Chapter 4 - My Mysterious Husband

After dragging herself in a grotesque way, she locked the door and she couldn’t support herself anymore. She squatted down on the floor and cried out, not expecting her boyfriend to sell her virginity to a strange man...Ha, ha, how ridiculous!

Crying, she thought of her parents and her brother, Tianye Mu.

Her brother was called a genius young man, a top student in MIT. He had always been a mythical existence, who was her idol, the person she most admired.

After graduation, he helped his parents bring Mu’s Group to another higher lever. However, it didn’t last long and his parents died in a car accident. Before setting down their funeral, Tianye said there were urgent business in the United States, so he must leave.

At first, he would still call Venus several times a week, but then he could no longer be reached…


Venus was crying harder, for she didn’t believe that her brother would die like this. Something must have happened so that he couldn’t contact her...

One day her brother would be back.

Losing Zihang Lu, or her virginity was not a big deal…as long as Tianye could come back safe and sound. All she wanted was Tianye.

Thinking of this, Venus no longer cried. She was really tired, so as long as she got into bed, she fell asleep straight away, until the next day’s noon.

When she woke up, she was still a little dizzy. When she opened the curtains, it was a sunny day.

When she went to the bathroom to wash up, she was sacred when she saw herself in the mirror. Her eyes were swollen and there were hickeys on her neck. The clothes were messy, telling the embarrassment she had last night.

She was still a little sad, after all, it was her virginity. Venus ran a bath and showered herself, rubbing the place where the man had kissed, trying to wash away the traces he had left.

After this, she went downstairs. At this point, her uncle’s family should not be there.

When she passed by Yiyao Mu’ s room, she thought of her and Zihang again, a little gloomy.

As a result, when she went downstairs and just reached the living room, she saw Yiyao, as well as her father, Changrui Mu and her mother, Xinyi Fang.

Venus greeted them and whispered, “Good morning!”

“Oh, you’re home. Come and eat!” Changrui greeted told her to come over.

“No, thank you. I’m not hungry.” Venus shook her head, even though Zihang had left, seeing Yiyao and thinking about the two of them last night... she was nauseous and she couldn’t eat anything.

“Well, come here. I have something good news to tell you!” Changrui continued, squinting.

As soon as she heard this, she immediately stepped forward and asked excitedly, “Is there any news

about my brother?”

“Well... your brother...” thinking of Tianye, Changrui choked and he waved his hand, “No, I have no news about him. It’s something else. We’ve arranged a marriage for you!”

“A marriage?” Venus was surprised and froze for a moment, “Why are you arranging a marriage for me? I’m still in school and I don’t need to get married that early. No!”

“This... “Changrui narrowed his eyes and was thinking how to go on, when Xinyi, who was next to him, added, “You don’t want it? He is the CEO of Yehuang International Group, Kerry Ye. This is such a good family and if you marry to him, you can be the young lady. If they didn’t insist on wanting you, we wouldn’t allow you marry to him. Be contend with it!”