Chapter 3 - My Mysterious Husband

Venus Mu fled CK International Hotel through the stairs and she immediately took a cab, regardless of how messed up she was at the moment. On the way home, something occurred to her...


She was supposed to draw designs in the café today, but she received a text message from Zihang Lu. Then she went to Room 1026, with her drawing tools and designs and she only took her bag when she left. The design drawings were still left in the room.

Venus was frustrated when she thought about this, for it had taken her a week of hard work...however, in this case, she couldn’t get back to get it. Never mind, she would do it again later.

She was thinking about what had happened just now. It was obviously Zihang who had arranged the room, so who was that strange man? And she had lost her virginity somehow!

Frustrated, she took out her phone to call Zihang, but he had turned it off!

Damn it! Tossing the phone to the side, Venus closed her eyes, trying to sleep and she didn’t think too much about it. It was now 11 o’clock and at the moment, she was a mess and tired. She decided to ask Zihang tomorrow.

Soon, the car entered the villa of Mu family. After getting out of the car, Venus looked up at the house, thinking a lot. Ten months ago, her parents died in a car accident and her brother Tianyu Mu then went to the United States, who could never be contacted. And now she was the only one left…

Sighing, she entered the house and went upstairs, but as soon as she reached the second floor, she heard some weird noise…

“Umm... do you like it?”

“Oh, cool... Zihang, you’re so good...”

Venus was dumbfounded. The two voices were....

She wanted to confirm her guess, so she subconsciously walked towards the source of the sound—the first room on the left on the second floor, which was her Cousin Yiyao Mu’ s room.

At this moment, the door wasn’t closed. On the big bed, there were two naked bodies and that was— Zihang!!!!

Mu Weiwei took a deep breath and stared at them incredulously. She hoped she was mistaken, but the boyfriend she had been dating for a year and a half, right now was with…

Tears fell silently and this kind of pain was even worse than being raped by a stranger.

The two of them didn’t notice her. before Venus was about to speak, Yiyao began to speak.

“Well, Zihang, do you think she’ll find out that we sold her to Young Master of Nangong? What if she takes revenge on us?”

The two men was talking while having sex.

“What? Do you think she’s the same person as she was six months ago? Her parents are dead. Though her brother can’t be contacted, I think he’s dead too. Who’s going to help her now? What if I

sell her? I can get some money and that’s good. What’s more, though we have been together for a year and a half, I never touch her hand or anything. She has always been shy and I don’t know why this bitch can pretend for so long. It’s her luck that the young master of Nangong can have sex with her!”

Venus was nearly paralyzed and she couldn’t stand on her feet. She held on to the wall to support herself.

She never thought that the man she loved would think of her this way. She had always felt that they weren’t close enough, so today when Zihang texted her, she decided to go.

However, it’s a total trap.

He actually sold her to a man named Nangong!

She could no longer control her tears from running down. She bit her lips and growled out, “Zihang, you bastard, I tell you!My brother is not dead, he will be back!!!”

Saying so, she pinched her nails into the flesh to support herself to hold on.

Hearing the voice, the two immediately looked over.

Seeing it was Venus, Yiyao didn’t feel embarrassed, but instead set her long legs to hook Zihang. She flirtatiously smiled, “Cousin...”

“Venus, why are you here? You’re not in... “Zihang was still a little shocked and startled.

“Yeah, I should be in that young master Nangong’ s bed now, right? “Venus sneered, tears raining down, “Zihang I’m telling you. We break up. You’re dumped!”

Zihang was startled when he heard her words and actually panicked, “Venus, it’s not what you think, I...”

“What else do you want to explain? Well, I’ve heard it all!”

Venus despised him and glared at Yiyao and she didn’t want to stay any longer, so she turned around and left.

Ever since she was a little girl, Yiyao liked to grab her stuff. She used to have her brother Tianyu protecting her, so Yiyao didn’t dare to act recklessly, but now she grabbed her boyfriend!

No... this shouldn’t be called ‘grab’! she didn’t want a scum!