Chapter 8 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

"Oh my god... Where is the necklace..."

She said in panic and started looking for it.

Florina checked her bed, her bathroom and her whole apartment but she didn't find it. She was on the verge of crying now. She has risked her life for that, she can't loose it now.

"Where is it?..."

She ran her fingers through her hair.

Suddenly she remembered last night, sebestian and Vincenzo.

She checked her phone and went through her selfies of last night and she saw that necklace. It was there last night.

"Oh my god did I drop it there..."

Her mouth hung open.

Florina grabbed her purse and ran out of her room booking a cab to the club. She reached to the club and demanded to meet the manager.

"Please sir... That necklace is very important to me. My life depends on that."

She pleaded the manager.

"I have already told you miss... We didn't found anything like that. But if you want we can check the cctv footage..."

He suggested.

"Yes please..."

She said with a little hope.

They checked the footage of last night. When she was standing outside the washroom the necklace was around her neck. The manager didn't agree to show her the footage of the room where she met sebestian and she understood why. Showing mafia's personal meetings footage to outsider would probably cost him his life.

Florina saw herself running outside the room but her neck wasn't visible in it. She requested him to show the footage of the parking lot and she was quite surprised when she couldn't see Vincenzo anywhere. All the footage was already erased where she bumped into him. Finally the manager paused the video where her neck was visible.

Florina almost cried when she saw her neck empty.

"This is it miss... We would have find it if you had dropped it somewhere here but we can't do anything if someone has stolen it... I am sorry..."

The manager apologized.

"I understand... Thank you for your help..."

She said trying her hard to not cry in front of him.

"It's my duty... Have a good day..."

He said and walked outside defeated.

'Either sebestian has it or vincenzo... I was sitting on sebestian's lap and he was touching my neck, maybe I dropped it there and he picked it up... Or else it's Vincenzo, the way I bumped into him was quite nasty, I could have dropped it there and he picked it up... God! What am I supposed to do now... I am 80% sure it's Vincenzo, he has my necklace but how do I get it back.'

Florina called a cab and he was the same driver from last night. She asked him if he know where Vincenzo lives and to take her his place. His eyes widened but he didn't say anything.

He agreed and she got in.

"How do you know his address?..."

She asked curiously.

"I am driving this car for last 25 years. I know every inch of this city..."

He chuckled and she nodded impressed.

He dropped her a few minutes away from the villa and told her to walk from there and be safe. She paid him and walked towards vincenzo's house.

Florina's mouth dropped when she saw his house. The palace like mansion was standing proudly behind the big metal gates which had VR carved on it with big golden initials. The area in which his mansion was built could fit half of her town, it was that big.

She quickly hid behind a tree when she saw an armed men patrolling in front of the gate.

'Will they let me in?'

Florina was debating in her mind whether she should sneak in or ask the guards to let her in when someone tapped on her shoulder. She gasped and turned around only to see a big scary man.

"Guarda cosa abbiamo qui..."

(Look what we have here)

He laughed looking at his partners.

Florina took it as a hint and was about to run but that man banged her head against the tree trunk and her world went dark.


Florina groaned in pain as she tried to open her heavy eyelids. Her head was throbbing in pain. She took in her surroundings and her stomach churned at the site. She was tied to a chair in the middle of the room. The concrete walls had many weapons hanging on it which was terrifying her. She was in one of those basement rooms which she had seen in the movies many times.

"Done with the nap, bella..." (Beautiful)

She heard the mocking voice of the same man who hit her.

"Who send you... For whom you are working..."

He inquired in his thick Italian accent.

She whispered in pain.

"I am not... I was just___"

"You what?..."

He shouted and she flinched back in her place.

"I want to meet Mr. Romano, he has something of mine..."

She said and the men in front of her laughed at her.

"You are not the first one... Every whore says the same. Boss will be here soon but before that why don't we have some fun..."

He grinned flashing his yellow teeth.

"Please trust me... I am not lying."

She shouted in frustration.

A harsh slap landed on her cheeks and she almost fell on the floor along with her chair with the impact. Her cheeks stung and fresh tears started pouring out as she felt the blood trickle down from her lower lips.


He yelled at her.

The men looked at her lustfully. One of the man touched her thigh and squeezed it roughly making her shout.

"Stop please..."

The other man tried to rip her shirt and she screamed on top of her lungs. She was feeling disgusted by their touches. Her insides were burning in rage and her eyes were filled with tears because of her helplessness.

Those men quickly stepped away from her when they heard loud footsteps.

"Shut the fuck up... Boss is here..."

The man harshly yanked her hair back and her expressions turned painful.

Florina couldn't understand the foreign feeling erupted in her heart when she saw Vincenzo in front of her. Her heart filled with happiness and relief. She should have been scared but she was not. For a weird reason she wanted to believe in Vincenzo that he won't hurt her.


Vincenzo's guard informed him that they caught a spy. He mostly likes to torture people with his own hands when he has time, so he made his way towards his basement. He rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt up for the coming fun and went inside.

He froze in his place when he saw Florina tied up in the chair. His expressions turned shocked then confused and within a second his face filled with fury as he kept staring at her vulnerable form.