Chapter 7 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

'Oh my god what the hell was I doing...'

Florina was trying to calm her breathing and patted her chest to relax herself.

She closed her eyes and their faces flashed in front of her eyes. Their cold eyes and smirking lips, she could still feel their touches on her body. She touched her neck and recollected how Sebestian's lips felt on her body and vincenzo's soft lips on her cheeks still had it's effect on her face, making her cheeks turn red.

She took deep breaths to calm her erotic breathing.

The driver noticed the shivering girl in the back seat.

"Do you need some water dear?..."

The old man asked politely.

"Yes please..."

She quickly said. He handed her a bottle of water and she desperately gulped it down.

"Thank you so much sir..."

She thanked him with a small smile.

"No problem child... Are you okay now ?..."

He smiled back.


She answered.

"If you don't mind then can I give you some advice?..."

He asked reluctantly.

Florina furrowed her eyebrows, his words were making her anxious.

"Umm... Ofcourse, what is it?..."

"You shouldn't come alone in this club... This club is dangerous and many mafias comes here for illegal meetings... It's very dangerous for girls like you..."

"Really?... I didn't knew, I am new in the city..."

She said shocked.

"I see... Actually I saw you with that man. You are the same age as my daughter and you are just like her that's why I am telling you... Stay away from him. Vincenzo Romano is a very dangerous man..."

He said but regretted quickly when he saw fear on her face.

"I didn't mean to... It was an accident..."

She mumbled clutching her hair. Her heart was pounding.

"Stay out of trouble dear... That's all I want to say... Devil's always feed on pure souls..."

He pulled in front of her apartment building.

"Thank you..."

She paid him and made her way inside.

Florina turned around and checked if someone is following her or not but no one seemed suspicious only a few cars were parked and some people were walking here and there on their way home.

She released a sigh and entered the elevator.

'Why did sebestian king said that he will see me soon and what did Vincenzo Romano said... Oh my god, I can't get in more trouble, Russian mafia is already trying to kill me...'

The elevator chimed and she got out.

'Who the hell told you to tell them your real name Florina... Why do you have to be so stupid. What if they are friends with Russian mafia and if they find out I am staying here then I would have nowhere to run and hide...'

She opened the door and got in.

She took of her heels and went into her room plopping on the bed.

'What do I do now... Why does this situation had to turn so messy...'

She groaned in frustration.

Stomping her feet on the floor she walked towards the bathroom and stripped herself. She was now no longer in daze. The alcohol effect drained from her body the moment she fell in front of sebestian king or maybe not thinking what kind of a mess she was.

Florina started doubting herself. Whatever she did, was it worth it. Even if she would manage to telecast the news then what will people do anyways. He is a mafia and he can easily handle everything with the help of his connections.

'Was it really worth it... I am probably loosing my life for this...'

She thought but again the screams and pleadings of the girl's she saw that night haunted her.

'You can do it Florina... Think about those innocent girls. You have to do it. If not Russian mafia then you can atleast take down the bastard mayor and those who are roaming around with innocent facade...'

She encouraged herself.

'I know he is going to kill me anyways... So I am gonna take everyone down with me...'

She looked at her naked body in the bathroom mirror and the scene flashed in front of her eyes when sebestian checked her mobile, specially her pictures in lingerie.

'What must he have thought about me... I am sure he has seen girls more beautiful than me. Did he find me attractive...'

Slapping her own head she cursed.

'Shut up Florina... He is mafia damn it, stay away from him...'

She squeezed some facewash on her palm and washed her face. Her fingers ones again stroked her cheeks and she was thrown back at the moment when Vincenzo graced her cheeks with his lips.

'What does piccolo means?...'

She thought.

Quickly wrapping a towel around her body she went outside and took her mobile to google it.

'Piccolo fiore means little flower...'

She furrowed her eyebrows amused.

'Ohh that's a cute name... But why did he called me that...'

Florina went under the bedsheet and thought about what she did today. She felt more embarrassed and shameless now after reviewing all her actions and the emotions she felt with those two men. Those two men had harassed her body and she liked it. The things she felt under their touches were so different and indescribable.

It was the first time someone had made her feel something like that and the fear along with the excitement was somehow attracting her towards them.

That's what she was craving for, the few minutes she spent under their dominance was the same thing she was craving for. If not because of the fear of who they are then she would have definitely enjoyed their company. But she shook that feeling off thinking they are in mafia and they won't even look at someone like her twice while the rational side inside her was warning her to stay away from them.

'How can someone beautiful like them be in such a horrible business. Do they sell innocent girls too?... They are mafia and that's what they do right, hurting innocent people... How can someone be so cruel...'

Florina tried to clear her thoughts and tried to sleep but her mind was continuously wondering towards the handsome devils she encountered tonight.

She switched off her lamp and finally slept with those to men in her mind.

The two SUV's parked in front of her building roared to life when they saw the lights of her apartment turn off.

"Yes boss... We have her address and she has reached home safely..."

Sebestian's man informed him over the phone.

On the other hand vincenzo's man called him too.

"She is safe boss... I have already hired a private investigator, you will get all information about her in few days..."

After getting a response from his boss he disconnected the call and drove away.

While florina was sleeping in her apartment not realizing that she has caught the attention of not one but two devils and now they want her.

But how will Sebestian and Vincenzo react when they will find out that they want the same girl.


Florina woke up in the morning and started getting ready for the day.

When she was standing in front of the mirror her breath got stuck in her throat. She threw the comb away and touched her neck.

"Where is my necklace?..."

She gasped.