Chapter 7 - Secretly The Billionaire Boss

: steel he’s made of

Avery refused to talk with Grey until the end of the party and they were heading towards the car.

Avery stopped walking and turned to look at Grey. “I hope you know there’s no fucking way I will come home with you. I can’t live in a house like that,” she snapped.

Grey watched her for a moment. “I’m your husband after all, why can’t you?” He teased.

Avery scoffed. ” Seriously? Is this because my grandfather gave me to you on a platter of gold? I’m sure you know my worth.”

” But we are married now. Should there still be any barrier?” Grey probed deeper.

” How the fuck did you get on my bed in the first place?” She asked angrily.

Grey sighed. ” I wanted to ask you the same thing.”

” Well, I don’t care. You should find something to do with that. I’m out of here,” she said tiredly. One of her guardians opened the door for her and she entered.

Grey watched her until she was out of sight. He sighed and looked down at his ring.

What if he hadn’t worn the ring to the party?


The alarm rang and jotted Grey out of his trances. He turned on the bed and eventually collided with the floor with a sudden thud.

He sat up and rubbed his arm slightly. He had dreams about himself, John and his father.. And it still pained him to realize that they were gone and he would never be able to see them again.

But he was somehow grateful for Alfred for he did all he could to make sure that the business empire did excellently and the mafia group didn’t break. And now that he was back, it was his turn to continue the work they had started.

Though, he still wonder why his father would keep the mafia group away from him. Maybe if he hadn’t, he might still be alive.

But as Alfred had said, he would still need to keep a low profile. He had a job as a delivery man which would be the best cover for his identity.

Who would imagine that the famous Hercules’son is a delivery man? It was very impossible.

Grey did all he could to get ready for work. He still had the cheque that Alfred wrote for him but he had no idea how to make use of it just yet. He was going to wait for the right time.

Within an hour, Grey was already driving to the delivery company on his bike. He arrived on time as his house was near.

“Hey delivery man,” Chris teased with a smirk the moment he walked to the lobby.

Grey sighed. Actually, Chris was part of the workers that was always embarrassing him at any free chance that they got. And seeing that Chris was a full worker that earned more than he does, he didn’t blame him.

“I’m here for work,” he muttered thickly.

Chris laughed again as if he just joked about something. “Anyway, the boss will like to see you. But where the fuck did you go yesterday?”

Grey ignored him and walked towards the boss’s office. Replying to Chris would be a waste of time.

He moved to the door and knocked slowly. “Good morning boss,” he whispered with his head placed on the door.

” You had better enter right now before I force you to,” Philip boomed from the office.

Grey pushed the door open to review a robust man in his sixties, staring at him with such intensity that could make him vanish.

“Good morning boss. Chris said you wanted to see me,” Grey tried his best to pretend he didn’t know anything.

Philip intertwined his hands in front of him. “What is good about the morning, Grey? Why were you absent from work yesterday?”

Grey kept quiet. He hadn’t really thought of an excuse to say.

” No, you don’t even need to!” Philip said the moment Grey opened his mouth to say something. ” I’ve always known that you were this good-for-nothing pauper. How dare you do business as if you own this company!” He snarled.

” I have no use for your baubles! Just leave this company, Grey. You are fired!” He barked.

Grey felt a surge of anger at his words. He was actually expecting him to fire him because he heard of his closeness with Seth.

And since he had some scores to settle with Seth, he would always find a way to humiliate him wherever he went. He knew that Seth must have been the one that talked Philip into making such a decision.

Though, it was also his fault. If he wasn’t absent the day before, then Philip wouldn’t have used it against him.

He nodded briefly. “It’s alright. I am going to leave your company but you are going to give me my payment for this month.”

Philip scoffed. ” You must be dreaming if you think that would happen. You don’t deserve a penny and you won’t get it!”

” What! Are you kidding right now? I worked for this! It’s my payment!” Grey protested.

” Let’s see about that,” Philip hissed and picked up the telephone. He pressed some buttons. “Hey! Get your men inside my office right now!”

He almost didn’t finish talking when the door burst open and eight men walked in.

Philip pointed at Grey. “Hit him as hard as you can and drop him out of my company!” He ordered.

Grey stared at Philip for a moment. He felt another surge of anger coupled with amazement. He looked back at the men and watched them move closer to him.

The first man launched an attack at Grey but he dodged it and punched him in the nose. The man yelled and backed off.

Two men rushed to him at once. He dodged the first attack and kicked the second man away.

“Get him, you idiots!” Philip yelled with frustration.

Grey smiled at the remaining five men and beckoned them over. Grey grabbed one that was near and turned him around quickly. He did a flying kick toward the other four men. He turned back to the one he was holding and hit him across the face.

Grey turned towards Philip with a bright smile plastered across his face. He launched forward and caught his hand, then he twisted it back.

Philip screamed out in pain.

“My salary or you can as well die.”

“Please,” Philip beseech softly. “I will write you a cheque now.”

Grey squeezed it the more.

“I’m sorry,” Philip screamed again. “I will give it to you.”

Grey let go of him and watched him move to his desk. He retrieved an envelope filled with money and stretched it out to Grey.

Grey smiled and took it from him. His phone rang suddenly as he stepped out of the office. It was an unknown number but he picked it up.

“Yes, hello.”

“Yes Hercules, this is Alfred. I would like to introduce you to someone, he’s also a mafia boss in the city and very trustworthy. How about dinner? A dinner at Weathervane Restaurant.”

And Weathervane Restaurant is top-notch, a place where Grey had never imagined he would go.