Chapter 5 - My Mysterious Husband

After Xinyi Fang said that, Yiyao Mu was depressed, a mouthful of blood stuck in her throat when she heard this today, that’s Kerry Ye, the richest and handsome eligible bachelor in the Sky City, why couldn’t they give her this opportunity!

"Venus Mu, don't you be ungrateful, if you don't want to get married then get out of here, don't get in the way of others who want to marry him!" Yiyao Mu despised her, she really didn’t know why the bride would be Venus Mu.

Venus was already irritated, and when she heard what Yiyao Mu said, she got even angrier, "Even if I don't want to marry, I won't give the chance to you, it's reasonable that he doesn’t choose you, you are not a better person as you only specializes in poaching other people's home!"

"You!" Yiyao Mu was so angry that she even vomited blood and was about to get angry, but Changrui Mu stopped her, he said, "Venus, I'll tell you the truth, recently the company is not doing well, we have no other option, if you can marry young Master Ye, our company will be saved, you also don't want the Mu’s Group that had been maintained by your parents so hard to be destroyed like this!"

"I ..." Venus choked up, her parents had died and her brother disappeared, she couldn't manage the company, so Mu's Group’s business was now operated by her uncle, although she did not understand the business, she knew that Mu's current situation was indeed serious after she had seen the accounts and stocks, Mu’s Group was deteriorating every day.

Seeing that Venus hesitated, Changrui Mu sighed immediately, he looked helpless and aggrieved, "Under the global financial crisis, Mu's Group might be hard to maintain, your brother is nowhere to be found. I've allocated millions of dollars to our America’s contacts to find your brother. I've just heard that someone has seen him and he was injured, I'm afraid your brother wouldn't be able to come back if the group go bankrupt now!"

"... " Venus bit her lips and rooted to the floor not knowing what to say, her brother's whereabouts used to be erratic, it would be even harder to find him when he’s missing.

If Mu’s Group went bankrupt, not only her parents’ hard work would be ruined, but she also wouldn't have enough money to support her to find her brother, especially the time would be even more urgent if her brother was really injured.

Thinking of this, Venus made a decision in her heart and asked, "Can he really help Mu’s Group?"

"Who?" Changrui Mu didn’t realize who was she talking about, then it suddenly occurred to him it must be Kerry, he nodded hastily, "Of course, that’s young Master Ye, ten bankrupted Mu's Groups can get started again with his help."

"Good! Uncle, I promise you! But my brother must be found!" Venus said.

Changrui was delighted immediately, nodding his head in a row, "Okay, okay, then I'll go and make the arrangements, Venus you can go back to school, I will take care of the rest!"

"Alright!" Venus nodded and left the villa of Mu family. She simply had no other choice, she had Zihang Lu before, but now no one could help her.

After Venus left, the three families continued to eat, Yiyao thought of something and asked, "Dad, you really going to help her to find Tianye Mu?"

"Of course, how can I not help her!" Changrui was furious when he thought of Tianye Mu, "That little brat, when the old man divided up family property, we should account for the majority. He's very young,

yet he's clever, he set me up, and he got our land expropriated by the government, so we have nothing. What’s good was his parents died young in a car accident, and he's nowhere to be found, Mu’s Group now back in my hands!"

"Then why should you still help Venus to find him, should we return the company back to him when he’s back?" Yiyao was puzzled.

Xinyi Fang reached out and pushed Yiyao's head, "How did I give birth to such a stupid daughter like you, Tianye Mu is missing, only the heaven knows whether he is dead or not, yet it's even better if he's dead. If he's not, we have to find him first and kill him, or we could only wait for him to come back!"

"Exactly!" Changrui nodded and put a piece of bamboo shoots in his mouth, "If Tianye died, we have nothing to fear as Venus is just a girl, isn't everything in the Mu family ours as usual?"

"Oh, I see!" Yiyao finally realized and smiled flirtatiously, she wanted to take everything away from Venus, but then she thought about the fact that Venus was going to marry Kerry, "Will it affect us if she married Kerry, what if Kerry helps her?"

Xinyi looked at her daughter, her eyes bursting with lust, "Ye family suddenly approached us for a marriage, we wanted to get you married, but they insisted on Venus. It doesn't matter, you get on good terms with her when Venus is married and go to the Ye family constantly, behave well in front of young Master Ye, well... you know, men are the same, isn't Zihang Lu falling in love with you now?"

"Right ... "Yiyao suddenly understood and nodded her head, she smiled wryly, "Mom, I know what to do, anyway, I'm going to take everything from Venus!"