Chapter 6 - My Substitute Ugly Wife

Gloria stared at Tina with cold eyes, "apologize? No way. "

In Tina's memory, this daughter was really smart and beautiful when she was a child, but as time went by, she became more uglier and more stupid. This is the first time that she saw such a sharp eyes of Gloria, which made her cold all over.

She swallowed her saliva, turned her head and whispered to Anne, "Anne, let her go today. In case that she..."

Anne was not willing, but she can only forget it.

If Gloria really did some bad things, the Clarke family could get angry and implicate Taylor family. How can she still live the rich life as Lady Anne?

Seeing that they were shocked by her words, Gloria turned and went upstairs to tidy up her things.

She has lived in Taylor house for 20 years, but she had few things. She was like a guest.

When she went downstairs carrying the suitcase, nobody was in the hall.

Gloria hesitated for a moment, then went to the back door and left.

Although she didn't know why the cousin of Kenny was interested in her, she knew that it was right to stay away from him.

Kenny has been waiting for a long time in the front door of Taylor villa, but he didn't see Gloria coming out, and his face became bad.

Thinking of the information yesterday, he frowned slightly. That ugly woman would not be bullied by Taylor family, right?

As soon as the thought came out, he could not help but reach out and touch his face that she had beaten. He snorted coldly. She didn't seem to be easily bullied.

"Would you like to come in, sir?"

Soft female voice came, Kenny turned his head and saw a delicate woman standing beside the car through the car window.

Anne was stunned when she saw his face.

Before, she saw a man kissing Gloria in the car upstairs, but she didn't expect that this man was so good-looking and charming.

How can such an excellent man take a fancy to the stupid and ugly woman?

It seemed that her decision of going out was right.

Kenny understood her thoughts clearly.

He sneered, "who are you?"

"I'm Gloria’s sister. My name is Anne." She didn't mind the coldness of Kenny at all.


Kenny remembered. One of the two daughters of Taylor family, besides Gloria, was his fiancee.

In the eyes of ordinary people, she was really beautiful. But in his eyes, he even thought that the ugly face of Gloria was more pleasant.

He didn't have the patience to talk to her. He asked without expression, "Where is Gloria?"

"She...She should still be packing in the room. She asked me to invite you in. " Anne didn't want to let go of this opportunity. The man who was related to Clarke family must be rich, let alone looked pretty.

Seeing through her mind, Kenny can't help sneering. Gloria let him coming in?

She must run away secretly now!

He didn't even looked at Anne again. He lowered the window and drove away.

Anne has never been treated so coldly by a man, and her face was blue for a while.

Gloria went back to the small room she rented.

After going to university, she has been living in the school, and after graduation and having practice,

she rented a house outside.

If it wasn't Tina forced her to marry into Clarke family recently, she would not have stepped into Taylor house.

Anyway, Kenny didn't live in the villa and didn't want to see her. What was the matter if she didn't go back?

It was already afternoon after tidying up her things. She planed to go out and buy something.

She lived in a famous slum in Huyang City, with poor transportation and all kinds of people.

As soon as she turned into an alley, she heard a loud bang.

It seemed...the gun shot?

She looked up and saw a white van like a mad wild dog, running towards her uncontrollably.

She ran to one side in a minute. As the van passed her, the van door suddenly opened and a tall man jumped out of it.

He just rolled to Gloria, protecting his head with his hands.

She was about to step back but the man suddenly jumped up and put a cold object on her temple. The man's pleasant voice was familiar with her. "Take me away, quickly."

When Gloria looked up to see the man's face, she exclaimed subconsciously "Leon!"