Chapter 5 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

Sebestian was busy talking to one of his business partner when his bodyguard threw a girl in front of him. His eyes quickly snapped towards the girl who was still on the floor.

his bodyguard told him that she was clicking pictures and he went furious. It was a very important meeting and his mood was already sour as he had to deal with Vincenzo.

Sebestian doesn't gives a fuck about people learning about him being a mafia. The fear that people have for him gives him pleasure but it's better for his business to be in the dark. The less people know about it, the best it is for him. He was already annoyed by the paparazzi's and had to take care of few of them and now there's a new one.

He was about to unlock his gun and shoot the girl dead but then she stood up and looked at him, all his anger flew out of the window as soon as his eyes met the green one. He was stunned looking at the beauty in front of him. Her ginger hair and sparkling green eyes drew him in. Sebestian's eyes lingered on her body. Her short black dress was clinging to her sexy body and was giving a slight view of her cleavage and round shape of her bum.

She looked natural, not like the girls he usually deals with.

'Beautiful' was the only word in his mind.

Sebestian looked at her form and noticed she was slightly trembling. Her hands were shaking due to fear and she was clutching them in fists. She was looking like a lost puppy and he was enjoying it.

Florina was on the urge of fainting. She was already on the run from russian mafia and now she directly landed herself into American Mafia's den. She knows about sebestian king, one of her friend was trying

to get some information about him but dropped the idea after knowing he is one of the most dangerous and powerful mafia in the country and that's how Florina knew sebestian king.

She has seen him in newspapers and magazines but the man is treat to the eyes. She wanted to take her time and admire his form but whom was she kidding. All her attention was on the gun he was holding and she understood what he wants.

'That's it... This is my last day on mother earth. Dad here I am coming. Oh my god, I am gonna die... I should have used the bathroom on first floor.... How can I be so dumb. Fuck my life...'

Sebestian gestured her to come near him with his fingers. Florina's eyes widened in fear and she felt like her heart will stop at any moment now. She didn't budge so the guards gave her a push and she stumbled in front of the don. She was pulled on his lap harshly and a small scream left her mouth. Her hands subconsciously reached for his shoulders for support so she won't fall down and embarrass herself even more.

Her eyes slowly met his and her breath got stuck in her throat. His grey orbs were mesmerizing, so deep and so mysterious like he is holding the darkest secrets in the world. His thick eyebrows were giving him a scary yet very sexy look with sharp jawline and slight stubble. He had a tiny mole on his lower lip and all she could think is how it will feel to be kissed by him. He was looking very sexy with the evil smirk he was giving her and she was drooling over him and his cologne.

Her long legs were dangling over his lap while her one side was touching his hard chest. She was imagining what kind of body he is hiding under his expensive suit. Even if she was sitting on his lap, she had to look up to meet his gaze which was enough to tell her that her 5.5 ft height has no comparison with him.

Sebestian's smirk deepened seeing her drooling over him. It was so obvious. Her palms were flat on his shoulder like she is trying to feel his muscles. Her green eyes were looking at him curiously along

with fear.

"What's your name, butterfly..."

Sebestian asked calmly looking straight in her eyes and Florina panties got wet just by his musculine voice. She was shocked that his voice enough could do that.

She looked at him dumbfounded.



His voice got thicker.


She said in a trance and then mentally slapped herself.

'Stupid bitch... It was supposed to be Jane... I am so dead now...'

"She is lying boss... Her name is Jane and she works in a media house..."

The bodyguard read the information from her Id card which he found in her clutch.

Her heart started racing when she felt sebestian's hands snaking around his waist and he dragged her closer to his body. She whimpered as his hold got tight.

Sebestian raised his eyebrows at her.

"F_Florina is a n_nickname..."

She stuttered looking at his stern look.


He reacted and she could feel the vibration of his chest on her body.

"What were you doing in the VIP section..."

He asked drawing lazy circles on the small of her back and she gulped nervously when his other hand rested on her bare thigh.

What should she tell him, that she was using the washroom because she desperately wanted to pee. How embarrassing is that. She didn't wanted to make fun of herself in front of a man like a Greek god, not like she meets men like him everyday.

But still maybe she will make it out alive if she tells him the truth. Embarrassment is better than loosing your damn life.

"I w_was using the washroom... It was crowded on the first floor and I really needed to pee..."

She mumbled embarrassed and mentally face palm herself when she saw him chuckling but still her eyes were stuck on his lips, fantasizing about them.

'Get a hold... Horny bitch...'

She scolded herself.

Her heart started racing when sebestian took a hold of a strand of her hair and twirled around his long thick finger. His breath fanned her skin making her shiver.

Sebestian was enjoying her state as finally he was getting entertained in this boring night.

"Boss she was clicking pictures too..."

The guard said again.

Florina closed her eyes and cursed the guard.

'What is his fucking problem... He is acting like I have killed his kitty, dude why are you so stuck on getting me killed and can you just please shut the fuck up...'

"I w_was just taking s_selfies..."

She whispered nervously thinking he will lash out on her anytime now.

Sebestian took her phone and started checking her photo gallery. His smirk became prominent as he strolled through her pictures. He saw the selfies she has clicked and also some pictures in lingeries. Florina bit her lip and closed her eyes embarrassed. She had clicked some photos in those sexy lingeries which she bought with the help of cherry.

She wanted to tell him it's rude to check someone's phone but she had no courage. She was amused that she didn't got a heart attack by now as she was sitting on a lap of a mafia don who had loaded his gun beside him because she has pissed him off.

On other hand sebestian was getting hard looking at her pictures. Her body was breathtaking. All he wanted to do was throw her on the couch and fuck her till the sunrise.

He locked the phone and now all his attention was on her. He slowly released her lips with his thumb which she was biting.

Florina stiffened on his lap when she felt his breath on her neck. Her whole body jolted with sparks and her cheeks turned red.

"Why should I believe you, butterfly. Make me believe that you were not doing something naughty here..."

He whispered as one of his hand removed her hair from her neck and he slowly placed a kiss on her soft skin.

Florina was trying not to moan. She has embarrassed herself enough for the night but she was feeling helpless in his hold. He was warm and so big, she wanted to wrap her arms around him and pull him in for a kiss but she knew that it wasn't the right thing to do at the moment.

She mustered up some of her sleeping courage to speak.

"What could I have done anyways... You are too powerful and my small media house can't do anything against you... I didn't meant any trouble, I didn't even knew that you are here. I am not lying I swear..."

She mumbled trying to look more innocent so he could believe her.

He hummed against her neck and she took a deep breath. The man was testing her fucking patience.

'Is this how mafia's supposed to scare people, why is it so exciting then?... Arghh! Cut the crap Florina he is harrassing you... Stupid girl'

Sebestian wanted to ravish her, her beauty and innocence was very alluring. The way she was answering his question with small timid voice was making him hard. She was a natural submissive and he would love to dominate her in every way possible.

Florina shivered on his hold when he kissed her earlobe sensually. His hand was slowly making it's way under her short dress and the other was slowly roaming on her bare back.

She gulped and clutched on his shoulders tightly when he leaned down and his soft lips caressed her neck.

For a moment she forgot her surroundings, forgot that many people were present in the room watching them. All she wanted to do was feel his touch all over her body.

Their trance broke when sebestian's phone rang. He groaned and received the call.

He was talking on the call but all his attention was on the girl sitting in his lap. She was looking away from his gaze. He was amused to notice that her attention was on his tie or most precisely on his Adams apple. He smirked knowing the effects he had on her.

Sebestian disconnected the call and gave her all his attention.

"Ok... I believe you..."

He said and her heart filled with happiness. He patted on her butt and she gasped.

"Now run before I change my mind and fuck you raw the whole night..."

He whispered in her ear and she felt the wetness pooling between her thighs.

He was expecting her to run away from his hold but she was still sitting on his lap. He raised his eyebrows amused.

She pointed towards his hand.

"My phone..."

She mumbled.

He looked at her and her phone. For a second he thought about keeping it for himself thinking about the pictures she has in it but decided otherwise.

He handed her the phone but still she didn't stand up and kept staring at him like a lost puppy.

He leaned forward and held her chin gently.

"Are you trying to give me hints, butterfly..."

He whispered evilly smirking.

She furiously shook her head.

"My c_clutch..."

Sebestian gestured his bodyguard to give her, her clutch.

Her chin was still in his hold, he leaned down and kissed her cheek making her a mess in his arms.

"See you soon butterfly..."

He smirked and her eyes nearly popped out from their socket as she jumped out of his lap. She dashed out of the room and sebestian tried his best not to burst out in laughter.

"Damn... What is she doing to me..."

He cursed.

Florina ran away from the room. She finally got out of whatever compulsion sebestian was doing on her.


She cursed herself.

Soon she got a call from the cab that it has arrived at the place and she hurriedly ran outside. She reached outside but she couldn't see the cab anywhere as so much cars were parked their. She finally saw the cab and was carelessly running towards it when she hit something hard like a wall.

Within a blink of an eye she was slammed against the expensive car and she screamed at the powerful jerk.

Florina opened her eyes and was about to lash out on the person but her voice stuck in her throat when she looked at the cold brown eyes staring at her.