Chapter 6 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

Joyce took a few days off and the message parlor informed her to go to work.

She just had a skin injury. As long as she wore gloves, and massaging the acupoint should not be a problem.

Joyce served a client for a while. The client became impatient. "What is wrong with you? Why you are wearing gloves when doing a massage? What if you hurt my tender skin? "

“I am sorry, it is a little inconvenient. So I have to wear gloves now.”

“Inconvenient?” The client looked suspiciously at Joyce's hand and said." Are you having a contagious skin disease? "

“Wow! That is disgusting! Stop it! And you have to compensate me! "

Joyce explained in a hurry. " No! Don’t worry. It is not a contagious disease. "

“I do not care. You have to compensate me today! If you don’t, I will complain you to your manager! "

The client, relying on his strength, stood up, shouted at Joyce and pushed her. "I will not give in to you even you are blind! I am protected by the Consumer Protection Association!”

Joyce was pushed and hit a body behind him.

The familiar smell lingered around her. Before she could say something, the body had passed her and punched the client in the face.

Then the sound of bones breaking and the client’s scream were full in the room.

Joyce bit her lip and stopped him. "Nathan Eliot, that is enough! "

Nathan was stopped and let the man leave the room.

“Nathan Eliot, what are you doing here?”

Joyce used her hand to find the wall and stepped back.

Nathan stepped forward, clutching Joyce's neck with anger, "Is Miss Swift asking while you have known the answer? "

Joyce was clutching the corner of her coat. She knew that Nathan must come for the child.

“The child is gone, even if you tangle with me. It will never work!"

Nathan's eyes were so cold, his sharp eyes fixed on Joyce. "Why you aborted my child ? Why I didn’t find out you were so mean? "

Joyce smiled with no hope and inability in her eyes. "It is not too late to find out now! That child was a sin, and I would never keep it. Even if I will give birth to a child, it must be my husband’s! I will give birth to as many as I can for the inheritance.”

Nathan squinted dangerously, with anger in his eyes. He clutched Joyce's neck even harder.

Joyce's voice was hoarse by squeezing, but she did not realize it." There is no need to leave it in the

world. It’s useless. An illegitimate child even can not inherit the company, why should I have it? "

Everything she said was making Nathan more angry.

Only then, he would thoroughly disgust her and never come to find her again.

Nathan, whose eyes turned red with her stimulation, threw her into the bed and tore off her clothes with his big hand. “You are so mean. I should have been blind, not you! I have been fooled by you for so long! "

“Well. You are just an unloved and illegitimate bastard! But Roy is the authentic inheritor! "

“Joyce Swift!” Nathan was provoked to anger. He stripped all her clothes off. " I heard you made your maidenhead up to marry him. In that case, you make it and I will break it, and he will kill you sooner or later . "

Then he broke her directly!

The pain spread all over the body in an instant. Joyce bit his lips so hard and " Nathan Eliot, I hate you! " was the last sentence she said before she was in a coma.

Her tears was full of face.