Chapter 5 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

Joyce’s hand was injured. The doctor bandaged it and said it had been frostbitten for putting too long in cold water.

But Joyce Swift had basic medical knowledge, and she knew that her skin was torn, gnawed, so it was not frostbitten, but rather corroded!

Now, her hands were wrapped in thick gauze. She could not go to the massage parlor, so she stayed at home.

Dinner time, Roy was feeding Joyce slowly with a small bone china bowl.

Joyce was nervous because when Roy treated her well, punishment would come soon.

“Roy, I can do it myself.”

“No way. You have hurt your hand. As your fiancé, I should take care of you. "

“I am fine. I can totally take care of myself.”

Then Joyce raised his hand to try to take the bowl, but, the bowl fell on the table. The soup spilled Roy all over.

She panicked and put the bowl right. "I am sorry, I am sorry, I did not mean it."

Before she could finish, her jaw was gripped by a big hand, and the soup was poured into her mouth.

Joyce swallowed hard because she was almost out of the breath. Some of the soup went into her

airway, choking her to tears.

Roy pretended not to see it. He clamped Joyce with one hand, took the soup from the servant, and continued to pour it in her mouth.

Joyce had just raised his hand. Roy spoke coldly. " Why don’t you listen to my word? You have already been blind, and you want to be disabled, too?”

He was clearly threatening her.

Joyce swift breathed with hands dropping helplessly. Then her tears fell, as if laughing at herself impotence.

Roy sneered, and as he continued to pour the soup, Nathan spoke in a cold voice. " Older Brother and sister-In-Law look delighted. Is this a role play? "

Roy looked at Nathan walking over and smiled softly. " Nathan, you do not understand, Joyce likes me to treat her this way. It is our joy."

“It seems that I am disturbing you.”

Nathan said so, but sat down at the table and began to eat gracefully.

He made Roy uncomfortable. Roy let go of Joyce’s face, grabbed her hair and pulled hard to make her face up to Nathan.

“She loves to be abused because she thinks she is noble inside. Right? Joyce? "

Joyce's lips quivered. "Yes, I like being abused, but I have no one else in my heart. "

Roy Eliot sneered, looking at Nathan defiantly. "Really? Oh, after all, in order to marry me, you and your ex boyfriend’s child was cruelly aborted. You sacrificed for love. How can I forget it? "

Joyce's face turned pale immediately.

She looked subconsciously at Nathan's direction, praying that he did not hear it clearly.

But things went contrary to her wishes.

Nathan put down his chopsticks and spoke in a cold voice." Child? Whose child? "

Roy Eliot smiled insidiously. "Whose? Joyce and her ex boyfriend's! Three years ago, I remember that the children were almost eight months. What a pity! "

Three years ago, besides Nathan’s child, who else could it be?

Nathan's face was cold in a flash. His sharp eyes fixed on Joyce. " Well, have you ever had such a glorious experience?"

Roy patted Joyce's face, "Joyce, Nathan is asking you! "

Joyce never had a moment as today. She was so thankful that she was blind.

Looking at the darkness in front of her eyes, she shouted the words she had rehearsed so many times

in her heart." I have never loved anyone. It was impossible to have a child before marriage! So I will not give birth to any child. They are just drags for me! I will never do it even if I’m dead. "

Nathan clenched his fists. He was so furious. He laughed softly. “Awesome! You love my brother so much!”

The smile on Roy's face became cold and he let go of the hand that grabbed Joyce's hair.

Joyce slipped to the ground as if she lost her guidance and also hope.