Chapter 4 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

Hao Wu tugged my hair and approached the computer screen, "See clearly? There's nothing more you can deny now. You bitch, looking for a man behind my back and pretending to be innocent in front of me, why don't you go to die?"

My scalp hurt badly. I felt a whole bunch of hair was going to be pulled down by Wu Hao. I exerted myself and stepped on Hao Wu's foot. When he flinched back in pain, I got a chance to get out of him.

"Why do you blame me without guilt? You don't care if the child lives or dies.You won't let me mortgage my house for money. I'll have to figure it out myself. I can't watch my child die and do nothing!" I said angrily.

Hao Wu pointed at me, "You are cheating on me!,You shameless bitch, I'll beat you to death today."

Seeing that he was about to come over and hit me again, I casually picked up a fruit knife on the table, "Stay away from me or I'll kill you today!"

I really wasn't scaring him, I was completely desperate.If he ever comes near me again, I'm sure I'll fight him to death.

Hao Wu didn't come over either, but my mother-in-law came towards me, and then they together kicked me out of the house.They won't open the door no matter how many time I knocked on it.

I'm walking on the street. I have a home but I can't go back. The child was also hidden by my husband , and I was at a loss as to where to go even for a moment.

On the big screen, scrolling through, was a wedding advertisement. The handsome groom on the screen was the man of the hotel, Jacky Hua .

I stared at the big screen out of mu mind, thinking that if he would help me, maybe I can get my baby back from Hao Wu .

Hao Wu knew that I was so poor but asked me for a million dollars. He must have recognized the man on the video as Jacky Hua and knew that he was a rich man.

I was dreaming when the phone rang. It was the manager.

The manager spoke unusually politely to me and made me feel very uncomfortable. He said on the phone that Mr. Hua wanted to see me and gave me a number to call.

It's too coincidental, I was thinking of asking for help from Jacky Hua, and he took the initiative to ask me? It's hard to believe.

I dialed the number apprehensively and waited for a while, and inside came a sexy voice, "This is Jacky Hua ."

My heart was beating fast and somewhat stammered :“This is Kiki Yao.”

I was worried that he didn't know who Kiki Yao was and explained that I was the one who he drove to Huadong Hospital.

The he let out a soft "Oh",with a teasing tone, "You should say that you are the one who had slept with me at the hotel, but didn't make sound, maybe I was more impressed."

Despite being separated from the phone, my face was burning with shame.

"Are you...looking for me for something?" I asked doubtfully.

"Nothing, I was just wondering if you were trying to sell yourself again but couldn't find a buyer ." He continued to tease.

The man's words hurt me again that the anger in my heart started to rise ,but I tried to force it down.

“I want to ask you for help about..."

"OK." Before I finished, he interrupted.

I froze again, and he didn't even know my request, just agreed?

"My child was picked up from the hospital by my husband and my husband asked me for a million...."

I was interrupted by him once again, "Whatever problem you have, I can fix it for you. Someone will pick you up tomorrow at noon."

When I was about to ask him where he would take me and what he would do, he hung the phone up .

I was confused and at a loss. He didn't tell me anything about where he would have someone pick me up or what to do.

He said whatever problems I had, he would fix them for me, which seemed some empty words but that made me believe him somewhat.

When the bus came, I got on it. All along the way, I saw advertisements for his magnificent wedding, and this was really enviable. I couldn't help but think of my own failed marriage and let out a sigh in my heart.

I went back to the staff dormitory in the mall, asked my colleague to borrow a blanket. I slept on it with half-asleep and half-awake for a night, and went back to work the next day.

In the morning, I had ants in my pants when I worked. I had been wondering about where Mr. Hua would take me and what he wanted me to do. Would he help me get my baby back?

I finally waited until 2:00 p.m. when the manager came up to the counter and told me that there was someone outside waiting for me.

At the entrance of the mall, a man in a suit nodded and smiled at me, bent down and opened the car door for me, saying that Fourth Brother had asked him to get me.

As soon as I heard the name 'Fourth Brother', my body was frozen and my nerves were intense again.

When my mother-in-law said that the biological father of the child was a man named 'Fourth Brother'. I asked Hao Wu who this fourth brother was, but he wouldn't say it.

Could it be that the 'Fourth Brother' was Jacky Hua? How could it be?