Chapter 8 - My Stupid & Great Husband

Andy Wu‘s tone was very relaxed. For him, the Wang family was not even worth mentioning. As long as divorce was not one of Jenny Xia’s options, he was able to clear out any obstacles.

“You are still talking nonsense! Yesterday you told me you could bring back a million dollars, instead you took back a bag of garbage. You cannot handle anything, you idiot!” Guilan Huang was so angry and punched hard on Andy Wu.

Jenny Xia pulled Andy Wu away and said to Guilan Huang seriously, “I will figure out a way to return the one million to Shihao Wang, I can sell my house if I have to. As for grandma, if she really has to kick me out of the family, I have to bow to the harsh fact.” Now that she had decided not to divorce, then no matter how difficult her life would be, she would live through it.

Guilan was driven mad, she asked anxiously, “You are really confused and stupid, what the hell are you thinking? Why all of a sudden you decided not to divorce? Tell me now!”

Jenny Xia looked at Andy Wu and said seriously, “I cannot abandon him.”

On hearing this, Guilan Huang was even more irritated, she screamed violently, “Are you out of you mind? You are really freaking me out!”

Jenny Xia didn’t want to argue with Guilan Huang, she exhorted Andy Wu, “Stay at home safely, I need to leave and figure something out.”

“Where are you going? Wait for me!”, Guilan asked and followed her out.

Andy Wu waited till Jenny Xia and Guilan Huang left, took his phone out immediately, dialed Changsheng Li’s number.

As soon as the number went through, Andy Wu went straight to the subject and ordered severely, “Force the Wang family to cancel the marriage proposal to Xia family, as soon as possible!”

Half an hour later, Jenny Xia and Guilan Huang came back.

Jenny Xia sat on the couch in silence as soon as she came home.

Guilan Huang sat beside Jenny Xia and asked with dysphoria, “Jenny, what did the Grandma said?”

Jenny Xia did not respond for a long time, and then she talked slowly, “The Chairman of Wang Group called grandma himself and told her, they had never proposed marriage to me. It’s all Shihao Wang’s idea and personal decision. All this is a misunderstanding, and Wang family would never agree to a marriage like this.” Jenny Xia went out before just to find grandma and let her know that she had decided not to divorce. But on the halfway, grandma called her and told her that Wang family cancelled the proposal.

On hearing this, Jenny was indeed pleased at first, but when she actually thought it through, she couldn't help but getting angry. This Shihao Wang fooled her whole family and made all the troubles had gone too far! The more she thought, the angrier she got. And it made her really sick that she thought Shihao Wang had changed himself.

Thank God she didn’t get a divorce from Andy, or it would be too late to regret.

Guilan Wu asked her incredulously, “Is it even possible? Can things like marriage proposal even be wrong?”

Jenny said indignantly, “Why can’t this be impossible? Their family are not stupid, how could them let Shihao Wang marry a woman like me, who’s already been married by someone else? We were all deceived by him!”

On hearing what Jenny said, Guilan Huang thought of what Shihao Wang did, and also couldn’t help herself complaining, “This man, Shihao Wang, is really a bad dog!”

Jenny frowned and said anxiously: "Now the priority is to return his one million dollars, I don't want to be involved with this kind of person anymore."

On hearing this, Guilan Huang changed her expression slightly and said with guilt, “Jenny, I am going to tell you the truth, but you need to promise me that you will not be angry with me.”

Jenny then realized something was wrong and asked her immediately, “What do you want to tell me? What did you do?”

Guilan Huang replied weakly, “Actually, I didn’t lose that much money, last time I gambled with them, I said it was one million, it was a lie. All of this is a trap Shihao Wang designed. Those bad people in the casino, was also his men.”

Jenny suddenly stood up and asked in shock, “What are you talking about?”

Guilan Huang felt guilty and replied quickly, “It was all Shihao Wang’s fault, it has nothing to do with me! I thought his love for you was real, who knows he is such a bad person!”

Jenny scolded at her angrily, “That’s not an excuse for you to deceive me like this!”

Jenny was so angry that she almost fainted. Her own mother, colluded with others,which nearly led her into a hoax! If it weren’t for Andy’s ran away, made her realized all of these in time, she was actually decided to divorce Andy. How could Guilan Huang be a mother like this!

As Jenny was so furious, her phone rang. She took a glance at the number, then she picked up the phone and immediately shouted, “Please don’t pester me ever again!” After that, she remove his number in the blacklist with no hesitation.

Andy, who listened all of this, did nothing but sat beside them silently.

Evening, in the bedroom.

After Jenny lied on bed and Andy just lied on floor for rest. And at this moment, Jenny Xia couldn’t help herself asking, “Andy, where did you go last night?”

Andy Wu answered with honesty, “Jingcheng Mingjun.”

It is a famous villa area in Westplain City, all of Westplain citizens know about that. This place is a heaven for the rich and unreachable for the poor.

As soon as Jenny heard this, she knew that his illness was still unstable, it would relapse from time to time.

Jenny Xia sighed, turned off the light and fell into sleep.

At noon of the next day, Jenny was doing over time at her office. There were only Andy and Guilan

Huang left at home.

Guilan Huang was in a bad mood, with her illusions broken, Guilan felt a huge strike.

This frustration and irritability grew intenser when she saw this idiot, Andy. Although Shihao Wang’s character was bad, at least he’s really rich. And this Andy was not able to do anything, he was purely a burden. Guilan Huang could not help herself complaining while having lunch, “You are such an idiot, as long as you are of a little bit use, Jenny does not need to work that hard.”

Andy always got scolded by Guilan Huang. Normally he would not answer any of her complaining and humiliations. But today, he could tell from Guilan Huang’s words, there were concerns and worries for Jenny. And he couldn’t help and answered, “I will give her happiness.”

It would be okay if he kept silent. As soon as he spoke, Guilan became furious and started shouting at him, “If you want her to be happy, just get a divorce! You keep pestering her and won’t leave this house, how could she be happy?”

Seeing Guilan Huang was getting angry again, Andy stopping talking.

Jenny was out all day long, and hadn’t returned home till 8 o’clock. Guilan kept calling her and she didn’t answer. She called her company and been told that Jenny was transferred to the front office all of a sudden, and asked Jenny to complete orders of two billion dollars within this month. Otherwise she would be fired.

Because of this, Jenny, who had never been in front office, was now looking for orders and begging people for help.

On hearing this, Guilan threw the phone on the sofa and ground her teeth in anger, “Today is 29th, to get a 2-million-order within two days, it’s an impossible mission!”

Jenny worked in her family business since graduation.

Xia’s family was operating a decoration company called Anjule Decoration Co., Ltd. It was a medium- sized company, which was good and famous in Westplain City. But in recent years, with family’s bad reputation, the business was getting worse. With this situation, it was formidable for orders worth 2 million dollars in a whole month. And now the company only gave Jenny 2 days, and she was totally new to this business. This was an impossible task to achieve.

Guilan Huang was both angry and worried. It was clear that the old lady thought Jenny brought shame to this family again, and deliberately making her job difficult. It was too mean to persecute Jenny in this way.

Business world was always like this. It is inevitable for women to drink for business cooperation negotiation. Guilan Huang was really worried that her inexperience might cause a big loss.

“What happened?” asked Andy. Hearing from Guilan Huang’s tone, he knew that this was not easy.

As for Guilan, as long as Andy made a sound, it was a crime. Guilan Huang rushed to Andy, hitting and shouting at him, “It’s all because of you, if you were not a useless idiot like this, Jenny wouldn’t need to suffer!”

Andy was worried about Jenny Xia, and did not waste time with Guilan Huang. He escaped from Guilan and got out of the door.

“Don’t you dare to run from me! You get back here!” Guilan Huang screamed with anger.

Andy Wu did not listen to her at all. He called Changsheng Li while running away from the house, “Find Jenny’s location as soon as possible at any cost!”

Andy Wu got in a cab.

“Where are you going?” asked by the driver.

Andy Wu did not bother look at the driver and gave him 200 dollars, and said, “I will tell you the location later.” His eyes were burning as if there’s torches in them but his tone was very cold.

Ten minutes later, Andy’s phone started ringing.

Only Changsheng Li knew this number, and it was obvious that he got news on Jenny.

Andy took out his phone and was just about to connect. Suddenly, several cars stopped around him and a dozen men with sticks surrounded him.

After all that, Shihao Wang lit up a cigarette and walked coldly toward Andy…