Chapter 3 - My Perfect Female Boss

“That’s never gonna happen.” Wendy said, her face darkened.

“Then there is nothing to talk about. I need to go back to work now.”

I smiled, turned around and was about to leave. Then I said to her: “President Bai, I just want to work hard, and you should stop trying to drive me away, because I have nothing to lose, and I have nothing to fear.”

Then I opened the door and left.

The desk of her assistant is right outside her office. Her last assistant got a promotion. She didn’t know that Wendy wants to fire me, and she was waiting for me at her desk to transfer her responsibilities to me.

I greeted her politely. She gave me some sales materials and Wendy’s schedule, and then she said goodbye to Wendy and left.

Wendy didn’t try to keep her, nor did she say anything to me.

And soon, a director in Personnel found me and asked me to resign, but I didn’t agree. She then tried to talk me into resigning but I didn’t change my mind. She looked at me with great resentment, and at last she waved her hand dismissively at me and asked me to leave. She didn’t terminate the contract. Obviously, Wendy didn’t dare to do so.

I got back to my desk. I sorted out all the materials and got familiar with all the procedures, and I also memorized Wendy’s schedule. I was determined to be a good assistant. Wendy only left her office during the lunch time, but she didn’t even spare a passing glance. She knew

I was there, but she wanted to ignore me.

The other colleges of mine were very interested in me. They couldn’t help but glancing at me when they passed my table, and I noticed they were talking about me in a low voice.

I clocked off soon after Wendy got off work that afternoon, and when I passed the parking lot, I saw Wendy drove a Jaguar car away from the parking lot. When she passed me, she looked at me blankly.

“She is such a rich woman.” I thought.

All of a sudden, I saw two men walking out of the green belt. One was fat, and the other one was skinny. I didn’t know the skinny one, but the fat one was exactly the middle aged man who tried to rape Wendy and who was beaten black and blue by me three years ago.

They looked closely after Wendy’ car as she drove away. The fat man was looking murderous, and he was muttering something.

I knew the fat man had got some evil plans, and I hid myself behind some trees in the green belt and sneaked towards the fat man. And then, I could hear their conversation clearly.

“Brother Bao, you got in prison because of that beautiful woman on the car?”

“Yes. She is Wendy, a vicious woman. I was investigated because of her and I ended up spending three years in jail. I am so gonna take revenge on her.”

“Do we just kidnap her or....”

“No. It’s too risky. I got some acid. Tomorrow, you should call her and tell her that a friend of yours introduced her to you and you want her to help you update the software in your company. And then you ask her out to talk about the business, and we can put the drug in her drinks. Then she will be ours and we can do whatever we want to her and even take some photos of her.”

They walked along the street, and I didn’t follow them because I didn’t want to be noticed. They kept talking but I couldn’t hear them anymore, and when they were far away, I got out of the green belt and sunk into deep thoughts.

That fat man was named Yunbao Lei, and I learned three years ago that he was a director in a big International Company, but he was obviously dismissed from his position because Wendy managed to put him in jail, which I learned from their conversation.

I don’t know what was he in for, but he couldn’t possibly be charged of raping.

And obviously, Wendy is not only rich, she is also very powerful.

Yunbao Lei is such a crazy man. He wanted to take revenge on her by doing something so despicable. But his plan was feasible. His partner can pretend to be a client and ask her out, and then put drugs in her drinks to make her unconscious, and they can rape her and take pictures of her naked body. When they get the pictures, they can threaten her with them, make her pay money, or even manipulate her life for a long time.

Wendy was so doomed if I didn’t hear their talk.

Wait a second. Why would I even care? Didn’t I always want her to suffer? And I also want Yunbao Lei to end up badly because if he didn’t rape Wendy, I wouldn’t be in jail.

Then I got a good idea. Wendy would be raped and I wouldn’t warn her about it, because she should have been raped three years ago. But I would report on Yunbao Lei and put him in jail. And in that way, everyone gets what they deserve.

They would take actions tomorrow. So I just need to follow Wendy closely.

The next day, I got an ID badge, and on it there is Thai language because we would go to Thailand to compete for that deal.

Wendy was still ignoring my existence.

When people wanted to meet her, I would knock her door for them and then went back to my work.

When Wendy went out for lunch, I followed her, but she got back to company after lunch, and didn’t meet anyone.

When I got off work that day, I got a taxi and followed Wendy’s car closely. She drove to a hotel, and walked into the hall of the hotel.

I followed in, and saw Wendy was talking with a man at his thirties, and then they both sat.

The man she was talking to is the skinny man with Yunbao Lei last night. He doesn’t look like a successful man at all, but he was dressed in a fancy suit.

Wendy obviously didn’t realize she was in a dangerous situation. Or maybe she thought she was safe whatever happens because there were so many people around.

I walked around and got familiar with this hotel. I also learned where does each passage led to. Then I was seated at a spot where I could see them. I covered my face with a magazine, and watched them closely.

That man ordered some alcohol, but Wendy didn’t drink alcohol nor any beverage. She only asked for a glass of water.

I then followed the waitress, and saw Yunbao Lei dropped something on the ground on purpose and told the waitress that she dropped it. When the waitress looked away, he poured some liquid into the glass.

He was very fast, and it was in a passage, so no one noticed what happened except me. I was hiding in a corner.

Then, the water was given to Wendy and Wendy drank a half of it.