Chapter 3 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

The manager took me to the office, and he stood besides Mr. Hua respectfully.

Mr. Hua was sitting on a chair, reading documents. He did not raise his head, but waved his hand to signal the manager to go out.

Then the manager headed out the door. As soon as I saw the manager leaving, I also wanted to go, but the manager gestured for me to stay.

When that manager got out, he closed the door by the way, leaving only Mr Hua and I in the office, and I got even more nervous and buried my head even lower.

I didn't want him to recognize me, but also I hoped him to recognize me. I was conflicted and couldn't figure out what I was thinking.

Then I heard footsteps approaching me. He stood in front of me and I continued to put my head down.

“Raise your head.” said he.

His voice was magnetic, but it was also so cold that no emotion could be heard.

I had to raise my head slowly.

"What a coincidence! Another encounter. " There was a few more disdain and teasing in his voice.

He did recognize me!

My face burned with shame that I wanted to run away right now. But I tried to keep calm: “Sorry, I’m

afraid you've got the wrong person. We haven't seen each other before.”

It's not that I refused to admit it, but since it was a transaction, then the transaction was over, and I didn't want to have too much contact with him anymore. Besides, I didn't want to rehash the old story and make him wrongly believe that I approached him deliberately and profited from him.

A man like him with high position and power should be used to all women approaching him, so he was dissatisfied with my reply and his tone was cold again.

"I'm going to question the human resources department as to why a woman moonlighting as a whore was able to work in my company."

I couldn't help but retort, "I'm not a whore!"

He raised his mouth slightly with a look of contempt, " Oh, you are an amateur, no wonder you can't scream in bed."

My face burned with shame again, and the head dipped down consciously. Not wanting to continue being humiliated by him, I headed outward.

From behind came his taunts, "Being a whore, you still prove to the world that you're chaste?"

I pretended not to hear his words and ran out of the office.

Returning to work, the one thing that lingered in my mind was his handsome face. I thought that I was kind of sick. Why did I think of someone I hated so much?

Finally it was time to get off work.I quickly clicked off duty and rushed to a nearby bus stop. It's peak off-duty time and the platform was filled with people. As soon as the bus arrived, before it could stop, people rushed up. I tried a few times but didn't manage to get on the bus.

I was thinking of Lucas still waiting for me in the hospital, looking at the situation, I didn't know when I can squeeze into the bus, more and more anxious in my heart.

When a Porsche drove up, the window rolled down, and it was him again.

He didn't say a word, just gestured with his eyes for me to get in the car. I hesitated for a while but got into his car finally.

"Where to go?" He uttered three words freely.

"Huadong Hospital." I whispered.

"I'm driving you the way." He said with no emotion.

Then there was silence all the way. He didn't speak, and I didn't know what to say. The atmosphere was very awkward.

When I arrived at the entrance to Huadong Hospital, I bent down to express my thanks to him, he completely ignored me, and as soon as he started the car, it whistled away.

What a strange man. He said he was on his way. Why did he turn around and drive away again?

I came to the ward, only to find that it was not Lucas lying on the bed, but another patient.

I was scared, calling my child's name. I looked for my child in the hospital like a lunatic. But I didn't find him. Finally, the hospital's front desk staff told me that my son, the patient, had been discharged in the afternoon, and the guardian also refunded the medical expenses of 100,000 dollars or so.

I told them it was impossible and I was the guardian. But the person who checked out, the hospital told me, was the father of the child. Because he can provide proof that he is the father of the child, the hospital agreed to his request.

I thought for a moment, it could be Hao Wu, the jerk. I phoned him, but he didn't answer.

I had no choice but to return the home I didn't want to go back, where Hao Wu and my mother-in-law were here.

I searched all the rooms and but couldn't find my child.

I asked Hao Wu where my child was, he slapped me directly in the face, "Bitch, you cheated on me, how dare you ask me for a child? Do you think Lucas will still regard you, a bitch, as his mother?”

I was furious and anxious, and I slapped back, "You're the bitch! You shamelessly refunded the child's medical expenses. Give my child back !"

Hao Wu tugged my hair and dragged me to the computer, pointing at the computer screen, "Fuck, you still won't admit it?The photo is on the internet, don't you dare admit it? Kiki Yao, if you don't pay me a million dollars for my mental damages, you'll never see your child again in your life!"

Suddenly, My nerves were on edge, as the woman in the photo was me.The photo was taken at the

hotel, and the angle was captured so well that a man and I could be seen entering the room at the same time.

How could that happen? Did the hotel take it and post it online?