Chapter 5 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

“Miss Yao, this way please ." Said a man.

The man's words pulled me back to reality.

I bent down into the back seat of the car and the manager ran over, "Kiki, don't worry about your work. You won’t lose a penny."

His ingratiating words made me even more uncomfortable. That's not how he usually treats me. Perhaps in his opinion, as I approached Jacky Hua , it would be against him if he didn't please me.

The man driving the car was in his late thirties, tall and handsome, and dressed in an elaborate suit. He kept glancing at me from the car's view mirror, "My name is Xuanlong Jiang, working for Fourth Brother."

I couldn't help but ask what I had always wanted to ask in my heart, "Hello, may I ask if Fourth Brother is Mr. Hua ?"

He glanced back at me slightly, a surprised look on his face, "You didn't know?"

So what does he mean that I should have known that?

Seeing my puzzled face, he went on saying, " Mr. Hua ranks fourth in his family for he has many brothers, and people in all walks of Hai City will call him Fourth Brother respectfully. Very few people call him name directly.

I let out a soft sigh and my mind began to wander again. My child, how could he be Mr. Hua 's? I didn't even know this man before, so how could I have been pregnant with his child?

Isn't the 'fourth brother' in Grandma's mouth this 'fourth brother'?

Thinking of it this way, Hai City had a population of tens of millions, so naturally there were many people called 'Fourth Brother'.

The “fourth brother”, Hao Wu and my mother-in-law had talked about, should not be Mr. Hua.

However, there was a voice in my heart that said, if there was such a 'Fourth Brother', I wish it was Mr. Hua.

I was ashamed of myself for having such thoughts. Obviously. I and Mr. Hua belonged to different worlds, What was I expecting?

By the time I snapped out of my rambling thoughts, I had reached my destination.

A white European-style building leaning on a hill came into my view, and I had seen the building before in the photo of it online.

It resembled the government office where the President of the United States worked, so it is known as the "White House" of the Hai City. But there's no definitive clues online as to who exactly owns the building. All I know was that it was a private home building of some rich man in Hai City.

The lawn in front of“the White House”, as big as a football field, with two arches made of flowers.

Many rows of white seats neatly arranged in the center of the grounds.

The makeshift stage backdrop was a large screen that repeatedly played the newlyweds' promotional video that I had already seen many times before.

Even though I was not very smarter, I could tell this was the scene of Mr. Hua's wedding. So he would get married today.

But he got married. Why did he call me here?

Xuanlong Jiang led me seat the last row, urging me not to wander off.

After I stayed for a few minutes, I started to feel nervous, and I wanted to run away.But I hadn't seen Mr. Hua yet, and I still need him to help me find out the baby.

The guests arrived one after another, all in full attire.

I felt awkward sitting in the middle of a group of celebrities in a mall work outfit with greasy hair and dull skin.

I was getting restless.

Such a high-end and formal occasion really didn't suit me. I finally couldn't sit still, and I stood up, ready to slip away quietly.

But soon two men in suits followed, saying that the Fourth Brother had instructed me to look after me, asking me to return to my seat, and telling me not to cause trouble for them.

At this moment ,I knew , 'looking after me' meant having them spy on me and not letting me leave.

I'm even more nervous. What did Mr. Hua want?

Just as I was thinking about how to get out, applause and cheers rang out, and a bride in a white wedding dress, holding the arm of Mr. Hua , who was wearing a gown, slowly walked out.

The music started, the applause continued, and the bride, with a happy face, waved frequently to the guests and walked slowly towards that stage.

The emcee of the wedding was the most popular host on Hai City TV.

The chief witness was also a well-known person, who is the deputy mayor in charge of commerce and industry in the city of Hai.

The wedding went on as planned, and after the speeches by all parties, it was time for the most important part.

The chief witness asked the bride, "Miss. Ruoxin Chen, do you want to marry Jacky Hua to become his legal wife, whether poor or rich, in good times or bad, in sickness or in good health, you will always be with him in weal and woe?”

An envious smile crossed the bride's face, "Yes, I do."

The witness turned to the groom and asked him the same question, and just when everyone thought he would answer 'Yes,I do', the groom was unexpectedly silent.

The room was silent, all eyes on the groom.

The bridegroom, however, still remained silent. And he had originally looked into the eyes of his bride and slowly adjusted his direction toward the guest's table.

My heart began to beat wildly again, for it was in my direction that his eyes came. At the same time, he said slowly, "No,I won't."

Then there was an uproar.