Chapter 9 - Rush into Your Heart

"You investigated me?" Sofia Pai was a little angry. All he said made sense, but that didn't mean he had the right to look into her privacy.

"I must know the details about everyone close to me, including you. Now you screwed up the blind date; what are you going to do to pay for the treatment? I know you don't want to go back to that family and watch the love between your ex-boyfriend and your cousin. Or are you going to allow Leann to sell you to those disgusting old men?"


"To marry me is only a good thing for you. You will never worry about money. Through me, you can make reprisals to those who steal your company and life. I'd love to be your helper."

Sitting there like a king, Wilson calmly analyzed the current situation, making Sofia no other alternative.

Since Jean got expelled out, she couldn't pay her living expenses, let alone the high monthly treatment fees. But Sofia didn't know if she could trust the man before her.

"Miss Pai, sooner or later, you'll marry someone. Compared with those old men, aren't I better to choose?"

He was right.

"But why me?" Sofia looked at Wilson, expecting his answer.

Wilson had thought about this question before. As Zach said, she was purer than those sham girls his mother introduced to him.

At least he didn't dislike Sofia.

"I need a wife, whom I don't dislike." His answer surprised Sofia.

Girls around him should all be great ladies and certainly better than Sofia. Why did he hate them?

"What do you say?"

"Give me some time."

"Sure. Then start meals. The steak here is good."

Yes. The steak was perfect, but Sofia kept thinking about Wilson's proposal. Looking at the man opposite to her, elegant and rich, she felt that they were from two different worlds. She could not imagine what their marriage would be.

However, Sofia was fully tempted by the desserts finally. She ate happily, like an innocent kid, pretty cute.

Wilson started to picture their life; how would it be if this girl was to be part of his future.

"Now, what's your answer?"

Sofia looked at him nervously, not knowing how to respond.

Then she drank a mouthful of the wine on the table, announcing, "Yes. I'd love to be your wife."

Wilson smiled slightly, "We still have time. I will accompany you to get the ID. And perhaps you should pack up your stuff later."

Sofia was stunned for a moment, "Isn't it too fast?" She didn't get prepared at all.

"Where's your apartment?" Wilson got up and asked.

Sofia slowly picked up her jacket, "I think..."

"What? It's the same whenever you marry me. Now I can order Zach to transfer your father to a better hospital." He picked up his phone and said something.

Sofia even didn't have time to say no.

"Let's go!" Wilson softly held her little hand and walked outside.

Following Wilson, Sofia thought she was like dreaming. All things happened too fast.

Held by his white and soft hand, Sofia felt wrapped by love and warmth.

When Sofia returned, no one was there, except for a few servants. She packed up and left Bai's House with only a suitcase.

Along the way from Pai's House to the Civil Affairs Bureau, neither of them spoke.

When they reached, Wilson suddenly stopped, "Have you seriously made up your mind?"

Sofia took a deep breath and replied indeed, "Well, I think it's good. Let's get married!"

"Then you cannot divorce me."

Sofia looked at the person in front of her and tightly held her ID card.

"Okay." Sofia answered with a smile. Then the two walked to the office slowly.

There were not too many people so that they didn't need to line up. Within only under 30 minutes, they were taken a photo, filled out the forms, and finally got their marriage certificate.

But unlike average girls, Sofia had a mixed feeling. She needed some time to think through recent events.

"I have some business to deal with. Are you okay being alone?"

Wilson took their two certificates together. Sofia didn't think too much. After all, she always couldn't remember where she put something.

"Aren't you off today?" Sofia demanded subconsciously; then, she realized she sounded a bit like a spoiled child.

"I'm about to meet my friends. They're nice. I'll introduce you to them later." Wilson was happy with Sofia's tone and care.

"I will come back for dinner later this evening."

As he said, he softly touched Sofia's head and planned to call Zack to pick her up, but Sofia refused.

She didn't want things to develop so fast. In a blink of an eye, she became the hostess of that family. Sofia needed some time to get used to her new identity.