Chapter 6 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

Vincenzo went out of the room where a few of his business partners were discussing about the business. He was sure that this meeting will not go well as his biggest enemy sebestian king was present there too.

As always sebestian and Vincenzo managed to throw some insults at each other. They love to humiliate each other while other people were sitting there alert. Shit never goes well when this two devils comes together.

Finally the meeting was over and Vincenzo left the room as he didn't wanted to be in the same room as sebestian. Sebestian's mood was already fucked up when he walked towards his car which was waiting in front of the club.

Vincenzo was about to get in when something soft hit his chest, his already sour mood turned angry and grabbing the girl he slammed her against his car thinking she is trying to get on with him.

Florina's eyes went wide when she realized with whom she bumped. Her throat went dry when she looked at those angry brown orbs.

She knows he is the Italian mafia boss, Vincenzo Romano. Florina is a very troublesome girl and had unnecessary knowledge about the things which never fails to get her into trouble. The information about the mafia's was one of that.

A small scream left her mouth when she heard the clicking of guns and almost fainted when she saw all his bodyguards pointing their guns at her thinking she might be someone hired to hurt their boss.

Florina's eyes went glossy as she had enough for one night and she looked at Vincenzo with pleading eyes. Vincenzo raised his hand indicating his men to stop. All off them locked the guns and turned


Vincenzo looked at the girl who was trembling in front of him. He was still caging her between him and the car. Her green eyes were sparkling under the lights due to tears she had gathered in them. Her red lips trembled as she tried her best not to burst out crying.

Vincenzo's eyes lingered on her face. Her red nose, flushed cheeks and red earlobe and a fresh tear which escaped from her eyes. Her ginger hair was swinging in the air like fire. His eyes found her cleavage and darkened with lust. his hands itching to touch and squeeze it while she moaned his name in pleasure.

"I a_am s_sorry... I d_didn't mean to"

She said in her shaky voice.

The handsome man in front of her was scary. Sexy but scary. Her neck had started hurting after looking up to meet his gaze. She was of good hight but she was looking extremely small in front of him. He has pinned her to the car while she was subconsciously clutching on his coat.

Her glossy eyes took in his beautiful features. Straight nose and sharp jawline with light stubble. He had a cut on his left eyebrow which was giving him a very sexy look. She caught a glimpse of the tattoo which was starting from his neck and disappearing under his shirt. His jaw was clenched and it was making his face cut more prominent.

Her breathing became shaky when he slowly wiped her tear with his thumb. All she could think is this man can snap her neck in seconds. She was terrified as the night started to feel like a curse to her.

"You look beautiful when you cry..."

He whispered and her eyes went wide. She noticed his Italian accent and it was making her thoughts go wild. She shook her sinful thoughts aside and focused on the serious scenario in front of her.

"I am sorry..."

She apologized again, this time with more stable voice thinking he will let her go but another tear escaped her eyes remembering she was at gunpoint of 5 of his guards and the boss himself was holding her against the car.

"Did I hurt you"

He asked sternly.


She breathed out.

"Did I threatened you..."

His voice got thicker.


She shook her head trying to gulp down the lump in her throat.

"Who bumped into me..."

He clenched his jaw and asked with a firm voice.


She answered timidly.

"Then why the fuck are you crying... Do you want me to give you a good reason to cry..."

He whispered darkly.

Florina shook her head rapidly and looked at his men who had loaded guns.

Vincenzo noticed why she was so terrified.

"They can do worst piccolo... Trust me..."

He smirked and her poor heart skipped a beat.

His hands snaked around her waist as he caressed her side. Florina's body filled with goosebumps when his rough skin made contact with her soft one.

"Così fottutamente bello" (So fucking beautiful)

He grumbled but she didn't understand anything.

Her fisted hand was now flat on his chest feeling his hard muscles under his suit. Her eyes lingered on his red lips for a moment admiring how sexy that smirk looked on him.

Vincenzo's hand slowly went upward feeling her bare back and he moved her hair on one side. He kept the eye contact as he leaned down and kissed her shoulder blade.

Florina felt sparks erupting in her whole body when his wet lips landed on her skin.

All her fear took a back seat and dark desires took the lead. Vincenzo slide his hand in her hair and lightly gripped it making her look at him. He dragged her body closer making Florina lean further on his broad chest as she held onto his shoulders.

His eyes and the way he was looking at her with so much desire was enough for today. She didn't think she can handle more looks like that today.

Vincenzo leaned down looking at her lips intensely. She looked between his eyes and his lips with the same look in her eyes making him smirk. her eyes involuntarily closed when his breath fanned her lips. Vincenzo was about to test those plump lips but a loud ring of his phone disturbed him.

He loosened his hold on her and stepped back from her while answering the phone. Florina's eyes flew open as she looked at him and if she previously thought that he looked scary then she wrong because the look on his face now can make anyone piss in their pants.

She slowly took a step back from him and was about to turn around when he grabbed her arm and held her firm in her place. She winced at his tight grip.

He disconnected the call and glared at her.

"Did I told you to leave..."

She shook her head nervously.


She shivered under his threatening gaze.

"I a___"

He jerked her forward making her stumble on his chest.

"What's your name piccolo..."


She answered.


He raised his eyebrows.

"Florina Denasty..."

She answered nervously.

Vincenzo hummed and leaned to her level smirking.

"Arrivederci piccolo fiore..." (See you soon little flower)

She didn't understand what he was saying since he was speaking Italian and it was very frustrating. Vincenzo placed a kiss on her cheek and her breath hitched in her throat.

He chuckled at her reaction and let her go.


He said mischievously and it didn't take a second for her to turn on her heels. She hightailed her way to the cab after picking up her clutch and mobile that she dropped on the ground and this time made sure that she didn't run into anyone because god knows she can't handle more drama now.

Vincenzo stood there like a mountain with his hands in his pockets and saw florina sitting in the cab. His eyes followed the car until it disappeared in the dark street.

Vincenzo turned around and ordered his men.

"Be prepared Russian's are in the city..."