Chapter 6 - My Mysterious Husband

Half a month later, the wedding ceremony between the Mu family and the Ye family which had earned much attention from the media before was finally going to be held.

Since the day Venus Mu agreed to marry into the Ye family, there were all kinds of news about their wedding on the Internet, newspapers, and television, hitting the headlines. Kerry Ye’s fame did have a strong impact on Venus’s life, it was unbelievable that a reporter even climbed up to the window of her classroom which was on the third floor, trying to burst in for an interview while she was having a class.

She had no choice but to go home on leave so that other students wouldn’t be influenced. She had been staying at home until today, the day of the wedding.

The wedding was held in the only castle in Sky City. The church was majestic, elegant and luxurious. But Venus had no idea of the details of her wedding, all the information she acquired was from the newspapers, including what her future husband looked like.

How ironic! She was getting married but had never even seen the bridegroom.

Venus was sitting in the lounge, looked magnificent in her wedding dress, next to her best friend Xinyou Qiao.

"Venus, I can’t believe this! You’re getting married! Are you nervous?" Xinyou said. Looking in the mirror, Xinyou got jealous as Venus, who was wearing exquisite makeup, looked like a fairy from the heaven.

Xinyou and Venus were classmates in School of Design. Xinyou chose Venus to be her friend only because she thought Venus was just ordinary-looking and could make her look better. However, now she felt that she was inferior to Venus.

"Hoo..."Venus sighed and said, "Xinyou, it’s just you and me here, so stop making fun of me. You know very well that I don't want to get married this early. If it wasn't for my family, for my brother, I wouldn't marry a strange man!"

"Heh.." Xinyou twitched her mouth, feeling very jealous, but pretended to be calm and said, "Come on! The person you're going to marry is Kerry Ye, you will be a rich lady and enjoy your new luxurious life."

"So what? I don’t care about Kerry Ye and luxurious life. I just want to find my brother as soon as possible. If you like Kerry, go marry him yourself! Ha ha ha, I’ve seen his photo in the newspaper, he is pretty handsome!" Venus smiled.

"I’d like to marry him, but I am not as lucky as you are." Xinyou snorted, concealing the jealousy in her heart, "You should just be a beautiful and perfect bride today!"

Kerry Ye is the most powerful man in Sky City, and the most eligible bachelor in this city who is handsome and rich. Countless girls admire him and want to marry him. Venus must have got stroke of luck to be able to marry Kerry!

"What's so great about Kerry Ye!" Venus, however, thought differently from the others and twitched her lips, "Have you ever seen a couple who are about to have the wedding but have never seen each other?..."

Venus hadn’t finished talking, the door was opened from the outside and a cold and deep voice came through, "Wow! You’re so eager to see me!"

Venus was shocked and immediately looked over, then she was completely dumbfounded. Though she

had seen Kerry’s photo in the newspaper before, there was a difference between the photo and the real person definitely. Right now, seeing Kerry with her own eyes in reality, she could hardly breathe.

This man in front of her, wearing a white suit, was very eye-catching. Venus couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

His eyes were dark and deep, like the blue gems in the ocean.

"You are... "Venus took in a large gulp of air subconsciously.

"I am Kerry Ye!" The man chuckled and said scornfully, "What’s up? My future wife!"