Chapter 4 - My Perfect Female Boss

Soon, Wendy started rubbing her temples, she looked tired.

After a while, Wendy got up with her bag and walked towards the bathroom, probably because she wanted to wash her face to refresh herself.

As soon as Wendy left, the man immediately got up to check out, and quickly followed her to the bathroom.

I did not follow up, but took out the masks and glasses I prepared in advance, put them on, bypassed the other side of the passage and waited quietly in the corner.

I have just checked the terrain and know that the passage on the other side of the toilet led to the elevator, which can lead directly to the guest room upstairs. If it was right, Yunbao Lei and the others will take Wendy upstairs.

Sure enough, after waiting for a few minutes, the man appeared and walked towards the elevator with Wendy, who was almost unconscious.

Yunbao followed, and kept saying something like "President Bai can't drink, please send her to the guest room to rest."

As I passed by, I smelled a strong smell of wine.

Obviously, Yunbao and the others just drank Wendy with strong alcohol, and they acted like helping her all the way, making others mistakenly think that Wendy was really drunk.

After confirming that they entered the elevator, I returned to the rest area of the restaurant, took off my

glasses and mask, after waiting for two minutes, I ran to the front desk pretending to be anxious and asked the attendant:

“I received a phone call from a friend saying that she went to the guest room to rest while drunk, but I didn't know which room it was, I only knew that she was with two other male friends, please find the room number for me.”

The waiter asked a few words through the intercom and confirmed that there was a woman who was drunk and unconscious just now, and then told me she was in room 1208, it was less than a minute after she entering the room.

I took the elevator to the twelfth floor and waited in the elevator.

Planning to wait a few minutes before calling the police. During the time when the police arrived, Yunbao and his accomplice must have raped Wendy in turns.

I was a little excited about revenge. I repeatedly imagined that Wendy was lying on the bed naked, Yunbao the fat man was raping her...

Thinking about it, I suddenly became a little irritable, and some inexplicably uneasy, it became more and more intense.

Can't help taking out a cigarette, lighting it, and taking a hard sip.

"Fuck!" I suddenly couldn't help but cursed, then threw away the cigarette, rushed to the door of 1208 quickly and knocked on the door.

"Who is that?" Yunbao was panicked inside.

I deliberately said in a respectful tone, "Waitress, the lady just dropped a pair of glasses in the restaurant, and I brought it up for her."

"No, she doesn't need the glasses. Throw it in the trash bin."

"Sir, in that case I will be punished by my boss. You just need to open the door a little and I will pass the glasses in."

Yunbao didn't reply, so I took the opportunity to step back, took out my glasses and put them in front of the observation hole in the door.

After a short while, the door opened a crack.

I rushed forward and kicked the door hard.

"Bang", the door slammed into Yunbao, knocking his fat body to the ground.

I rushed in and kicked Yunbao a few times. His accomplice responded quickly and rushed towards me fiercely.

Three years of prison life made me extremely tough in close combat, and I beat these two guys down to the ground within seconds.

"Fuck, let’s go."

Yunbao and his accomplice ran away hurriedly.

I saw Wendy lying on the bed. Yunbao must had drug her, but she was not completely unconscious.

Because she can occasionally swing her arms slightly, her eyes half-opened, showing some confusion, her delicate face was extremely seductive, and her decent and elegant dress had not been messed.

Obviously, she had not been insulted yet.

But what she look like now...

I was strongly tempted by her, desire in my body had been suppressed for a long time.

This beautiful girl with a perfect body was still a cold beauty yesterday, now she was lying in front of me unconsciously.

More deadly, she gently wiggled her hands and feet from time to time, narrowing her eyes, look very sexy.

My throat became dry and my breathing gradually became rapid. The sexual desire drove me slowly to the bedside, I touched her face, but finally I suppressed that impulse.

With a bitter smile, I can’t believe that I actually saved her again. I made up my mind to let her feel the pain, but in the end I became softhearted and gave up.

I shook my head to get rid of the restlessness. I saw a bottle of mineral water on the bedside table. I opened it and took a few sips and wiped my face with rest of the water.

I even poured some on Wendy's face, so that she would wake up earlier, I was too lazy to care if the sheets were wet.

Then I sat on the edge of the bed, lit a cigarette, calmed myself down, and thought about how to deal with this matter.

Calling the police, yes, but I had to think about what I should say after the police arrive.

I must figure out how to explain why I was following Wendy, why not stop Yunbao and the others in advance, why not call the police as soon as possible.

Before finishing one cigarette, I felt a little dizzy. I thought I was drunk, so I put out the cigarette and got up to wash my face.

But as soon as I stood up, I felt a violent dizziness, and I can’t stand on my feet.

I was taken aback and hurriedly picked up the empty mineral water bottle on the ground and took a look, that mineral water I drank was not the same brand next to the TV.

Shit. The water I just drank must have been left by Yunbao, it contained drug.

It should had been prepared specially by him to prevent Wendy from getting sober, or if Wendy woke up suddenly after entering the hotel, he would give her some of this.

I didn't pay attention at all before drinking it because I was thinking about sex.

Wendy only drank half a cup and was unconscious in two or three minutes, while I drank half a bottle.

Soon I felt weak in my hands and feet, even I was awake, I had no strength.

Then I fell on the bed, leaning against Wendy, with one hand on her big boobs.

I took out my mobile phone with the other hand and slowly called 110. Suddenly, my hand lost strength and the phone fell to the ground.

I was very anxious and wanted to pick up the phone, but I didn't have the strength to turn over and sit, and I couldn't even make a sound.

I can only move my hands and feet slightly, and it's very hard.

Even the arm placed on Wendy's chest couldn't be taken off after swinging for a long time.

Soon, my heavy eyelids were covered, and I fell into a state of non-sleeping muddle.

I don't know how long it took, I suddenly felt a slap on my face, and it hurt.

I opened my eyes with difficulty, only to see a figure running out stumblingly, it seemed to be Wendy.

I wiped my eyes and suddenly remembered what happened before the coma.

I remembered that I had been sleeping next to Wendy last night, and her dress was messed up a little... She must misunderstand me again.