Chapter 5 - I Inherited Billions

What Lindy Lowry wanted might not have been the salary of a bank employee, but rather, an opportunity…

An opportunity to build a connection with wealthy people.

A luxurious restaurant might have looked like a thriving business, but compared to a truly wealthy and influential family, it was nothing.

The people she serviced at Stamen Bank were people who were truly wealthy and influential.

All she would have to do was successfully snare one, and Lindy and her family would be able to enjoy a high social status immediately.

That was why she had been dressed so sluttily at work.

After wrapping my head around this, I returned to the private suite and lowered my head to eat while preparing to enjoy the soon-to-come entertainment.

Chris, who was at my side, was quite worried, and he did not have much of an appetite for the food.

It was more than an hour later when everyone was finishing up with their food. Chris found an excuse and pulled me out.

“Freddie, this meal must have cost a lot, am I right?” He said, looking at me.

“It is a lot.”

“Sigh. You shouldn’t have forced my hand,” Chris sighed and placed a wad of cash in my hands.

“Take this.”

I lowered my head to look. The cash he had given me was made up of many different notes. There were big notes and small notes. This had to be his entire savings.

“Chris, what are you doing?” I looked at him, puzzled.

“I’m just helping in any little way I can. It’s better than not being able to pay a single cent when the bill comes. Freddie, listen to me. If you can’t pay the bill later, just give in to Howard. We’re poor anyway. We’re not afraid of a little embarrassment.”

“Chris, thank you for your help, but there’s no need to give me any money. I really do have enough. Also, I promise to help you become a billionaire in the future,” I said sincerely.

“A billionaire?” Chris shook his head and laughed bitterly.

“You must really have gone crazy over the Lina incident. Forget about this. Let’s just go back and have our meal. We’ll just eat whatever we can to make this worth it.”

With that, he walked back into the suite with me.

However, we had just arrived at the door when I noticed a beautiful figure stepping into the private suite before I could.

That person was Lindy Lowry.

“Chris, let’s not go in first. We’ll watch the show from outside,” I pulled Chris back as I said this.

Even though Chris had no idea what was happening, he listened to me and stood outside.

We looked inside from outside the room.

Lindy looked around the suite and could not locate me. She said in a grim voice, “Where’s the host? Why isn’t he here?”

When the waiter heard this, he immediately introduced Lindy. “Miss Lowry, this is the host.”

Howard stood up at the same time and smiled as he said, “Hello, Miss Lowry. I’m the host. Thank you for having us. We truly enjoyed the meal here.”

“You’re the host? You were the one who ate the food?”

Lindy looked at the mess on the table and turned back to look at Howard grimly.

“That’s right, I’m the host.” Howard puffed his chest out with confidence.

Lindy’s expression went dark when she heard his words. She immediately went up to Howard and gave him a slap.

“Who the hell do you think you are to dare impersonate the host?!!”

It was a hard slap. The sound of it shocked everyone in the room.

Howard was puzzled. “Why did you hit me? I’m the one with the surname that begins with ‘L’. I'm not impersonating anyone!”

“How dare you continue saying that?” Lindy lifted her hand once more and was about to slap him again.

Right at that moment, she suddenly spotted me at the door.

Her rage turned to delight.

She ran toward me happily and was about to call out to me.

I jumped a little at her actions and quickly gave her a look, which stopped her.

“Follow me outside,” I said in a low voice.

“Alright, here I come,” Lindy said sweetly. There was no trace of her previous rage.

Everyone was stunned to see such a big change in her attitude.

They could not understand at all why she had treated Howard with such anger yet was so gentle when it came to me.

Besides being gentle, there was also a sense of her trying to get into my good graces.

Lindy led me to the restaurant’s reception room after we left the private suite. She said respectfully to me, “Mr. Chairman, were the dishes to your liking today?”

“They weren’t bad.” I nodded.

“But don’t ever call me Mr. Chairman outside the company. Understand?”

“Understood.” Lindy nodded obediently.

“By the way, it’s such a rare opportunity for you to drop by, Mr. Chairman. Why not spend the night here? The guest room upstairs has excellent soundproofing. You’re welcome to have me any way you desire," Lindy bit her lips and said with a seductive glint in her eye.

"Stop f*cking trying to make a move on me.” I slapped her perky butt.

“Due to your good performance today, I won’t give you any trouble, but try seducing me again in the future, and I’ll make sure you resume cleaning the toilets.”

“Do you mean I won’t need to clean the toilets now?” Lindy looked pleasantly surprised.

“That’s right. I’ll give Uncle Quinn a call about this tomorrow and let you return to your original post.”

“Thank you Mr. Chairman, thank you Mr. Chairman!" Lindy kept thanking me, looking as happy as a kid.

“I’ll be returning now.”

With that, I turned to walk back to the private suite.

However, I suddenly thought of something and stopped walking. “By the way, remember to send someone to give me the bill for the private suite. Make sure not to discount it in any way.”

“The bill? Discount?”

Lindy looked puzzled. “Mr. Chairman, you should stop kidding around. It’s already a great honor that you’re eating at our restaurant. How could we make you pay for the meal?”

“Stop talking and just do as I say.”

I ignored Lindy’s further attempts at trying to hang on to me. I waved her off and strode away from the room.

When I returned to the private suite, everyone was done eating. They were chatting to each other while holding onto their swollen tummies. They seemed to be talking about me.

“Freddie, are you really the one with the surname that begins with ‘L’?” Chris asked curiously the moment I entered.

“Yup, it was me.” I did not deny it.

“How do you know that pretty owner?”

“It’s really nothing. I helped her out before.”

“I see.” Howard realized.

“I was wondering how a person of your standing would be able to know her. So, it’s because you helped her out before. I guess at the end of the day, you’re still a poor b*stard.”

“Do you really need to paint him in such a terrible light?” Chris was angered by this and wanted to stand up for me.

However, the door to the private suite opened at that moment.

The waiter walked in with the bill.

“Hello, sir. The fee for this private suite was totaled up to be one hundred fifty-two thousand and eight hundred. After rounding, that's one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. May I know who to give the bill to?”

One hundred and fifty thousand?

Everyone in the suite was shocked by this number. All of them turned to look at me.

“Freddie, you should be paying the bill now!”

One hundred and fifty thousand?

'That doesn't seem like much,' I thought silently to myself!

I brought out my backpack, which was filled with cash, and in front of everyone's searing gaze, threw it in front of the waiter. “The money’s in there. Take it yourself.”

“Take it myself?”

This was the first time the waiter had been met with such a situation, and he was a little slow to react. After some hesitation, he unzipped the backpack.

The next second, there were multiple exclamations coming from all over the suite.

“Damn, that’s huge! It’s filled with money.”

“Am I seeing things? How could a poor sap like Freddie have that much money? Could they be counterfeits?!”

“I’m shocked.”

The classmates who had been jeering at me now looked at me one by one, all so shocked that their jaws were on the floor. It would barely be an exaggeration to say that their open jaws could fit an entire egg.

Chris was even more shocked.

“Freddie, did you rob a bank?”

“I didn’t rob any bank. It’s just that my house back home has been demolished, and I managed to get some money from it,” I gave them a random excuse.

“You’re so lucky,” Chris said enviously.

Howard refused to back down even after seeing me manage to produce so much money. He said jealously, “Do you really think you’re considered rich with just this amount of money? This is just a poor man conning the rich at most. Only a family like mine with some substance can be considered wealthy.”

“Isn’t that right?” Lacey chimed in.

“I can never stand such actions from the nouveau riche.”

They spoke one after the other, sounding extremely sarcastic, but their jealousy was apparent from their words.

I smiled as I watched their performance. Once they were about done, I said, “Howard, I’m pretty sure I’m not as rich as you are. Isn’t it time for you to give out your cash gifts to everyone?”

“Cash… Cash gifts?”

Howard looked upset upon being reminded of this. “I’ll definitely give out cash gifts to everyone after I return. And I’ll make sure the amount is bigger than yours!"

“Return? Is that necessary? After all, it’s just a small sum. Could it be that you can’t even give out such a small amount, Howard? Could that be? It can’t be, can it?”