Chapter 6 - Rush into Your Heart

Wilson pulled down the car's baffle and looked at the girl in his arms, whose blurred eyes were full of temptation. This time, it was Wilson who took the initiative to kiss her. At the moment where the cold lips touched hers, Sofia felt her brain was exploding.

Wilson's face was so close, perfect with no flaws and slightly cold lips, similar to his personality, insensitive and domineering. Just a kiss, but it aroused Sofia's desire, she wanted more.

Sofia catered to him clumsily, but she was not satisfied with such a kiss. Her small, white hands touched his chest and caressed him. This clumsy method, however, aroused the desire and fire suppressed in Wilson's body.

Wilson put his big hands into Sofia's clothes after a kiss and fondled freely, and she groaned.

With a bit of a charming voice, Wilson gradually gave up control himself.

The car stopped quickly, and Wilson took his hand back and looked at Sofia’s lips which was red and watery. He was delighted.

Sofia frowned and began to groan again because of the sudden stop. Hanging on Wilson's body, she writhed restlessly with tears in her eyes.

Wilson took Sofia out of the car and went directly to the house. He told Zack to have a rest.

Looking at Lord Yun who stepped into Maple Villa holding the girl smiled. It seemed that he would soon have a Madam. Lord Yun was finally in a crush, and the madam his mother would be rather happy if she knew the news.

Wilson carried the girl back to the bedroom. He was sweating, and he left Sofia on the bed. He took off his coat and sighed helplessly.

"Wake up!" As soon as Wilson got closer, Sofia caught him. Sofia finally found a savior, so how could she let him go?

Sofia's soft lips fell on Wilson's earlobes. Wilson became numb, and she kissed him on his neck and his chest while tearing his shirt.

Wilson's gaze slightly narrowed to the woman in his arms, his hand clasping her head while kissing Sofia.

Two people entangled together with passion, Sofia, issued bursts of fierce groans from time to time.

"Help me!" Sofia grabbed Wilson's clothes helplessly, and her pitiful look was heartbreaking.

"Look at me. I am Wilson." Sofia nodded. Of course, she remembered this face. If she had to, she would instead choose the person in front of her.

Wilson picked the girl up and took a step. For some reason, Sofia felt good about the man who she had only met twice. She didn't even resent his touch.

Wilson's warm arms made Sofia feel steady and secure. Looking at the disclosed bathroom door, Sofia still has a consciousness trace, but it gradually blurred.

Closer to the door, Sofia's heart beat faster.


When Sofia woke up the next morning, she had a headache. She sat up and looked down. She was wearing a man's shirt.

With the air conditioner on in the bedroom while looking at the familiar room, Sofia remembered that she had escaped from the evil Gerry Liu who drugged her last night. She met a person on the road, which seemed to be Wilson.

This room seemed to be his, but the clothes on her body...

Sofia sat on the bed and slowly recalled what happened last night. She seemed to have been drugged and met Wilson. She remembered what happened in the car, what they did, and what happened in the house.

Later, Sofia was carried into the bathroom and left in the bathtub.

After being in the cold water for a night, Sofia didn't know how she slept. Sofia's face turned red as she saw the clothes on her body. Wilson must have seen everything.

Sofia covered her face and remembered what she did last night. She just wanted to bang the wall. How embarrassing!

But last night, Wilson did not...

It seemed that Wilson was hard to get close on the surface, but inside, he's still very good. At least he did not take advantage of others. If it were other people, it would have turned out differently.

Sofia was very happy when she thought that she had kept her virginity. She thought of thanking Wilson. If it were someone else, she might not be so lucky.

Sofia wore a pair of men's big slippers and ran out. She didn't expect to meet anyone as soon as she came downstairs. She saw an noble lady sitting on the sofa in the living room beside Wilson. The lady looked very kind.

"Wilson, who is this?" Joan Den initially thought that her son would not go back to his old house all year-round. Although Wuma took care of Wilson, she still came back occasionally to have a look. Last night she remembered that he would not be going to the company today, so she got up early to stew the pork chop soup and sent it to him.

Who knew that Jean would discover such a big secret. No wonder Wilson refused to join the blind date. It turns out that there was already a candidate.

Looking at the lovely girl, in just a glance, Jean felt satisfied found her lovable. Sofia was still wearing her son's shirt and slippers. It seemed that she could go and prepare for her son's marriage.

"Mom, it's not what you think." Wilson was speechless. How could he think of such a coincidence? It happened that his mother, Ms. Den, came here at this time. Now, they met each other. He had no other word but explained.

"Son, what is not what I think! I know you to be a very bashful man. I got it." Jean Den stood up smiling, and walked quickly to Sofia Pai, as if afraid she would disappear in the blink of an eye.

Jean took Sofia's hand, and the more she looked at her, the more satisfied and happy she was.

Eventually, her look rested on her flat belly. She triumphed.

Her son had the quality of "not to do it unless he does it best." It seemed that the elders didn't have to worry anymore. Today was a good day.

"Don't be afraid. I am Wilson's mother. What's your name?"

"Auntie, my name is Sofia Pai. Things are not what you think." No matter how silly Sofia was, she knew that she had been misunderstood. Nothing could be done about it. It's expected that she would be mistaken.

"Sofia, rest assured, our Yun Family will not mistreat you. If Wilson dares to bully you, you can tell me, and I'll help you teach him a good lesson."

"Mom, at least let her change her clothes!" Wilson was embarrassed and nervous. He didn't know how to make his mother believe him. It seemed that it was difficult for him to explain to his mother.

Sofia smiled awkwardly--she seemed to get Wilson into trouble. She wanted to make it clear in person. Seeing Wilson's mother was so amiable, Sofia thought that Jean would understand.

Sofia quickly went upstairs and fled back to her room, only feeling that she was in big trouble.

Jean sat on the sofa, looking at his son with a smile on her face, and asked, "Son, I like this girl. She's lovely, and I'm sure that your grandfather will like her, too. She's the right one. You have good tastes."

"Mom, it's not what you think."

"Don't treat your mother as a fool. You will solve this matter sooner or later. I don't care whether you and this Miss Pai are together or not. Your marriage can't be delayed any longer. The people on the board of directors are already rather dissatisfied with your rumors outside. If you don't want to, then continue to obey the arrangement and go on a blind date. In short, you should get married as soon as possible. Your grandfather and I don't want to hear any more rumors that you are gay, which has seriously affected the company's reputation. Your grandfather and I are okay with it, but the board of directors will not allow such news."

Wilson also knew these things, but he didn't like those aristocratic ladies who were hypocritical and superficial. They just took a fancy to his status. Looking at those women, he felt bored.

"Well, think about what I said and decide what to do. Give me a word tomorrow, and I won't bother you. As a mother, I like this girl. If you think it's not bad, take her. You have this confidence to take her, right?" Jean left his son with a meaningful smile, carried her bag, got up, and left.

Wilson watched her leave and sighed helplessly. The lady Jean in his family also gave him a headache.

Besides, he remembered that there was another one upstairs. Last night, he almost couldn't control himself. Finally, fortunately, he had some conscience, but it didn't seem to work very well in front of this woman.

Sofia fled back to her room, and she was flushed. She remembered the embarrassing scene just now and couldn't wait to find a hole to hide.

"Crap! Did I bring him trouble? His mother seemed to have misunderstood something. What can I do now?" Sofia muttered in the room barefoot. She couldn't find her clothes when she came in. It was


The door of the room was suddenly opened. Sofia looked back and saw Wilson standing at the door, dressed in slightly casual household clothes, looking like a college student in the sunshine. At first glance, she was somewhat lost in thought.

"Your clothes will be delivered by Zack later. Breakfast is downstairs. Go down and eat by yourself."

"Oh," Sofia responded. Wilson glanced at her--she was wearing his white shirt and her straight and slender legs exposed, which reminded him of her attractive appearance last night.

Wilson coughed to hide his embarrassment, stopped talking. He turned and closed the door.

Sofia looked down at herself. Was she so bad that he was even unwilling to look at her? Sofia went to the bathroom unwillingly, observed herself for a long time. Finally, she concluded that there was nothing wrong with her, although she was still attractive!

There must be something wrong with her, but the strange thing was, why did she care about his reactions? Sofia snorted, "Forget it!" After washing herself, Sofia went downstairs to have breakfast and saw Mama Wu again, so she smiled and greeted her.

After a while, someone came over. It was Zack, the driver, and Zack greeted Sofia in a friendly way.

"Miss Pai, this is the dress that Young Master Yun ordered for you. I'll put it here."

"Well, thank you." Sofia ate greedily, regardless of her image, and her smiling eyes were like the crescent moon, which were very lovable. After Zack said that, he went upstairs.

In the study, Wilson looked at the data in his hand, all of which were about Sofia. When she was in her teens, she had an accident, her mother died, and her father became a vegetable.

Therefore, a rich young lady became a sponsor child, living with her uncle and aunt. Her aunt was very mean, and she had a cousin.

Wilson shifted his gaze into another photo--Fitzgerald, the young master of RS Group, was a man with some methods and status in the business world. He was the man Wilson saw in the street the other day. He should be Sofia's ex-boyfriend.

Looking at the data, Wilson remembered what his mother said and got a headache.

"Come in." A knock on the door broke the silence of the study. Wilson answered, the door of the study was pushed open, and Zack respectfully came in, looking at the desk's information.

"Young Master, the clothes have been sent."

"Well, I see."

"Young Master, are you still worried about the rumors outside?" Wilson glanced at Zack. The rumors indeed annoyed him--he couldn't marry a woman he didn't like. Just thinking about it made him feel a headache.

"Young Master, I want to say a few words. When I came over just now, I saw the car from the old house."

"Yes, my mother misunderstood the relationship between Sofia and me."

"Young Master, since you are going to marry a woman, I think you don't dislike this Miss Pai so much, and Madam Jean likes her too. Young master, why don't you give it a try? Go along with Madam's wishes."

Wilson didn't speak, looked at the data on the table, and lost in thought. Looking at the information on the data, it seemed that he misunderstood Sofia.