Chapter 4 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

The black car stopped in front of Taylor villa.

Gloria was about to untie the safety belt when Kenny leaned over. The slender and beautiful fingers gently pressed on the buckle of the safety belt. Pa! The safety belt was released.

His handsome face was close at hand. Even if Gloria was calm, she can't help but blush and her heart beat very fast. There was a panic in her dull eyes.

His face was enough to make all women love him.

But thinking of his bad behavior yesterday, Gloria calmed down again.

He was just a rich playboy who teased his sister-in-law. He wasted his good face.

She raised her head and pushed her glasses. She looked a little dull. Her eyes framed her silliness. "I'm going to get off the car."

The eyes of Kenny were slightly shrunk, and the his atmosphere suddenly burst out, and he was a danger man now.

Gloria felt his changes. She opened the door to get off right now, but he stopped her hand at first.

This strong man used his long arm in front of her. From the outside, he seemed to hold her in his arms.

He looked at her clear eyes through her glasses and said meaningfully, "I'm kind enough to send my sister-in-law back. Don't you thank me?"

She lowered her head, with a little coward expression, and murmured, "thank you."

Those people of Taylor family felt bored when they saw her like this. She hoped "Leon" would feel the same.

Looking at her slightly pressed pink lips, Kenny’s eyes darkened. "Your thanks is so insincere. I have to take my own thank-you gift."

Obviously, it was a face with dark skin, but she had such a pink lips, which made him have the impulse to kiss.

Since she was his wife, why should he control his desire?

Thinking of it, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Gloria felt a soft object on her lips.

She stared at the big face in front of her eyes. She wanted to reach out to push him away, but found her hands had been tightly clasped by him.

Kenny was very satisfied with her reaction. He took off her glasses with one hand. Her clear and bright eyes showed.

She looked better now.

Gloria’s cheeks were red because of anger. This man is too presumptuous to insult her at the door of Taylor family!

At the end of the kiss, he left her lips but he still longed for more. He ordered"You can’t wear glasses. Otherwise, when I see that once, I'll kiss you."

It was warm and sweet. She wanted to try again if he had a chance.

Saying the second half of the sentence, he deliberately lowered the voice but stressed the tone. He looked at her recklessly.

He was like a fierce beast patrolling its territory, full of invasion.

Gloria just wanted to scold him shameless, a female voice broke the quiet in the car.


Hearing that, Gloria suddenly turned round to look at outside through the half open window.

Tina opened her eyes in shock with surprise and anger. "How are you here?"

Gloria clenched tightly. The eye flashed a little flustered quickly.

On the first day of marriage, she let her mother see such a scene in front of the house...

After all, Tina also cared about the dignity. Looking around, she found that there was no one, so she said coldly, "get off."

Gloria opened the door and went off.

As soon as she went down, Tina pulled her into the villa.

But unexpectedly, Kenny in the car stuck his face out of the window at this time, rubbed his lips with his fingers, and said casually, "Sister-in-law, I wait for you here."