Chapter 4 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

Beside the well in the yard, Joyce was sitting on a stone and washing a man's shirt with her head down .

Despite she was blind, she washed Roy's clothes all by herself.

In early winter, the water was cold. Her hands were already red because of coldness, but she still rubbed them patiently as if she didn’t feel anything.

The servant came over and threw the suit beside her feet. "Hey, Mr. Eliot said that he would wear it tomorrow and that you should wash it and dry it tonight."

Then , she left impatiently.

Joyce reached out for the suit, put it in the water and soaked it .

Because of the coldness, she put her swollen hands in front of her mouth to keep them warm, and then she continued to wash his clothes again.

As Nathan and Rose passed the well, they saw Joyce washing clothes by the well.

Although she could not see, she was very careful in her movements. Her red hands touched every inch of the clothes as if she could figure out where to rub.

A gust of wind blew over Joyce's long hair, adding a touch of tenderness and simplicity to her delicate face.

Nathan clenched his fist after seeing this.

"She really loves Roy! She still washes Roy's clothes all by herself on such a cold day. Where does the servant go? She really spares no effort to show her love!"

Feeling the anger in the eyes of the men beside her, Rose wrapped up her coat, looked at Joyce with her eyebrows raised and then said "Joyce, look at your frozen hands, why don't you let the servant wash them?"

Hearing this, Joyce's stopped and then answered, "They don't know how to wash his clothes, they will broke it."

She knew if Rose was there, Nathan must be there as well.

Rose held Nathan's arm. "Nathan, look how considerate she is so to your brother! After we get married, I will also wash your clothes! "

Sure enough, he was there.

Joyce continued to scrub the clothes.

"No! You don't have to. It's ok to throw away those damaged clothes. Your hands are not for these rough jobs." Nathan spoke softly to Rose, but his eyes stared at Joyce's red hands soaked in the cold water.

Rose smiled:" You're so considerate!"

Nathan pulled out his hand. "Wait for me here. I'll get the car."


Joyce sighed as Nathan's footsteps weakened.

But there was suddenly a smell of perfume.

Rose squatted down beside her, took out her laundry and threw it on the floor, laughing wickedly "Sorry, it's dirty again! Don't forget to wash it again, otherwise Roy will be unhappy! "

Joyce smiled at Rose "Thanks a lot."

Seeing Joyce's clear eyes, Rose got angry and reached for Joyce.

When her hand was hung in the air, she took it back again and she laughed:" I will not fuss with a poor blind person!"

Then she took out a small transparent glass bottle from her bag and poured the colorless and tasteless liquid into the basin beside her.

After that, she smiled proudly and left.

Joyce exerted more strength.

Yeah, she was just a poor blind person.