‘L’ surname the waiter was looking for was not Howard Lincoln, but me, Freddie Lang.

After all, if Howard was really that great, why would he be tagging along with Young Master Logan and Young Master Zane every day and acting meekly with them, just like a lackey?

However, I wondered when I had revealed my identity.

Could it have something to do with Lindy Lowry?

I had been reminded of her presence upon entering the restaurant. I figured I had found the source of the problem.

I ignored everyone busy praising Howard in the private suite and found an excuse to leave. I wanted to confirm my guess. I finally found the answer to my question from a waiter.

This definitely had something to do with Lindy, but it was quite different from what I had thought.

That woman, Lindy Lowry, was actually the owner of this high-end restaurant?!

This was quite outrageous!

This woman owned a high-end restaurant, yet she was still working as a minor employee at the Stamen Bank. Was there something wrong with her?

I was reminded of this morning at the bank when she had tried flirting with me and begging me for mercy. I took another look at the high-end restaurant in front of me and could not help but sigh at the thought of all the crazy people in this crazy world.

Was this how rich people now liked to have fun?

However, it would not be long before I understood her reasoning!