Chapter 3 - Son-In-Law Madness

"Brother, take the medicine obediently.Mom said that you would feel better after taking the medicine."

Xu Nan, who had been sick and weak since childhood, lay beside the bed.

With a bowl in her hand, Xu Bei, who was only five years old, was carefully feeding the medicine to him.

Her delicate face had filled with a contagious smile.

"You bad guys are not allowed to bully my brother!"

Xu Nan was in his third year of primary school and was always bullied by his classmates.

Xu Bei, who was wearing a sheep horn braid, opened her small arms and bared her teeth in front of Xu Nan.

Her little face pretended to be fierce, but she did not know that in the eyes of others, she was not fierce at all.

Instead, she was even more adorable with that farce.

"Why did my teeth fall out, brother? My words are leaking from between them.It looks so ugly...You are still laughing! You're a terrible brother, I hate you!"

Xu Bei, who had lost her baby teeth, was panicking.

She was so angry when she saw Xu Nan gloating that she stamped her feet.

"Look at my tiny skirt, brother.Is it good?"

Xu Bei's new dress, bought by her mother, was always the first thing she showed off in front of Xu Nan.

Xu Nan always curled his lips and said it was ugly.

"Woo, mom is gone.Brother, I miss mom..."

On the day that their mother died in a car accident, Xu Bei, who was naturally cheerful and lively, grabbed the corner of Xu Nan's clothes and cried like an abandoned puppy.

"Brother, hurry up; I see the inspection coming and I have put away this much money on the sneak for a long time; take it and take care of yourself outside..."

Xu Bei had a flushed face and was panting.

She took out a stack of money of various denominations and stuffed it into Xu Nan's arms.

Then she ran in the opposite direction to help Xu Nan in avoiding the inspection.

Xu Nan had just turned twenty on that day.

He clenched the money tightly and watched his sister run away into the night.

The entire world was shrouded in darkness.

His vision was blurred because of the tears, which he was unaware of.

The lively and cute sister from the past and the poor girl on the bed in front of him gradually overlapped.

It was as if an invisible hand had grabbed onto Xu Nan's heart.

The force increasing bit by bit! This heart was about to be crushed by that invisible hand!

Heavy footsteps echoed.

Xu Nan used all his strength with every step he took.

His straight back had slightly bent.

It seemed to have carried the hundred thousand mountains of Nanjiang over.

"Greetings, Marshal Nan!"

The old man bowed quickly and pulled the dazed disciple beside him.The girl's heart was in shambles, and she lowered her head.

Xu Nan ignored him.

He stood by the bedside, carefully evaluating his sister's appearance.

The powerful mentality that had been forged over six years of war was shattered at this point.

Xu Nan put a hand on his sister's wrist.

When he sensed it, the terrifying killing intent dispersed uncontrollably.

Both the old man, whom Yi Tianlong referred to as a Miracle Doctor, and the girl beside him found it difficult to breathe; their faces went pale, and they trembled uncontrollably.Fortunately, the killing intent instantly dissipated.

"Three Needles of the Profound Sect?"

Xu Nan asked calmly.


The old man responded quickly, his voice shaking uncontrollably.

She appeared to have walked through the gates of hell, though for a brief moment.

This terrifying killing intent could not be seen or touched, but it was gathered from a never-ending supply of blood.

It was too much for even Hong Zhuang, let alone the old man and the girl.

Xu Nan turned to face the elderly man with white hair and said solemnly, "Thank you for making time for my sister.I have a favor to ask of you.When I'm free, I'll assist you in making the last six needles."


The old man trembled and looked up at Xu Nan in shock.

He said excitedly, "Can Marshal Nan really make the last six missing needles of the Profound Sect?"

To confirm, Hong Zhuang opened her mouth, "Marshal Nan's words carry a lot of weight, and he never says anything lightly.You can count on six needles."

"Yes...yes...Of course, I am an old man and I trust him...I trust him with all my heart!"

The old man pulled the girl who was frozen on the spot like a wooden sculpture and quickly moved to the side.

He was well aware that the most important thing for Xu Nan at this time was to save the girl on the bed.

Chaotic footsteps rushed over.

Yi Tianlong and Chen Qiming were all here.

There were also two white-coated men.

Xu Nan looked around and asked, "What is the significance of my sister's presence in the corridor? Is there no available space in the hospital?"

His words were soothing, but Yi Tianlong was scared.

He had known Xu Nan for years.

He was well aware that the calmer this man was, the more serious the situation and the angrier he would be.

Back then, the enemy's experts ambushed them and slaughtered the Nanjiang town; when this man arrived and saw corpses lying in a pool of blood, he had the same expression he has now.

Xu Nan quickly pursued the enemy country's experts who slaughtered the small town deep into their home base, and they were still unable to escape Xu Nan's killing despite passing through seven cities.

Afraid that Xu Nan would make a move to let them bleed, Yi Tianlong urged, "What's going on? Speak!"


The two white coats were pale and wanted to say something but stopped.

Hong Zhuang took out her phone, quickly tapping it with her fingertips.

She handed the phone to Xu Nan a moment later.

On the phone screen, the limping and arrogant youth opened the ward door and ordered, "I like this ward.Move the people inside out."

A fat man in a white coat beside him nodded flatteringly and shouted at the nurse with dissatisfaction, "This patient is going to die.It's pointless to give her a ward! Move her out! It is bad luck even to see the

sight of her.She should've been directly sent to the morgue.It has already come to this.What is the point in struggling? Let her die this instant!"

Then, Xu Bei was pushed out of the ward.

The arrogant young man lay down comfortably.

Xu Nan twitched the corners of his eyes.

He said, "This doctor lives in Chongcheng far too comfortably.Take him to Nanjiang to exercise.If the person who robbed my sister's ward has had so much fun in the ward, then let him have even more fun."

A murderous look flashed in Hong Zhuang's eyes.

She respectfully saluted, "Yes!"

On the opposite side, the ward was empty.

Xu Nan pushed the moving bed and walked in.

Hong Zhuang stood outside the door, a dark red dagger drawn from her waist.

She swept her glance around the room, "Within three meters, you are not permitted to enter.Anyone who violates this will be dead meat!"

In the ward, Xu Nan flipped his wrist and out popped nine needles of different lengths.

He gently said as he took the needle, "Don't be afraid, Little Bei.I am back.I will save you.I am the Ghost Doctor's descendant.I'm even willing to fight the hell king to get you back..."

Xu Nan's hand, which was holding the needle, trembled violently as he said this.

He was as careful as if it were the first time he used the needle to save someone, despite the fact that he could save the world with a flip of his hand.

He was afraid that if he stabbed the wrong location, his sister would lose her life.

He was afraid that if he used a little more force, he would injure his sister.


Suddenly, a faint cry that was almost inaudible sounded.

Xu Nan was trembling all over.

When he looked at Xu Bei, he noticed that her eyes were dull and her pupils were unfocused.

She had no idea who he was.

She was just talking to herself.

"Don't be afraid, Little Bei, Little Bei.I have arrived! I will save you right away.Don't worry; everything will be fine soon..."

Perhaps Xu Nan’s response was effective.

Xu Bei made every effort to open her eyes wide.

Her awareness became sharp! Her blurry vision was finally clear.

Xu Bei forced a smile when she saw Xu Nan in a military uniform.

"Brother, I...I missed you so much..."

"I missed you too.Don't worry, Little Bei.Nothing will happen to you while I'm here!"

Xu Bei closed her eyes in satisfaction and fainted once again.

Bit by bit, time passed.

Dense beads of sweat slid down from Xu Nan's forehead across his cheeks and chin to the ground and splattered into fragments with a thud.

Gradually, Xu Nan registered a flustered expression.

He had clearly used a needle to save his sister's life.


His sister did not show to be awake! His sister had previously expressed a strong desire to live, but now...

This desire to survive was gone! She was...

Courting death!

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