Chapter 5 - Rush into Your Heart

"Hey. You wanna leave? You are mine. So where else do you want to go? Your aunt has had my engagement money, and 500 thousand is a lot. Look at this little delicate beautiful face. Gee! Come on. Baby."

The man was only with a bath towel. As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to take off Sofia's clothes. Sofia refused to do what the man wanted. But she was a girl so that she couldn't resist the fat man. Let alone, she was drugged now.

Watching the man rushing toward herself, Sofia reached out her hand and slapped the man. She scratched his neck with his nails. Gerry covered his neck with one hand and pushed Sofia down on the bed with another hand. He pressed his whole body on Sofia and slapped her in the check.

The slap made Sofia so dizzy that she almost couldn't stand it.

"You fucking bitch. Well. It's my cup of tea. Don't worry. I will make you comfortable right away." Sofia's coat was taken off, and there was only a knitted sweater inside. Looking at her exquisite figure, Gerry drooled, surging of lustful desire.

Then the man grabbed Sofia fiercely and pressed on her body. Sofia seized the opportunity to lift her leg with all her strength and kicked him at his testicles.

There was a sharp scream in the room. Sofia suddenly sat up from the bed, grabbed the bag, and tried to leave.

Gerry curled up his body, covering his crotch with hands.

"Bitch. Dare to hit me." As he spoke, he stood up again. Because of exhaustion, Soon Sofia was

caught by the man. With nothing to defend herself, she picked up a bottle of wine and hit him over his head.


The glass slag scattered all over the floor. Gerry has covered his forehead. The blood on his head kept coming out, which made Sofia afraid to stop, so she turned and ran.

"Stop right there." The man with blood on his face was chasing Sofia after her, and Sofia began to feel afraid while she had no strength to get rid of the man.

Sofia took a leaden step. She looked back and was afraid the man would catch up with her.

However, just when she came to a corner, she suddenly hit someone. Dizzy, this is her intuitive feeling.

Sofia looked up and was surprised when she saw that face.

The man standing in front of her frowned and observed her. Sofia tugged at his sleeve tightly and kept gasping.

It's Wilson!

"Stop right there." Gerry's voice came from behind. Sofia didn't know who else she could trust. But she felt Wilson in front of her was more trustworthy than the fat man behind her.

"Help me!"

Wilson looked at the flush-faced woman in front of him. When he saw her at first glance, he felt something was wrong with her, for there was a clear palm print on her fair cheek. Wilson frowned slightly.

Sofia felt that her mind was more and more blurred, and her eyes began to blur. Sofia held Wilson and refused to let him go. She just felt comfortable.

Sofia was losing her strength and almost fell when Wilson stretched out his hand to hold her in his arms. Sofia felt uncomfortable and began to rub up uncomfortably.

Wilson frowned slightly and glanced at the restless woman in his arms. Just when he was about to leave, Gerry took steps to stop them.

"Put her down. Where do you hell come? You dare to grab my sweetie, huh?" Gerry was not easy to be bullied. He was unwilling to see his sweetie robbed by someone.

Wilson glanced at the man with a pair of cold-blood eyes, which made Gerry somewhat afraid. Gerry wondered why these eyes were so terrible.

But Gerry was on his mettle again when he realized that the sweetie was on the man's hands, "Hey. Buddy. Give her back to me, and I will let you go. Otherwise, you will change a posture to leave here, huh?"

Gerry confronted with Wilson arrogantly.

Wilson slightly hooked his lip. Then he buckled Gerry's wrist, and a click sound came from the corridor. Gerry screamed. Wilson sneered and kicked him to the ground.

Gerry covered his wrist and rolled on the ground in pain again.

"What I hate most is that someone pointed their fingers at me and talk," Wilson said, holding Sofia tightly to let her stick to him.

The manager seemed to realize that something was wrong and hurriedly brought guards to catch up. When he saw it was Wilson, he hurriedly stepped forward to make an apology.

"Sir. Can I help you?"

"How did MD let a dog in now? Maybe it's time to ask Abel to have a lesson for him." Abel, called by Wilson, was their boos of this hotel, and he was also Wilson's good friend.

Adding Richard from Lin’s family, these three were the superiors in this area, and no one dared to provoke them. The manager took one look at the woman in Wilson's arms and felt something was wrong. When he turned and looked at the fat man whose forehead was full of blood. It was Mr. Liu.

Just a look, the manager soon realized what had happened.?

"I am sorry. Sir, it's my carelessness. It's unnecessary to trouble our boss. I will deal with this matter. Sir. Do you need to have a room? "

Wilson glanced at the increasingly restless woman in her arms and replied, "No."

Gerry watched the woman taken away and couldn't believe it. So he got up again.

Wilson stopped and looked back at the man. The hardhearted eyes scared Gerry to shiver. Gerry wondered that he had been groping in the business market for so many years, but he had never seen such terrible eyes. Who was him?

"Where did the man come? Kicking it out." As the manager said, Gerry was throw out directly.

Wilson glanced at it, turned around, and left.


Sofia only felt hot. She reached out her hand and fumbled wildly on Wilson's body, trying to make herself comfortable.

"Madam. If you go on like this, you must bear the consequences." Wilson observed the woman who smiled with a red face in his arms, which hooked his heart and made him want to take a bite.

Sofia Pai bit her lower lip. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She tore her clothes and felt uncomfortable. The heat in her body was like a wave. Sofia could not help but groan lightly.

Wilson took a deep breath and carried the girl into the car with Zack waiting inside. It's this girl again. What a small world.

"What is this?"

"Lord, this is what you asked me to check this morning. All the information about Miss Pai. Now..."

"emm... It's hot. I'm thirsty. I want water." Sofia felt uneasy about embracing Wilson's neck as she got closer to him, where he evaded her.

For the first time, Zack saw the Lord Yun's slightly embarrassed look, but he did not dare to laugh.

"Go back to Maple Villa first." Wilson frowned while holding Sofia's restless hands. This unintentional action would let people feel more and more uncomfortable.

Gradually, Wilson's breath became a little unstable. Sofia hung on Wilson like an octopus. She kept crying and rubbing against him.

Even as a gentleman like him, Wilson could not sit undisturbed while holding such a delicate body in his arms.

Sofia finally found the opportunity and pressed on Wilson's lips, whose soft lips with fragrance. Wilson was losing his ration.