Chapter 8 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: frustration

“Pizza man! Delivery!” a man yelled from outside of Grey’s house.

Grey smiled and picked a hundred-dollar bill. He opened the door and stretched out the money.

“Thank you for ordering. It’s $15.”

“Keep the money!” He replied immediately and took the pizza from him. He closed the door before the man would say anything else.

He stared at the pizza and remembered he hadn’t ordered pizza in forever because he was saving money for Nora’s birthday gift.

Grey remembered what Alfred had told him and wondered how he was supposed to keep a low profile after losing his job.

But at least, he could afford nice delicacies now unlike before.

After eating, Grey decided to take a long rest as he could still feel some pains from the beating he got from waking up beside Avery on the bed.

When Grey woke up, it was almost six and he decided to get ready for dinner.

He had a quick shower and wore a grey shirt with black trousers. Actually, it was one of his best clothes.

He was going to Weathervane, even though he knew that his kind of attire didn’t fit a place like that.

He took a cab instead and soon arrived at the restaurant. He stood outside the building for a moment, admiring the outer setting.

The weathervane was among the top five luxurious restaurants in the city. People rated it high for a lot of things. And it’s mostly patronized by people of high class and their dishes are expensive. In one word, whoever can afford Weathervane is a rich man.

He let out a sigh and moved towards the entrance.

“Hey!” A voice stopped him suddenly and the speaker ran to block him from entering the restaurant. “What the fuck are you doing?”

With his attire, one could guess he was a waiter.

Grey blinked once, then twice. “I’m trying to enter the restaurant. Why are you questioning me and why are you in my way?”

The waiter stared at him for a moment and suddenly burst into laughter. “Are you kidding me? You seriously think I was going to let you enter?”

Grey gave him a confused look. “And why won’t you do that?”

The waiter gave him another scrutiny.

Grey followed the path of his gaze and realized he was looking at the clothes he was wearing.

“I’m very familiar with people of your caliber. I will never let you constitute a nuisance here. You will never enter!” He stated firmly.

Grey stared at him, confused. “What is really happening here? Why can’t I enter the restaurant? Do you know me from somewhere?”

“Well, I don’t need to know you before I can guess what you are here to do. And I’m here to stop you!” He snarled at him. “I don’t know why all these poor people think you can steal meals at every restaurant. Weathervane isn’t your kind,” he sprouted out.

Grey felt a surge of anger at his words but he decided to stay cool about it as he didn’t want to act a nuisance at such a nice restaurant.

He took his phone instead and dialed Alfred’s number. He picked up immediately.

“Yes Hercules, where are you?”

Grey stared at the waiter for a mom. “I’m in front of Weathervane. Have you booked a seat?”

“No, why do I have to do that when I’m the boss? Just enter and you will be well attended to. Also, I will be at Weathervane soon,” Alfred explained.

“Well,” Grey started and realized that the waiter was watching him intensely with dirty glares. “I couldn’t enter because a waiter wouldn’t let me,” he reported. “I was even mocked by him and he had kept me standing for some minutes now.”

“What the fuck! What stupid waiter could that be?” He boomed angrily. “Just give me ten minutes, I will be in Weathervane soon. Please, don’t be offended,” he apologized.

Grey nodded. “Alright, I will be expecting,” he finished up and hung up.

The waiter scoffed again. “Very funny. Are you trying to play games here? I’m definitely not going to let you in,” his eyes hardened on him. “And you are only bluffing. You didn’t call anyone and there’s no fucking way you’d afford Weathervane expensive meals,” he insulted.

Grey opened his mouth to counter his insult but a deep voice from behind him stopped him.

“Look at your poor ex-boyfriend,” Seth mocked further as he and Nora walked to view.

Nora giggled. “He’s never my boyfriend. He is just some struggling guy. And I think he should struggle and get some money before he thinks he could have a girlfriend.”

“You should never look down on someone like that,” Grey warned.

Seth and Nora laughed harder.

“That’s so funny. By the way, what the fuck are you doing here because I know there’s no way you can afford the expensive meals here?”

Grey shrugged with a little smile. “Well, Alfred invited me here.”

“Oh,” Seth nodded and looked over at Nora. “I didn’t tell you that Mr. Alfred claimed he was a grandson to one of his friends. He must be here to ask for his help.”

Nora nodded briefly. “That mean he didn’t invite him here?”

“Of course!” Seth boomed.

“You heard me well,” Grey said quickly. “I just said he invited me here.” He opined with a serious expression.

The waiter laughed again. “I knew it! I knew you were a joker.”

Seth, Nora, and the Waiter burst into laughter.

Grey felt a slight stab of annoyance but he decided not to say any word. Seth was always used to twisting his words.

Suddenly, a Bugatti Centodieci pulled up in the parking lot. Grey and the rest looked back as Alfred got out of the car. He was however accompanied by another man.

This man was Gregory, the CEO of the popular clothing line in the city. He was also a boss of a big mafia in the city.

Grey eyes widened. He’d heard a lot about Gregory. He just didn’t believe that the person he was supposed to meet was Gregory.

No, the real question was why would Gregory want to see him? Was it trouble or not?