Chapter 7 - Rush into Your Heart

Sooner or later, Wilson had to choose a woman to marry. Sofia Pai didn't seem to annoy him; if there was to be a person in that room, it might be the right choice. It was better than meeting those women that he hated.

Wilson wanted to seize the chance to talk with Sofia in person and confirm the matter. However, as soon as he left the study room, a phone call from a friend urged him to help.

"Thank you for last night. I didn't know that your mom was there, sorry, if that caused her to misunderstand, I could explain." Sofia stood in the corridor while feeling embarrassed; he seemed to be very busy. He even did so many things on weekends.

"I accept your thanks. You will have a chance to pay back when the time comes." Sofia didn't understand what Wilson meant at that time.

Okay! It was the first time Sofia had ever encountered such a situation. Sofia also didn't like to owe others' favors.

Sofia stood upstairs while watching him leaving. Wilson seemed to think of something while walking towards the door; he suddenly turned around and looked upstairs. Then Wilson saw that Sofia was wearing the cream color windbreaker he had chosen. The white sweater inside was also suitable for her. Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling in his heart, but he hid it quickly.

"I will call you later." Before Sofia figured out why he would call her at night, Wilson had left the place. Mama Wu, who was busy in the kitchen, laughed when she heard what Wilson said. It looked like Wilson had realized, this girl looked polite, kind-hearted, and humble; she was a good match for Wilson.

Of course, Sofia didn't know what they were thinking about, She just believed that the dress fabric was excellent, and the sweater was warm and cozy.

Sofia grabbed her purse and said goodbye to Mama Wu. Sofia had messed up the blind date; if Leann knew, she would be furious. But at this time, all she worried about was her father, who was lying in the hospital bed.

"Why are you rushing? Come often in the future, only young master Yun lives here, the house feels cold and cheerless, but when you are here, the house suddenly becomes lively." Sofia laughed, but she was thinking inside her heart, in the future? She felt that she wouldn't come to this house anymore. She wouldn't come again after she had returned the favor she owed.

After she left the villa, Sofia went back to the hospital again; she met the nurse from the day before at the entrance.

"If you don't have money, you should take the person out of here as soon as possible so that you won't be in the way here."

In the hospital ward, the head nurse looked at Sofia and ordered someone to get rid of her and her things from the room.

Someone pushed Sofia, she didn't stand firm and fell to the ground. When she was getting up, she heard a loud laugh.

When Sofia looked up, she saw the last person she hated the most, Wendy Pai.

"Ckckck! Isn't this Sofia who used to be spoiled in Pai's Family all the time? Why do you become like

this now? Indeed, it serves you right."

Sofia stood up but didn't want to pay any attention to her mockery. As she was getting up, a foot stepped on her bag.

Sofia stared at Wendy with a stern look; Wendy then sneered: "Sofia, every dog has its day, isn't the feeling of being thrown out awful? Look how useless you are, give up the easy money; you even have the heart to let your hapless Dad suffer here. If I were you, I would go out and sell myself, so my Dad won't have a hard time living. Hehe! People like you are only worth selling."

"Are you done? If you finished, get out of my sight, or I'll be rude. Does Fitzgerald know that you were not a virgin when you're 15 and didn't dare to tell anyone? Ha! Who do you think you are?" Sofia didn't want to talk to her at all; she felt sick of seeing her.

Wendy's face froze, then she immediately smiled again: "Fitzgerald won't believe your words. He only will think that you are jealous of me for taking him away. You… haven't even done it with him! Fitzgerald always feels sick every time he saw you, how would he touch you."

Sofia didn't answer her; she took her things from the ground. It's better to let such people talk as she wanted; Sofia also didn't care what Wendy and Fitzgerald did. It only would disgust her.

Wendy saw that she didn't reply, so she stood up in front of Sofia and said while smiling: "We have made love in many places. His French window is huge; he likes to open his window curtains and do it with me there. Fitzgerald said that it excites him, and every time Fitzgerald saw me, Fitzgerald couldn't control himself. But when he saw you, haha... you don't know anything at all! He likes it from behind; he said that is the best. I can do things in bed..."

"Are you done?" Sofia had had enough. She didn't think that someone would boast about this kind of thing.

Why would Wendy boast about how she strolled in bed in front of Sofia?

It only made Sofia became more disgusted of this slut and scumbag couple.

"I know that you fly into a rage out of humiliation, admit it! I know you can't accept that I took Fitzgerald from you. Don't you feel heartache? I love to watch you feel heartache. The sadder you are, the happier I am. You only deserved to be stepped on by me and can't free yourself forever, Sofia."

Wendy smiled and grabbed Sofia's hand.

Sofia stared at the crazy woman in front of her. Sofia couldn't understand what she was in her mind. Yes, Sofia was quite sad when Sofia found out, but after that, Sofia got over it. Perhaps they're not suitable, so she decided to part without hard feelings.

Wendy loved to annoy her, so she didn't comprehend her anymore. Fitzgerald was her now, what could Sofia wish?

Sofia's wrist felt hurt, so she swung her hand, but she didn't expect that she would throw Wendy as well. Wendy was wearing high heeled shoes, so she fell right to the ground when Sofia swung her hand.

"Sofia!" At this time, a loud voice heard from behind. Sofia turned around, but before she could see, someone pushed her aside and bumped her head against the wall, it made her dazzled.

When she looked clearly, she saw Fitzgerald had helped Wendy from the ground carefully. Wendy pitifully took advantage of falling into his bosom; that emotional scene was marvelous.

"Fitzgerald, I, I only came to look around and see if Sofia needed any help. But...I know, I took him away from you, Sofia, it's my fault. So as long as you can forgive me, I can return Fitzgerald to you; I…I am willing to quit. Can you forgive me?"

Sofia expressionlessly looked at Wendy's acting, Wendy's crying made others feel sorry, but Sofia felt disgusted.

Wendy said and stepped forward to pull Sofia's hand, but Sofia shook off her hand.