Chapter 7 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

When Joyce woke up again,Nathan had already left. She touched her clothes and laughed at herself.

Fortunately, he did not leave her naked here.

She endured the pain of the lower part of the body and got out of bed, as soon as she opened the door, the manager came around with the club's technicians.

"We just received a customer complaint about your infectious disease , now we have to look at your hands."

After that, her gloves were roughly ripped off .

In this way, Joyce's corroded hands appeared in front of everyone.

Because the doctor did not give Joyce corrosion medicine, her hands were more thoroughly decomposed now , and even began to swell and fill pus , it looked very disgusting.

"What is this, I am going to throw up!"

"Are there really any infectious diseases? Get her out of here, it's disgusting!"

The manager threw the gloves on Joyce's face and left without looking back, "you have been fired, pack your things, and get out of here!"

Joyce panicked, she fumbled forward and wanted to hold the manager. "Manager, don't dismiss me, I need this job,please!"

She couldn't lose her job, she needed the income.

The manager saw her hands shaking in front of her eyes and pushed her away in disgust. "Get out of my way! You don't hate it, I hate it! If you want a job, you can go to the nightclub! The people there won't look at your hands, just to see if your are slutty enough! "


Orphanage, nursing room.

Joyce sat on the small bench, and the little boy opposite her was carefully wiping the ointment to her hands.

"Mike , are you afraid of the hands of mom's?"

The reason why Joyce asked was that other children in the orphanage saw the hands and said that she was a witch and they all hid.

She was worried about Mike was afraid ,too. And she was more worried about Mike was too young to see such s disgusting thing.

The little guy gently blew the wound of Joyce. "There is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone's hands will be frostbitten in winter.It's just that mom's is more serious. Don't worry, when spring comes, mom's hand will return to the previous beauty."

Although Mike was only three years old, he already knew how to comfort people.

This kind of precocity, Joyce felt gratified and guilty, "Mike, can I give you a hug?"

Mike didn't like to be close to others, but he liked to be close to Joyce.

"Of course ,you can."

Mike put the ointment on Joyce , climbed up the small table, stretched out the chubby arms, and gave Joyce a hug.

"Hey! Mom!" The little guy rubbed her neck like a kitten. "Mom, when I grow up, I can take care of you and never let your hands frostbite again."

Joyce resisted the tears that were about to overflow and hugged his son tightly.

She once thought that she was forgotten by God and would not be liked by anyone... It was not until she had a son that she knew she had saved the Milky way in her last life.

She would give her all for Mike's peace in his life , including life.

Just as Joyce hugged Mike, Rose saw it, who came to the orphanage to raise money and take pictures.

She went to the window doubtfully , and was shocked after seeing the Mike's face.

Who was the child?

Why... Why did he look like Nathan?

It's impossible!

Joyce did not dare to give birth to Nathan's child,right?

Rose was so shocked that she turned around and immediately dialed a number. "I want you to do a paternity test for me!"

She would never allow Nathan to have an illegitimate child!

Moreover, Joyce, that bitch ,is not allowed to have anything to do with him!