Chapter 5 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

When Tina heard "sister-in-law", her face became heavy and she glared at Gloria

Gloria bit her lips. Did"Leon" want to kill her?

Tina pulled Gloria in the hall of the villa and threw off her hand coldly.

She looked at Gloria with a livid face. "Did that man just call you sister-in-law? Is he the cousin of Kenny? "

Gloria nodded, "Yes."


Tina slapped her in the face heavily, causing her ears buzzing.

"Shameless. You pester with your husband's cousin on the first day of marriage. You want to bring us a big trouble?! If you want to die, don't implicate Taylor family! "

Gloria looked down, reached out to touch her painful numb face. She looked at Tina indifferently, "why don't you ask me I am voluntary or not?"

Every time, she scolded her at first and taught her a lesson, but never asked the reason.

"One is a useless impotent man whose face was destroyed. The other is a normal and healthy man. Everyone knows how to choose. You were with this cousin last night, weren’t you?"

Woman's delicate voice came from the stairs, soft and gentle, but full of malice.

As soon as Tina saw Anne going downstairs, she hurried up and asked, "Anne, are you better?"

"Mom, I'm much better." Anne smiled softly at Tina, and came to Gloria. "Gloria, although I can understand you, you also need to consider for Taylor family, and you should control yourself a little."

Just upstairs, she saw Gloria and a man kissing in the car through the window. She didn't expect that Gloria, who usually looked stupid and ugly, had the ability to flirt with man.

With that, she turned to look at Tina, and said childishly, "Mom, am I right?"

Tina smiled, "of course, Anne is right."

Gloria clenched tightly and pressed the lip to say nothing.

People who didn't know them may think Anne and Tina were mother and daughter.

For those years, Tina has been trying to stand firm in Taylor family and tried her best to please every in Taylor family. Her own daughter seemed to have been adopted by her.

Tina stopped smiling and looked at Gloria with a serious face. "Gloria, since you have married into Clarke family, you have to guard your duty and don't let Taylor family humiliate."

Gloria looked and covered the sarcasm at the bottom of her eyes. On the surface, she looked like a doormat. In a calm voice, she said, "you remind me that if I am not happy one day and do something bad, I don't know if the Clarke family will be angry so that the whole Taylor family will be dealt."

Anne didn't expect that Gloria who was stupid and coward all the time would say that. She frowned and said, "what do you mean?"

"That's what my sister understand." Gloria looked up. Her empty and dull eyes was as same as usual.

Did they think she would be bossed around like a servant?

It was because she had expectations for her mother, Tina before. After she forced herself to replace her sister to marry into Clarke family, she had no expectations at all.


Anne was used to boss around Gloria. This was the first time that Gloria was against her.

She glared at her and turned to look at Tina. "Mom, I'm kind to give advise to Gloria. How can she do this!"

Of course, Tina understood the threat in Gloria’s words, but when she thought that Gloria would compromise on anything before. She said sternly as an identity of her mother, "Gloria, apologize to your sister."