Chapter 8 - Rush into Your Heart

"Sofia, what will it take for you to forgive me. I... I didn't mean it. But I do love him, and I can’t repress my feelings . Do not blame Fitzgerald, if you do, blame me!

Sofia snickered, "Wendy, which Film Academy did you graduate from, or are you a super scholar?"

"Sofia, that's enough. What more do you want? And this whole thing is my fault. Don't you go too far!"

"Am I excessive?" Sofia looked at Fitzgerald before her. She suddenly felt as if she had never known him before. She was so glad she could see it all now.

"I didn't beg her to apologize to me and pray for my forgiveness. She was noble, and I’m not her. Now please take your girl and get out of my world forever! Don't ever let me see you again."

"Sofia, the more you do this, the more I'll only hate you. If you dare hurt Wendy, I won't forgive you."

Fitzgerald said, taking tearful Wendy by the hand and went out of Sofia's sight. The moment they passed by, Sofia smirked inwardly. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wendy's winning smile.

Here's to both of them love forever!

After they left, Sofia was ready to pack up and get her dad settled first. As soon as she turned around, she saw Wilson standing behind her.

When this man had arrived, she hadn't even noticed it at all.

"What a coincidence. " Sofia squeezed out a smile. It was hilarious, every time she was in a mess she was seen by this man.

"Master Yun, Master Gu is all set over there." Zack trotted over. He saw Sofia packing her bags and a man lying on the hospital bed next to her.

Looking at Sofia's slender back, seemingly weak, but strong, Wilson’s heartbeat was lost for a minute. This moment touched his heart a little.

He was passing by just as Sofia was thrown out of the hospital.

The hospital called in the morning. Calvin was in the hospital with a perforated stomach due to drinking. He rushed over, not expecting to run into her here again.

He was going to say hello, but he happened to see such a scene.

Wilson walked up to Sofia, tossed her bags to Zack, and took her hand.

Sofia looked at him strangely. Wilson's hands were large enough to hold her whole hand in them. The warmth of it made her a little uncomfortable.

"Zack, take care of things here." Wilson looked at Sofia with a blank expression and added, "Let's go somewhere and talk."

Without waiting for Sofia to respond, Wilson pulled her away. Sofia looked at her dad and was trying to explain something.

Wilson immediately said, "Zack will deal with it, don't worry." Then Sofia was then taken away somehow.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Sofia was still a little dazed. Wilson turned to look at her and suddenly approached her. It frightened Sofia so much that she couldn't move against the seat.

The next thing she saw was Wilson pulling her seat belt over and fastening it for her. Sofia was so relieved, but her face was as red as a tomato.

"Western-style food, is that okay?"

"Huh? What do you want to talk to me about? My dad ... "For some reason, Sofia was always inexplicably nervous in front of him. This man's pressure was so strong that she didn't even dare to speak up.

One look from his icy eyes and Sofia was too wimpy to speak.

When the car stopped at the intersection, Wilson looked at her, "Are you afraid of me?"

"No." That was a quick answer, except that she looked like an animal to Wilson. Sofia, who was now sitting in the passenger seat, was more like a frightened rabbit.

Did he look like a big bad wolf?

Wilson suddenly frowned. Was he that scary? He felt he was still very popular with the women.

Wilson brought her to the HT revolving restaurant. The waitress was waiting right there for Wilson's order, "Master Yun, we have fresh beef by air in today."

Wilson looked across at Sofia and closed the menu: "The usual. Medium rare?"

"Okay." Sofia rarely ate at formal restaurants like this. She still preferred places that made people relax more than anything else. Now even if there are only them on the entire floor and there the melodious sound of the piano echoed in her ears, she couldn't relax.

"Don't be nervous, the meal is on me."

"Poof!" Sofia was drinking water, choking on his words. Wasn't he even going to pay for it himself until then?

Looking at her clumsy and adorable reaction, Wilson shook his head speechlessly and handed over a tissue.


"There's no one else here, just make yourself at home." Sofia relieved to hear Wilson say that.

"In that case, I'll do it. Is there something you wanted to see me about?" Sofia said, and a waiter brought over the wine.

"There is something you need to help with, or you could say that this is something that will benefit you and me."

Sofia didn't know what she, a mere human being, could do to help Wilson, a rich man.

"What is it."

"Marry me."

Again, Sofia nearly spewed across the table. She looked up at Wilson incredulously, thinking she'd heard something wrong.

"What did you say?"

"Marry me."

"If it's because of a misunderstanding your mother had this morning, I can explain. Marriage is not for jokes. We've only seen each other three or four times ......"

"HT Group was originally your dad's company. But when you were thirteen, your family had a car accident. Your mom passed away, and your dad became a vegetable. Since then, you've had to bear the high cost of your dad's treatment. And you was adopted by your uncle and lived with them, but your aunt was very mean to you. Later on, you went to England on your merit to study financial management and returned home early from your studies after working hard. In the meantime, you had a boyfriend, the one who made fun of you that day in the street. But your boyfriend turned out to be a cousin-in-law when you went back. And your aunt threatened your father for the contract and sold you to Gerry. last night, you went on a blind date. If it wasn't for me, what would you be doing now? You were just humiliated. And don't you want to take it out on yourself? You have been thrown out now, and you have no choice. Marry me and all these problems will be solve."