Chapter 3 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

The next morning.

Gloria woke up suddenly against the bedhead, only to find that it was already dawn.

Kenny didn't come back last night.

She was a little relaxed yet worried.

It was like a knife hanging on her head; she had to be worried and nervous all the time.

After Gloria bathing and washing, a bodyguard came to take her to the dinning hall.

The dinning hall and the kitchen were close. As soon as she entered, she saw a tall and upright figure coming out of the kitchen with breakfast.

Seeing that the man was "Leon Clarke", she turned around and wanted to leave, but unexpectedly the man said, "Good morning, my cousin in law."

His voice was sexy, but giddy.

The bodyguard on one side trembled. Was this a role play with the young lady?

Gloria felt sick to see him. She didn't know what he wanted to do. It was obviously improper to stay at his cousin's house every day.

"Good morning." She pushed her glasses, and said indifferently. She turned to look at the bodyguard behind her. "Isn't your young master here?"

The bodyguard stole a covert glance at Kenny, who was expressionless, and said, "Young master is not feeling well recently. He is in hospital."

Gloria looked silly, just because of being suppressed by Tina since childhood. She can't behave nor perform better than elder brother and elder sister, so she hid her real personality.

Such a obvious lie from the bodyguard can't deceive her naturally.

But she nodded,"Oh, can I see him then?"

"No, I think so. It's not convenient these days." The bodyguard continued to lie.

It seemed that Kenny didn't like her very much. He didn't even want to see her.

Kenny put the breakfast on the table, saying in a light tone, "Eat."

When Gloria went downstairs, she found that there was no servant in the villa. Did he make this breakfast?

"Why? Are you afraid I'll drug you?" Kenny was close to her. His eyes were full of gloom, which made people terrified.

Gloria stepped back involuntarily,"Thank you for breakfast, but I am not hungry."

With that, she turned around and went out in a hurry.

She met a bodyguard in the hall who went to pick her up yesterday. "Would you please take me down the mountain? I want to go back to Taylor family and get something. "

When she came yesterday, she didn't bring anything. She had to go back to get some clothes and other things. She noticed that the villa was built on the middle of the mountain yesterday. If she wanted to leave, she had to pass the mountain road, which was far away.

Instead of answering her immediately, the bodyguard looked behind her.

"Leon" was following her behind. She had no idea why he did so.

He put his hands in the pockets of the suit pants, and came to her casually. "My cousin in law, do you want to go home to get something? I will give you a ride. No need to trouble him."

As his voice fell, his arm had been around her shoulder.

Gloria felt disgusted and threw off his hand, "Thank you, but I don't need your help."

She didn't understand why this man pestered her today. He said she was ugly, didn't he?

"Madam, let young...master Leon send you." Said the bodyguard at the right time.

Finally, it was "Leon" who sent Gloria back to Taylor family.

Because he approached her ear and whispered, "Your skin is smooth..."

She was afraid that he would do anything unusual, so she had to follow him to get in the car...

In the quiet car, Gloria grasped the safety belt tightly and looked at the front, without giving "Leon" any attention.

Seeing her like this, Kenny was interested in her more.

Although the newly married wife was ugly, she was quite decent.

Originally, he just wanted to tease her yesterday, but her reaction was so funny that he wanted to continue playing this game.