Chapter 4 - My Husband Is a Gary Stu


Genevieve screamed.She immediately ran out of the ward to get the doctor.

As the doctor wheeled Winifred into the emergency room, Genevieve couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down her face.

Utterly flustered, she paced around the corridor.I won’t forgive myself if something happens to Grandma! Soon, Winifred was wheeled out.

She was wearing an oxygen mask.

The doctor told Genevieve, "The patient’s heartbeat has returned to normal, but she has to undergo treatment and take her medication.The medicine she takes is a rare one, so you have to pay for it before we can prescribe it to her."

"All right.Thank you!"

After learning that Winifred was in a stable condition, Genevieve heaved a sigh of relief.She rushed downstairs to pay the medical fee.

When she tried to pay with her credit cards, she realized none of them were working.

Genevieve gave Erica a call anxiously.

"Errie, can you please ask Cooper why are my cards all frozen? I need to pay the medical bill for my grandma so she can take the medicine and—"

"Have you forgotten, Genevieve?"

Erica cut her off rudely.

"You left the marriage with nothing."

Without waiting for a reply, she hung up.Genevieve’s words were stuck in her throat.

Winifred’s condition was urgent, so she immediately ran out to take a taxi to Specter Corporation.

She wanted to know why Cooper took Specter Corporation away from her and treated her cruelly.

It didn’t seem fitting that he insisted on getting a divorce without leaving her anything under her name just because of what she did.When the taxi rolled to a stop before Specter Corporation, it was pouring outside.

Genevieve ran through the rain and hurried toward the building.

Before she could head in, the security guard at the entrance gave her a forceful push, and she fell to the ground.

"Please let me in.I need to see Cooper."

She crawled to her feet and begged the security guard.Her face was as white as a sheet after she got drenched in the rain.

"I need money to buy medicine for my grandma.She’ll die without it."

The security guard gave her another shove and showed her a sign.

"Ms.Rachford, please take a good look at this sign!"

Wiping the rainwater away from her face, Genevieve looked at the sign.No entry for Genevieve Rachford and dogs!

"Cooper, did I wrong you in any way?" Her face was wet with a mixture of tears and rain.

When she was three years old, her father had come home with a little boy.

"Vivi, his parents died in an accident, so he will stay with us from now on.Treat him as your brother," her father had told her.

Back then, Cooper was only six years old.

"Hello, my princess.I’ll protect you from today onward!"

He had given her a smart salute while flashing a handsome grin.Cooper had held his word by protecting her and her family until now.Deep down, she had always thought of him as family.He was her Prince Charming.He had spoiled her so much that she didn’t even need to learn anything.

She had spent all her free time buying clothes and bags.Never once did she disobey his words.Why is he so heartless? He took everything from me, rendering me destitute.He even left a mocking message, saying that I am worse than a dog.

Is he doing this because I lost my virginity to another man? The employees entering the building spotted Genevieve’s figure on the ground.

They recognized her and started pointing fingers at her.

"Ms.Rachford lacks decency.She’s married, but she slept with another man at the hotel."

"I heard that Mr.Sutton had divorced her.Good job!"

"Without Mr.Sutton, Specter Corporation would’ve gone bankrupt.She’s too senseless to run the company."

In the CEO’s office, Cooper sat in his chair and watched the real-time surveillance footage of the entrance of Specter Corporation.

Mixed feelings flashed across his gaze when he saw the woman on the ground, drenched in rain.

Soon, he schooled his expression into an aloof one.

Picking up the photo of a young man and young woman smiling brightly on his desk, he threw it into the dustbin without hesitation.

"Genevieve, your family owed me big time!"

Genevieve begged the security guard so hard, and she even tried to ask the managers working in Specter Corporation to help her out, but no one bothered to offer her help.

The security guard found her presence annoying and forced her to the roadside with his anti-riot fork.

Genevieve’s leg hit the railing, and the wire grazed across her leg, forming a long wound.

Gasping in pain, she dropped to the ground and couldn’t find the energy to get up anymore.She felt such a visceral pang of dismay, tears came to her eyes.

In just one day, she had lost everything.

After some time, the sky turned dark.It was still pouring.

A Maybach rolled to a stop beside Genevieve, and the driver came down from the passenger seat.

He held an umbrella and walked over to Genevieve.